A smartphone by any other name would smell as sweet

Over at silicon.com, Jo Best writes a very nice article asking the question "what exactly is a smartphone anyway." I'd really like a short and sweet answer to that question myself, actually. Lately when people ask me what my job is, I try the short answer first "I am a tech journalist. I write about smartphones." The next question is inevitably a request for a better definition of 'smartphone.'

Best has it right, though when she says,

In the end, though, what does and doesn't constitute a smart phone is surely to be a relatively short-lived argument. Phones are getting ever smarter and it's only a matter of time before all phones have the advanced levels of functionality associated with today's smart phones.

The day is fast approaching when the QWERTY keyboard in my pocket won't be anything special, which both pleases and disappoints me.

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WC Staff