Slider Smackdown

Infosync sure is prolific in their phone reviews. The latest - a quick little competition between the Cingular 8525 and the Samsung IP-830w. For me, it's basically apples and oranges, the 8525 is a horizontal slider on HSDPA and the IP-830w is a vertical slider on EVDO - I always prefer to choose my network before I choose my device. But if you're not that sort, you might enjoy reading this little fight.

In the red corner: the Wi-Fi- and HSDPA-enabled 8525. In the blue corner: the dual-mode CDMA/GSM IP-830w. Which of these slider smartphones is still standing when the dust settles?

Read: Smartphone slider duel: Cingular 8525 vs. Samsung IP-830w - infoSync World

WC Staff