Sprint Treo 800w Release Date (and more info)!

All righty folks, we teased you earlier, now we have the 411: here's when Sprint plans on releasing the Treo 800w:

Tues, July 22nd

Hopefully you put your guess in to our stupendous contest to win one of these bad boys. You can still head on over and make a guess, but July 22nd is now officially off limits for future guessing. Congrats to the lucky folks who already put in for that date, now we see if Sprint can actually make their self-imposed target date (or change it out of spite).

That's not the only inside info we have for you, though. A bit more after the jump!

While the specs and details on the Treo 800w have been pretty well known for awhile now, turns out that there were a few wrong bits and a few bits that needed confirmation. Here's the new skinny:

  • Threaded SMS (looks to be the Palm type, not Microsoft's)
  • WM 6.1
  • Autonomous GPS
  • KB is larger than the Centro, slightly smaller than the 750/755
  • KB keys still light up
  • It's very fast with no lag
  • Official color: Charcoal Black (noyce!)

That's on top of the already other confirmed specs that everyone knows:

  • 320x320 resolution
  • EvDO Rev A (though some tester units are not Rev A active as of now)
  • Wifi
  • 256/128 Memory

Now to throw some water on the speculation fire...

  • no QChat and no QChat smartphones this year from Sprint (boo!)
  • no hardware Wifi switch ala Ringer switch
  • no Picture Mail/MMS yet (though see here for some hope)
  • screen is not flush i.e it's slightly recessed

Interestingly, we're hearing that there are a few different color schemes floating around (silver is the prototype) as well as some models with WM 6.0 and varying firmwares, which is to be expected in the testing phase.

But Sprint and Palm are headed into final testing in the next couple of weeks and at least WM 6.1 and Charcoal Black seem to be a go for July.

In fact, we're expecting a few more changes to the final version, so stay tuned as the details roll in!

Special Thanks to Vyruz Reaper for the assist!

WC Staff