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Silverlight + XNA working together on WP7 [MIX11]

We reported on the coming ability of developers to mix XNA and Silverlight programming and this was confirmed today during the MIX11 keynote.

What this means for consumers is much richer apps with fluid 3D graphics within them. In other words, think of the graphics from your Xbox LIVE games and now add that ability to say a GPS app with a 3D rotating globe.

To see what it looks like, see the above demo from a MIX11 session. It should give you an idea of what's coming soon.

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  • Besides all of the great looking redesigns and feature updates, this is probably the announcement I was most excited to see. Even if developers only use XNA to put in a moving background into their app, it is still an insanely cool feature and (I think) one Microsoft can tout over others.