Scan and share documents with the official CamScanner app for Windows Phone

There have been a number of new apps launch on Windows Phone and there are many more on the way (including Instagram). Today we're taking a quick look at CamScanner (, which was covered in the official Microsoft blog post. Available for Windows Phone 8, the app enables you to transform your Windows Phone into a mobile scanner. Prepare to throw away that bulky unit you've been using.

Utilising the camera, you'll be able to scan documents and other items into PDF files. The app is available for free, so you're not having to fork out to try out the functionality. There are numerous items that can be scanned too, including bills, invoices, contracts, business cards and more. It's reported that 60 million people use CamScanner around the world, making it a tried and trusted solution.

So what are some of the features with CamScanner for Windows Phone? The app will auto-detect and crop scanned images, sporting 5 enhance modes and the ability to quickly convert shots to PDF files. Once scanned, you can search for text in document images, adding or editing names, tags and notes to documents imported, just in case you return at a later date and have to figure out what's what.

Sharing is also a major feature of CamScanner. You're able to not only manage the scanned images locally, but it's also possible to upload, download and manage them on CamScanner, as well as SkyDrive, with links available for quick email drafts. Integration with the phone services allows CamScanner to also store said files locally in the Photos Hub.

If you've been looking for a decent, free scanner for your Windows Phone to keep all those documents and receipts in digital format, CamScanner is a worthy solution you should definitely check out. 

You can download CamScanner from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 only).

via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Handyscan all the way for me.
  • I own Handyscan, but will definitely try this as well. Plus its good for people who don't want to pay for Handyscan.
  • I have the paid version of HandyScan too. Let us know how CamScanner stacks up, especially SkyDrive integration. The UI looks pleasing. One thong I don't like about HandyScan is that you can't import existing pictures and convert them to pdfs, only new ones. Same here?
  • Hey! Do not talk about "thong" in the forum ok!? Lol =P
  • I just tried this and I agree, Handyscan is much easier (and I am using the free version)
  • I own both HandyScan and DIGIscan apps so its good to see a third contender. I'm going to test it out and see if its better. I do like HandyScan but DIGIscan has better manipulation for what I need when filling out docs. Handyscan has Skydrive integration though which is a plus. Lets see what this one can do... jejeje
  • Cool
  • Never heard of this before, but sounds exactly what I was looking for.
  • I supported HandyScan
  • +1, lovely app that.
  • It is better for sure. I can't seem to find how to scan multiple pages and create one PDF on cam scanner. HandyScan handles that flawlessly.
  • Camscanner has multiple pages, plus 10GB space to sync, and most important function the auto align which Handyscan is missing, it'll be pain if you have to align yourself on hundred scans.
  • It should be metioned that you are required to register in order to use the application.
  • They need to update their user agent detection too, the web site thinks you're an Android device and takes you to the Play store.
  • Ftw! Glad I have Handyscan
  • I already emailed their customer service for that.
  • Network error showing..
  • Having to sign up for the service seems unnecessary, should be able to scan docs locally if you choose then sign up later.
  • MS has restrictions, that's denied saving pdf locally by an app. So complain MS for d stupid restrictions.
  • I think you're mistaken. Handyscan has always done this. Plus you can save it to the cloud.
  • Really awesome app! And completely free. Bye bye Handyscan.
  • You need to register, so I am sticking with Handyscan ;)
  • +1 - I hate registering for nothing
  • No bye bye Handyscan. Try doing multiple pages with this one. Soon you will be back on HS.
  • When you scan one page, you are still in that "document" until you save it. If you keep scanning pages they are added to that document. It does multiple pages and its quite easy once you figure out the workflow.
  • I regularly use scan to PDF on my 920, and HD Scanner is awesome!!!
  • I have to agree. HD Scanner works brilliantly.
  • Saw the picture throught that it was for an HSBC App
  • Haha that's what made me open this article too! Thought another big bank on board with us!
  • Are scanned receipts accepted at retail stores now for warranty or returns?
  • Good question. I would keep the originals in a box still, but I wouldn't think a scan wouldn't be accepted, considering they can e-mail receipts at some places.
  • Some would if all they need is the transaction number.
  • See, that's the thing. I don't see the point of scanning receipts if I still need to keep the original.
  • I'm going to give this a go.  I like the organization by document type.  I like the integration with the OS, especially saving to the Photo Hub.  I like how it works with their InNote product as well and I can see doing some annotation.   
  • Does anybody else's say that you have a premium account when you go to the settings? I didn't agree to pay anything, and the premium is usually $49.99 a year. Is it a promotion on WP's?
  • I just looked it up, and normally CamScanner comes with a regular account with 200MB of storage, and the premium is 10GB for $49.99 a year. Still wondering why mine says I am premium when I just signed up for a free account. I am hoping it is either a WP promotion or a Nokia promotion.
  • I am showing premium account too.
  • 1 year premium service free for 1 year I read somewhere
  • I have this on my ATIV S and it says premium account for me too. I would imagine its a WP promo ;-)
  • i have the same, it sat i have a premium account but never was never asked or agreed to it
  • If you look at your account on their website it says "webshop-wp_promote" on the invoice which would imply it is a promotion.  Still, the invoice also says "Total Due: $49.99" which makes it a little misleading.  Can they charge your Windows Store account without asking for permission?  I haven't made any in-app purchases, so I am not sure.
  • I got free Premuim Account with 10GB cloud storage.
  • You have to sign up because it does the OCR stuff serverside I would think. Plus the sync stuff. Kinda like what Evernote does.
  • I think i will keep using handyscan.
    from the privacy policy "We also use this kind of identifying information to provide services to you. For example, we may use it to bill you for services, to check your credit, to confirm your identity when you login, or to communicate with you. Sometimes we use other companies to help us provide our services."
    from terms of service: "In terms of the information publicized, you agree to give INTSIG a perpetual worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license to use, duplicate, adapt, modify, create derivative works, translate, disseminate and sublicense such contents. You also agree to grant INTSIG the right to bring an action, in the name of itself, against those who infringe the copyright of above information and get all the indemnification. Make sure you have the necessary authorization for granting us such license. To increase the accuracy of the uploaded information, INTSIG may check the information you submit as per your prior application and consent. You should double-check the above information to ensure its accuracy."
  • Holy cow, that's serious! Make sure you don't scan anything that you don't want your grand children to see on web ;)
  • To be fair, you should take the whole section not just one line from it.

    "Information that identifies a particular person could be a name, email address or telephone number, for example. We will not share this information with an advertiser, and we will not share it with another Website or company, unless you tell us to (for example, if you want to post information from your Weibo page on your Facebook page or to tell your Twitter network about a television show you are watching).
    We also use this kind of identifying information to provide services to you. For example, we may use it to bill you for services, to check your credit, to confirm your identity when you login, or to communicate with you. Sometimes we use other companies to help us provide our services."
    That being said, this is a Chinese company and I'm not sure I have a lot of faith in them respecting privacy laws so...
  • WTF. I'm not authorizing any app to check my credit. These ToS agreements go way too far these days.
  • Agreed
  • "That being said, this is a Chinese company and I'm not sure I have a lot of faith in them respecting privacy laws so..."
    Right, beacuse american companies are so much better when it comes to privacy issues. 
  • Uninstalled...back to HandyScan.
  • Thanks for the info...yeah.. Not installing.
  • Deleted, sticking with HandyScan
  • Is it really that good? Nice to see another official app joining. It shows premium for me as well.
  • Sketchy.
  • Agreed.
  • Thanks ;)
  • The app is really good. I registered and all, but I didn't read the privacy policy. How bad is it? Do I have to worry? BTW, I was also granted a Premium account. Weird. *paranoia kicks in*
  • Super nice!
  • not getting verification code on sign up via phone no. in india 
  • Handy scan doesn't stand a chance against this. This is just brilliant... Esp the magic color.
  • Think again. Do a multi page document scan.
  • How do they differ in multi-page scanning capabilities?
  • Just did
  • I wonder if WPCentral can get a comment from the company regarding the privacy policy.  I'm not too worried about the things that I would scan like receipts (credid card number already removed).
  • First thing I scanned was a medical bill with a lot of information. Stupid me.
  • I use HD Scanner which works great. I do however hate the large-ish PDFs it creates. How does Handyscan compare (can't seem to do off export with free version)
  • I found Handyscan's file sizes to be reasonable. Wonder how CamScanner stalks up.
  • *off=pdf
  • Does this app have upload to Evernote?
  • BUT, why is this app free?  Where is the catch? Perhaps they reserve the right to use the documents we scanned and saved on their servers?
    By looking at the screenshots shown at the Windows Phone app store, this CamScanner app doesn't have a Modern UI.  Its interface looks dated like the first mobile apps developed years ago, oh well...
    Windows Phone's Modern UI is beautiful, too bad the developers don't use it!
  • Which is the best? This or handyscan? Is there any different?
  • I`m giving it a try on my 920. Lets see how that works. Thanks for the heads up WPC.
  • CamScanner was the very best scanning program on Android. About a year ago they updated it where you are required to login to their cloud service.  I can see with the WP version, they have taken away the ability to upload documents to SkyDrive or Google drive.  This is super disappointing.  I'm able to use HandyScan to do what I was once able to do with CamScanner on Android, and only a few dollars for the pro version.  CamScanner could have charged $9 for a full version without the need for the cloud service (and the eventual 'I gotcha - pay up $50/year').  Very disappointing so far, let's hope an update restores the upload to SkyDrive/Gdrive functionality without signing into yet another separate cloud service.
  • The article says that it has SkyDrive integration, but you say it doesn't. Anyone else want to jump in and clarify which it is?
  • According to the website you need the paid version to remove ads and the watermark it puts on the PDF files it makes. And that costs $5/month or $50/year.
  • You are able to upload to Skydrive via the 'Share' button
  • Works fine on my Lumia 520, I could take various pages in one PDF and synced well with my SkyDrive. Gonna test it more.
  • Used it before on Android and was impressed. Waiting for this platform as it'd be easy to synchronize documents from other devices. Well arrived.
  • Where exactly in the PhotoHub are these scans supposed to be?  Is that only if you share it to SkyDrive?  I thought you could save things locally?
  • If you click the share icon, you sign into your SkyDrive account and share it there. It will open an email to allow you to send the link to the document, but you don't actually have to send the email. It is already uploaded to SkyDrive at that point.
  • If you access CamScanner thru the wp8 Camera Lens venue, after the scan you are given the ability to save to the Photo Hub|Camera Roll folder.
    If you access CamScanner thru the wp8 app then among the options after the scan , you can 'share image' via messaging/email/wp8 apps(Camera360/Fhotoroom/OneNote/Viber. Tho this way the scan is already saved to the App Cloud, whereas the Camera Lens venue does not(?) and goes direct to the Camera Roll folder (locally)
    That's my understanding anyway. So if you want to keep it private and out of someone else's cloud....use the camera lens. Tho that foregoes any editing/OCR options.
  • I find CamScanner difficult to use. Uploading to Skydrive is not easy (do you have to share the scan to upload it to Skydrive or is there another way?) As of now, I like Handyscan better.
  • Handyscan all the way!