Second Photo of Treo 800w: side shot

Well, thanks to miracle worker Shadowmite (check his site here), probably the most feared person by Palm right now, we have yet another shot of the upcoming Treo 800w (see here for earlier picture as well as a black PS job)

Thankfully, this one shows how thin/thick it is (we're leaning with thin-ish ourselves).

Other things to note:

  • IR port
  • MSM-6800 chipset (reported here earlier)
  • 101.53mb of free RAM (after OS) that's a lot if true
  • WM 6.1 (5.2.1944)
  • ARM1136 processor
  • WiFi confirmed
  • Rubberized feel to device (new)
  • Dedicated Wifi button on top (new)
WC Staff