Get your Snap on: Snapchat (Unofficial) now available in the Windows Phone 8 store, but looks rough

Although we know third-party apps like Swapchat and ChatSnap are coming to Windows Phone, for those of you who want Snapchat really bad, it looks like an app called ‘Snapchat (Unofficial)’ has beat everyone to the punch.

The app is available for Windows Phone 8 users only and indeed, we were able to login and send ‘Snaps to be people and have them received. The app is also free, meaning besides the potential security risk (we don’t know the developer), there doesn’t seem like much to lose.

Head past the break for some screenshots, the download link and our thoughts!

For those who don't know by now, Snapchat ( is a service popular on the iPhone and Android that allows users to send "expiring" photos to other users--either friends or strangers. Gimmicky is a word that comes to mind, 'sexting' is another.

While we've been able to integrate fad apps like Instagram into our lives, Snapchat still seems silly to us, but we know there are many of you who want this for social reasons. So here you go!

Of course with an app being free and so rushed, we can say this is not a very polished app. That is the UI is rather bland (though at least it’s Modern looking) and there doesn’t seem to be many features on board, like push notifications—meaning you have to manually check for new ‘Snaps.

You can add text to photos, in theory, but the keyboard doesn’t pop up to allow us to enter info. Other users have complained of exception errors when they try to login as well.

Regardless, “First!” is first and Snapchat (Unofficial) is just that. While it may not be the prettiest or most polished version, it technically works. Kind of.

Pick up Snapchat (Unofficial) here in the Store for free. Windows Phone 8 only.

Via: Reddit

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