Chime in: Share your tips for switching from Windows phone to Android

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Now that Microsoft has pretty much confirmed the death of Windows 10 Mobile, many users are going to be looking at ways of getting away from Windows phones and over to Android devices with Microsoft's new Launcher. So we want to know your tips for making the switch from Windows phone to Android!

Earlier this year, I wrote about my personal experience switching from my Windows phone to Android. I went from being a full-time Windows phone user to an Android user for one whole month, and I was honestly surprised by how much I ended up liking Android.

I'm not a huge fan of Samsung. Hardware is nice, software is debatable. However, lots of people like Samsung. Though I'm not a fan of the look of Pixels, it would be my choice if I was entering the Android ecosystem for the first time. To the OP. I had no issue moving over to Android and haven't looked back since. Take the time, investigate what works for you in looks. Then set up your...


You can get pretty much all of Microsoft's apps and services on Android, minus the Movies & TV app. You can set Outlook as your default email client, Microsoft Launcher as your home experience, Cortana as your default assistant and soon Edge as your default web browser. You can pretty much turn Android into a Microsoft phone, just without the live tiles.

We've got a thread ongoing in our forums right now where our users are sharing their tips and tricks for making the switch from Windows phone to Android. Make sure you partake and let us know your very own tips too!

From the forum: How can a Windows phone user switch to Android?

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