Shopping site AliExpress brings universal app to the Windows Store

AliExpress, a giant online retailer run by Chinese firm Alibaba, has released an official universal app for Windows 10. Initially discovered by Italian blog WindowsTeca, the app lets you easily browse through AliExpress' massive catalog and place orders.

AliExpress Mobile

If you aren't familiar with AliExpress, the website offers up items ranging from electronics and car parts to clothing and shoes. According to the app's description, AliExpress offers more than 100 million products from a variety of Chinese sellers at low prices.

The AliExpress app is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile, and you can grab it now at the Windows Store. And if you decide to give it a shot, let us know what you think in the comments!

Download AliExpress from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Whoa, this is awesome!
  • Webwrapper. And a really terrible one actually. Sends you to iTunes when trying to login.
  • :(
  • False. I have already login into my account using my hotmail direction and everything is fine (at least for me) in both sides (lumia 950 xl and Pc/tablet).
  • It does look like a web wrapper, but does it provide push notifications / live tile? or is it literally an Amazon-level web wrapper? I wish Amazon would stop trolling us Windows 10 users with that app...or add a barcode scanner, live tile, push notifications along with the web interface to at least add some value
  • The way the interface works is practically identical to the Android app I have. If anything, I'd guess that it was a port of the iOS app...
  • And you're telling me ebay and Amazon can't get their apps together
  • A web wrapper that prompts you to download an app from iTunes and when you click that, there is no way to go back. Web wrapper is acceptable if they somehow hide the iTunes link.
  • Dont you like the dots and hamburger menues everywhere? 
  • I love them
  • Oh, that is disappointing.
  • Tis appx look like mobil version for aliexpress web page... Not native i think... Right ?
  • Check alideals, its unoficiall client but works very good and its a proper app, not a ordinary web wrapper
  • Is this the one you meant...
    //bot keeps changing my link: //end stupid-bot
    Looks pretty good. Or is there an even better one? Thank-you!
  • Exactly this one 🙂 I don't know why WC team didn't compare it to official one
  • Thanks for confirming that this is "exactly" the right app! Maybe they don't know about it. You could tip them...
    Then they might showcase it, or compare it to other AliExpress apps. Best Regards.
  • nice, now I can buy counterfeit goods from my Lumia 950 when I'm on the go!
  • They don't accept PayPal. That's a no no!
  • That sucks.
  • Because PayPal has partnership with eBay. EBay is Ali express rival, that's why PayPal doesn't work with Ali express
  • Site is great for cheap cases, cables and screen protectors.
  • Finally!
  • I've never used (or heard of) AliExpress.  Is this mostly knock-offs?  Not that I'm opposed to knock offs if they are super cheap and doesn't take a month to ship, like stuff from Wish! ha ha ​Also, is there an advantage to installing this over using the mobile site? People seem to be unhappy with the web wrapper app.
  • You do know they turnover more than Amazon right?
  • A - nope. Like I said, I hadn't even heard of them.  Interesting that they are pulling big numbers.  I actually did 100% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon for the 2nd year in a row. :)
    ​B - McDonalds sells more burgers than The Counter and Father's Office together, but I like the latter two better ;)
    ​C - I'm still wondering what they are selling.  Are they getting volume from selling cheap stuff?
    ​D - I'm still wondering if the site is better than the app, but I can figure that out myself. 
  • Ali express is perfect, who lives outside U.S. cheap, free delivery, but you have to wait for delivery 25-40 days. Sometimes it can be delivered within 10-15 days. It depends on seller
  • Amazing!
  • Does anyone know how to change currency?
  • Yep, send 'em to me I'll change 'em.
  • Finally been sending them emails for a long time
  • Its a web wrapper not a an app for real.
  • It's a website. There shouldn't even be an app. Simply make the website mobile/touch friendly which shouldn't be an issue with all the tech available to support. And it would be platform agnostic. Don't bring every website into an appstore. Silly.
  • Officially aliexpress has only ios and Droid apps that allow you get extra discounts. I use AE a lot since declared amazon boycott. Now I use ae instead. Prices are very low and usually free shipping. The only downside is very slow shipping. On average 30-40 days. My fastest delivery was 10 days. Generally I like AE. One of the cool items I got lately was 12000 wireless/ USB power bank that can charge my lumia830 wirelessly and you can charge power bank wirelessly too. Only $20
  • works great apart from
    it only has US$ currency you can not change it
    to anything else like AUD$ for instance
  • Well, despite being a webapp it apparently looks great.
    Much better than any other app of the same type I had ever used. They did a good job. Hopefully this will be a new age for webapps.