Skype's 'classic' desktop app is once again available to download from Microsoft

In February, Microsoft pulled the download link for the "classic" Skype for Windows desktop installer from its website, citing a security issue in the installer (opens in new tab) with Skype version 7.40. However, now the company has released Skype version 7.41, once again making the classic desktop app available for download from its website (opens in new tab) (via OnMSFT).

"We are happy to announce that Skype customers can now resume download and install of the official Skype for Windows desktop v7.41," Microsoft said this week on its Answers forum (opens in new tab).

For Skype users who aren't fans of Microsoft's more modern Skype experience available via the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), the classic app's return is welcome news. There was some concern when the installer was pulled that it was gone for good, but that appears to be unfounded. If you count yourself among its fans, you can grab classic Skype from Microsoft now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Kill it with fire....
  • Does this allow the option to "unlink" it from your Microsoft account yet?
  • Will it affect UWP version of Skype?
  • No.
  • If we have UWP, then why we need it as standalone app on w10?
  • Because the uwp app is a mediocre junk
  • While one could find other words to give helpful insight into the Skype for Windows 10 app (So, I ask the poster, like what? Can you give examples?), I do agree they should have named it Skype Preview, so that enthusiastic and forgiving insiders can try it out, offer feedback, and find bugs. I understand Group Chat is a cloud based feature now, which certainly has it's benefits, but it also lost some features compared to "Classic Skype."
  • One of the worst run "divisions" at Microsoft.
    Their freedom needs to be reigned in and quickly.
  • When I think about skype, I'm reminded of Microsoft being a company that starts with something good but can never build on it of see it to fruition. Microsoft should have built an awesome Windows, Mac, Android and iOS app and killed this age old skype app.
    What about those not running Windows 10? Use a Web app or Skype for the web.