Picture of the Treo 800w...finally!

Well that didn't take too long, now did it?

(bad joke)

Yes folks, courtesy of Shadowmite (via PIC) we have a real live shot of the long awaited 800w.

And...that's it.

No surprises and no more info (Okay, technically the micro-USB connector is confirmed). There is also only one Shift key as opposed to the typical two, which we find very aggravating on the Centro.

Sort of anti-climatic, no? There isn't even a comparison shot for perspective purposes i.e. relative size. Bad photographer, bad! (They also left the device serial number on the top right corner, so their time is probably limited on this Earth)

At least we were right about the "Zeppelin" codename though. Yawn.

Read here for past coverage on the 800w.

Thanks to surur for the tip!

Update: Forum member mlbizzle was kind enough to use some Photoshop skills to show us perhaps what the Sprint "charcoal black" version would look like. It does look sweet in black.

WC Staff