ScreamRide for Xbox One first impressions: The Theme Park for the next generation


ScreamRide is a forthcoming title for the Xbox One that straps you in at a futuristic theme park for all the virtual thrills and spills you can handle. Rollercoaster based titles aren't a new concept, with the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Park from years past and present.

ScreamRide is a little different, though. While it still puts you in the designers hotseat with the capability to create the weird and wonderful coasters of your dreams, you're also thrown into the pilot's seat and tasked with taking a crazy, crazy ride.

The demo is available to download right now from the Xbox Store and gives us a taster of the three main game modes; Screamrider, Demolition Expert and Engineer.

In Screamrider mode, you're not just sat there taking in the views and trying not to cyber-vomit, you're actually piloting the coaster. The gist of it is that you make it go faster, try and fill your turbo bar to make it go even faster and try not to derail. You're awarded points for a variety of different things throughout the course of the levels like getting on two wheels, demolishing buildings and much more. It sounds simple, and largely is, but it's still plenty challenging. You'll find yourself going back to ace the level and get an ever higher score.

Demolition Expert sees you launching a variety of different size and shape capsules at buildings with the intent of knocking them down. Change the angle, direction and speed of launch and watch the world in front of you crumble before your eyes. Satisfying.

Engineer is the mode to which the game bears most similarity to the likes of Rollercoaster Tycoon. You have to build a coaster, with loops, turns, drops and such to defy gravity and create your ultimate fantasy thrill ride. But make sure you pay close attention, one wrong design move will bring the whole thing crashing down. But you'll go back, tweak, perfect, and ride again.

All told ScreamRide is shaping up to be a pretty fun Xbox One game. It's a breath of fresh air among the current crop of titles and is actually more fun to play than you might initially think. The demo offers just a small taste of what will be in the full release, but it's certainly piqued our interest and we'll be interested to see the wider reaction when it properly launches.

It's due to launch on March 3 in the U.S. and March 6 in other markets and can be pre-ordered and pre-downloaded right now from the Xbox Store at the link below.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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