Signpost 2007 - Location Aware Conference App

We've posted a bit about Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Developer's Conference (MEDC), which is going on now. Looks like they've developed an incredibly cool app for the attendees to replace the standard booklet/map that you get at conferences. Some features: by putting up little (Update: Not Bluetooth, but just an image that the camera/software recognizes. Hence "signposts". duh.) "signposts" up around the conference, the app becomes location-aware, it lets you know where and when the various events are happening, and they even let you hunt down "easter eggs."

It doesn't take much thinking to come up with other great uses for Signpost: Museums would especially benefit from something like this. I'm glad to see that the MEDC folks are not only kind enough to host the conference, but also to let us non-attendees get a glimpse of what's happening there.

The most common request is the ability to have a conference guide on your Windows Mobile device that saves you time and hassle of having to carry around a cumbersome printed conference guide and flipping through it to look for sessions and room locations.

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WC Staff