The 6 smallest PC mice we can find in 2024

Tiny mouse
Tiny mouse

You're traveling a lot, and you want a mouse for your bag, or you're now working from home, and you don't have a big office space. But even when space is at a premium, any mouse is better than relying on the trackpad all the time, right? We're here to help, and we have some super-small mice that are perfect for the lightweight laptop bag.

If we had to choose...

Getting a tiny mouse doesn't have to be hard, and if you're short on space or need something ultra-portable, then the Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse is an excellent choice. It's from a respected brand, is tiny, well made, and very affordable.

If you're looking for something more serious, perhaps for gaming, then the Razer Viper Mini is a perfect choice. It mimics much of the bigger, more expensive Viper's while keeping the size and weight down, and also the price.

And perhaps the ultimate space-saving mouse is Microsoft Arc Touch, an innovative solution that's not very big when in use, but compresses perfectly flat when you're done with it. There's nothing else like it.

Richard Devine
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