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Snapchat's lawyers send threatening letter to Huyn over new 6discover app

Well, that did not take long. Snapchat's legal team has sent developer Rudy Huyn a letter accusing him of "violation of federal and state law" for reproducing the Snapchat "Discover" content. The missive comes just 24-hours after the release of 6discover, a new, free app that pulls the Snapchat Discover content and bypassing Snapchat's official app feature.

The issue appears to be about money, ultimately. Discover is a way for companies to produce and distribute content through Snapchat. Companies like Comedy Central, Vice, and CNN pay Snapchat for this privilege, in essence making it an advertising platform.

The problem is, 6discover pulls the content but does not return on the analytics. Therefore, Snapchat cannot count the Windows Phone app views in their data sent back to their customers – those media conglomerates mentioned above – and charge them appropriately.

Considering Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel does not think Windows Phone worthy enough of a Snapchat app due to little market share it is rather ironic to point out that 6discover could hurt them in any way.

For his part, Huyn has responded on Twitter (and presumably in writing) to Snapchat noting "we can work together on Analytics to include #windowsphone users to your stats and improve Discover visibility". He also tweets that his app has no privacy or security issues, making the problem even more trivial.

However, it is doubtful Snapchat will take him up on his offer.

For now, it is unclear if the app will be removed or where things go from here. One thing is certain, Snapchat as a company, while legally correct, is taking a very aggressive attitude against Windows Phone users. A position that could be attenuated simply making an official Snapchat app for Windows Phone, something for which Huyn has offered to do in the past.

Source: Rudy Huyn (Twitter 1, Twitter 2)

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Hey Evan, #JustMakeTheApp already.
  • Now can we assume the people who make snap chat are jerks to WP users? Yesterday you said they werent =)... 
  • False. I said they were jerks for not making an official app. The no-third-party Snapchat app policy is grounded in security concerns after user data was compromised, and is not in and of itself, a reason for calling them "jerks".
  • Oh yes. Thats right =). My mistake on that... But can we call them super jerks now? =)
  • Yes.... Yes, they are being jerky... Karmas a bitch.
  • Nay, she's a cunt...beat my ass more than once...
  • We love her when we need her, hate her when we don't.
  • I use my galaxy note to send a video to team snap chat every day showing my Lumia 730 asking for the app
  • Good idea! I'll do... Every single day
  • You would think the Skype team would see the demand for Snapchat and start building something truly cross platform that puts Snapchat to shame. If Snapchat won't play ball with Windows then use that to your advantage. If they are going to treat Windows PCs and phones like they don't exist then take advantage of that lack of availability. Skype is already on way more devices than Snapchat so if you start building Snapchat features into Skype you can start moving people off of Snapchat. Certainly you will have millions of Windows users as evangelists to use Skype instead of Snapchat.
  • cool8man, you mean like Skype Qik?
  • No I mean build the features into the Skype app that everyone has. Don't build a new app. I don't need a second messenger app.
  • doesn't matter what skype wants to build if the company won't give them permission.  The problem is that snapchat is not using an open messaging format, so if they include access to snapchat via Skype, then it's the same legal issue that 6snap had.
  • Not talking about building SnapChat access into Skype. Talking about building in SnapChat-like features that would compete with SnapChat, not run ON SnapChat. With their user base, Skype could easily take over the SnapChat market and move it into the rest of the world. It would make the multi-billion dollar SnapChat company a multi-dollar company in fairly short order. I say Microsoft should do it.
  • I think Skype and Snapchat appeal to different demographics. Plus, Microsoft isn't "hip". And no one will switch over from the platform where everyone is to the platform with no users. Just look at Skype Qik. How many users worldwide? 43? 76? 150? Have never met anyone who ever used that app or even know about it.
  • I beg your pardon... platform with no users? Like I said above your post... Skype has a user base that makes SnapChat look pitiful. We aren't talking about creating a new app like Qik. We're talking about integrating the features into Skype to expand Skype itself. I challenge you to find anyone who hasn't heard of Skype. smh
  • True, but from a developer's point of view, building another app's function into the main app is a bad idea. In programming we have a terminology called "high cohesion, low coupling". It means, that an element (let it be a single class, a module, or a whole app) should be cohese, serve its ONE main function - don't be overbloated - and while doing so, the coupling should be low (dependencies should be easy to resolve). What you're suggesting goes directly against this directive.
  • You are mistaking a unit of code's function with an entire product. By that logic Windows shouldn't include a calculator or a media player.
  • I don't need a second messenger app.
    5th or 6th even - Messaging, snapchat, vike, kik, whatsap... *sigh*
  • It would be really cool if MS made a plug-in system for Skype Qik. But I would settle for them copying all of Snap Chat's features into Skype Qik just as a screw you to Snapchat's CEO.
  • Xim is not bad, but needs features adding.
  • Dude, in that picture Evan thinks he's being cute, but can I not "backhand" him with an appropriate reply? I'm trying REAL hard to keep a cool head on this issue =/
  • At this point we can all agree that it's just spite, right?
  • Daniel, I think you may be having contacts with high officials in Microsoft... Just ask them to buy snapchat! :D like fb bought WhatsApp. Offer them a good price so that they cannot resist. :P
    Would be fun to tell people. Microsoft bought snapchat's arrogance. XD
  • Exactly what they should do!
  • SnapChat's CEO already turned down a $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook. The guy is crazy and not going to sell.
  • Yeah I read all that too yesterday... and I could agree with what was said with the security concerns brought up. But this? I personally do not use snapchat and have no desire to use it so it's no concern of mine but for others that do I can see why they are upset. Snapchat's ship will eventually flounder but its a shame windows phone users have to miss out on it because of a CEO's shortsightedness or vengence trail... have not decided which one is a fact yet.
  • Tight slap to windows phone and microsoft ....
  • Yes and they better not let me see them in these streets lol.. I'm about to follow that idiot and tell them where they can go.
  • They don even need to make one. Just let Rudy make the official one.
  • They said no to Rudy
  • I hate this snapchat guys attitude.
  • Can't believe that this guy is a CEO/Internet entrepreneur. The way he replied Amine Misbah's tweet, surely Evan Fckin Spiegel is gonna fall down real hard.
  • Fingers crossed.
  • Balls crossed...
  • #DontBeEvil fits better, you know... He's sponsored by google
  • I feel #dontbeadouchebag sounds better but yea lets go with that
  • #dontbeadouchebag = #don'tbegoogle
  • #DontBeEvan
  • Developers will get this: #dontbeadouchebag == #don'tbegoogle
  • Can we make this the official hashtag, I will go on a tweeting storm. I just want want something official. Lol
  • Evans humiliating you when ever you give him a chance and you are making him and his company more popular. His shares now at top because of you.
  • Not to forget - IMMATURE.
  • Please make this trend guys! We need all the noise we can get!
  • Typical immature and classless attitudes I'm seeing from so called professionals.
  • I understand the want. But, for what it's worth, from the Dev's side (obvious dislike for the platform aside), watching the rolling news of +1 official app, -3 official apps. It's definitely a precotious time to want to say Hola Windows Phone. I can see many Devs bunkering down for the year waiting to see if this fabled Windows 10 for Phones does anything (and in doing so, still prolong the cycle of apps > users > apps).  
  • The app stores number keeps increasing so your math is off. According to you the store would be losing a net of 66% of its apps a day.
  • Mmm, I was mainly being hyperbolic there if not noticed. And if it helps, I did frame it in terms of official apps (if you look at MS, they initially used to frame most of their appstore numbers in terms of top apps on other platforms, so I reffered similar here). My joking numbers aside, a glance at the general news accross a good few WP sites will illustrate NEW APP YAY! followed by REMOVED APPS, AWWW then an eventual note from the company/dev, which is some nice praphrasing of "market share is low, maybe we'll come back if it looks worthwhile... probably not, but let's see".  The above is the crux of my point, in what those devs on other platforms perceive. I'm not trying to put the platform down, merely echoing issues as they are. What's more, if we group the available apps in terms of quality (as opposed to just official) then that's also all over the map (much worse when you include Windows Desktop apps *shudder*). So there are numbers, but find out how many don't look like a 4th grader made them at an App Campus meetup, or have more than is a long list or single page, or worse, just cashing in on a name and does nothing. Not saying other platforms don't have as much ... not as useful apps cluttering their space (flashlights!) but still, I'd wager (no I have no solid numbers) that the ratio is a fair bit worse on our platform...
  • I'm a long time windows phone faithful and am developing a game in unity for all platforms. Unfortunately I might have to drop WP from the initial release as some core features aren't easily supported by unity - facebook auth, unity ads and cloud build. I'm sad :(
  • Is it that it's harder to implement on WP? Or game breaking? I'd suggest, if it's insight you need, try the Architecture help from the dev resources. I've had them walk through my app and provide 1-on-1 advice before (granted, the person I met with wasn't all that great, but still...).  API access and such is a major hinderance, most definitely.
  • Yeah you're right, but they wouldn't have to wait if they treated Windows Phone the same as every other platform because more people will be using Windows Phone then.
  • We actually need to spam this guys twitter and snapchats email and get a hashtag going. Don't be rude about it. Just show our numbers. If this is the hashtag we're running with. Just say the word Rubino
  • #SnapchatOnWP is the tag that's been running since the app was pulled last year.  No need to create new ones.  I 1000% agree with not being rude about it. 
  • Unfortunately, some will be... Thus tarnishing all windows phone users in the process.
  • Not being rude.... Odd considering your username
  • " the likelihood it will get pulled is much lower"....yeah about that....
  • These idiot CEOs are the cause of the hyped "app gap". Screw him!
  • Exactly, its been pulled already.
  • This Evan is a piece of work. Have you ever read any of this?
  • Thanks for that!
  • He's a complete fucking loser.
  • He needs to be dropped off in the hood over night... That'll straighten hits ass up... Perhaps, literally..
  • He can sit on his app. Guess he will enjoy that.
  • I wasn't going to download this as it didn't interest me, but I have now out of spite. Everyone else should do the same unless they at least give us official alternatives.
  • I didnt know that snapchat team has such a shi**y attitude...
  • Evan is Windows Phone racist.
  • Added my voice to the Twitterverse :) The amount of support is amazing, just search "snapchat Windows phone" on Twitter
  • I don't think twitter accepts voice...
  • No matter how you feel about Snapchat and other companies not supporting WP, what Rudy is doing is just wrong and by now he is well aware of that
  • Shut the hell up.
  • If we look at things as purely black and white, espcially in business, then you're right. The thing is it's business, growth, marketing and tatics. I mean, on the one had, if you use WP exclusively, Rudy's app is probably the first time many are hearing of this service (myself included, just like Periscope and Merkat).  The problem with this tactic many have (ask forgiveness later) is primarily with larger businesses with the resources and pull to barter. Rudy and WP users have none of that. I mean, we can wait for anoter 4 years for a game made last year to come out through begging, or someone can make a clone, prove a point, raise awarenes and either push or pull away a dev from the eco system.  In either case it's publicity to the originators (how many candy crush clones were there before CC was actually on the platform, shoot, Pastry Paradise made it here first). And it's awareness to the issue on the platform, again, for better or worse (Ah, see, that's why I won't use WP! OR A, see? If he can make it in like a week, why can't the offical people do it! ) stuff like that. So yea, black and white, it's "wrong" hence warnings and such, it's to force hand in an issue for yours (or, if you're not a WP user) the user's problems. Sometimes they are good and worthwhile, sometimes not, in most cases the benefit is for the user and the platform. I mean, Rudy's got skills, why doesn't he just STFU and go to iOS, or Android? Are you gonna start deving for the platform? With Quality? Anyone eelse gonna take up a mantle? Or who (which startup) really is going to say, "I'm going to start the next Instagram via Windows Phone" for those decrying him or others to be "truly original", need the users to push that... at the end of the day you'd ahve to go to the other platform.  I sounded preachy near the end there, so hoping my point wasn't lost... too much. 
  • In fact, Rudy Huyn is doing exactly what he needs to prevail in court: offer SnapChat every chance he can to curtail any economic damage to SnapChat, and, by doing so, if SnapChat moves forward with their action, Rudy will prevail based on the fair use clause of interoperability. So no, what Rudy is doing is not wrong, and he is sure as hell of that.
  • Isn't Rudy French...if so, he can tell these American attorneys go fuck each other..
  • I say we all start a campaign on Ello and Twitter (and Facebook, Secret, YikYak etc.) and point out how they are being d-bags in not just bringing it to WP, bit aggressively BLOCKING it. Let's call them on it. #BanSnapChat campaign begins today! :)
  • I think the best way to take #revenge would be to ignore the assho*e entirely and wait and watch as his sorry ass realises that he needs every last customer he can get.. But then its too late.. And Snapchat dies slowly.. And painfully. Then we have the last laugh. #FuckYouSpiegel.
  • Who dafuqq cares about snap chat I don't find it useful
  • I care. All my friends use it and I can't receive their snaps any more. Or send them. It's not the end of the world and I'm happy to stick with WP, but one of my friends smashed his screen and bought a new phone as it was pretty expensive to replace it and not much more for a brand new phone, he was very close to getting a 930 like me but no snapchat put him off. He got another Android.
  • Hey Evan. #SuckADick
  • He ignors the fans, lets leave  him  blissfully make love until he *******    over his app in peace though if that's the case no one wants that  on any of their devices be that windows ios or Android oh how immature of me to say such a thing naa he's such a wonderful guy! lol :)    
  • Damn that didn't take long haha
  • Yeah. To not be on their radar WP news gets to them quick. Hypocrisy.
  • Right!
    They must be observing WP very much to notice!
  • Even Spugel is a douche.
  • We all need to take him to task on twitter..
  • I did with: "@evanspiegel considering you "didn't think anyone used those ;)" you shouldn't have a problem with the 6discover app should you!!!!"
  • Using douche to describe him is an absolute humiliation to douche
    He is such a spugel sounds better
  • He and Pebble CEO are both bigotted assholes.
  • Add ceo of news republic
  • Snapchat's CEO is a first grade cnut.
  • Scumba g
  • Lol.
  • Not a first grade.just kindergarten
  • LOL
    Snap chat hates WP Now we know!
    What we didn't know is that they HATE RUDY too.
    Now we know too!
  • Spiegel is such jerk, how can someone like that be a CEO?
  • It's basically Business 101, sadly.
  • But is a wrong approach 102 sadly.
  • I know right! A CEO should consider ALL devices. Not just cut out one.
  • But what's the threshold? If I developed an OS right now should they offer snapchat on it? Not being a troll just curious on what the point of inclusion is.
  • If you get tens of millions of users, then they definitely should port it.
  • If there is enough of a user base to make up the money you spent to make the app is the threshold. In our case I would say it would be a positive cash flow, and if it isn't, then they are just terrible at business. They might not make millions, but they would make some, which should be worth it, if not for the PR alone.
  • How do they make their money?
  • I think from ads, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong, as I can't use snap chat to find out, since......well you know.
  • I checked up, turns out they have a Sony exec in there somewhere too. Bound to help! I still can't believe the idea can't be tacked in to Skype. I have tried Xim, but you don't get to alter the timing.
  • If you get a guy making an unofficial one in a months a cry about it because you're a c u n t and can't be assed making an official one.
  • @michael say this to News Republic CEO that pulled both their app Yesterday from the WINDOWS and Windows phone store!!
  • i think that too. 
  • Diversity, both in people and platforms supported, is a competitive advantage, Microsoft is proving it, this guy is a startup CEO, not a trained one
  • what a jerk.
  • Because he developed a successful app. All of the businesses money is made behind closed doors. Guys like this would have a hard time building a regular buisness to the same level of success. One that is built on employee relations and customer service. Maybe its not just WP's market  share that is the problem, maybe it is also the demographics. Teens are not really flocking to WP. If your in your thirties or older and still using snapchat.... sad.
  • I guarantee more would if it had Snapchat. Same with Flappy Bird etc. Windows Phone will forever struggle unless we get some fad apps. My daughter followed me to WP, and it is the perfect phone for her aside from one thing, the popular apps are not there.
  • This^^ if they had the apps, people would come and fast.
  • Well, I'm 15 and I'm from Indonesia country that the majority of phone user is using Android. Don't get me wrong but every time I show my phone ( Lumia 925 ), my friends always interested trying my phone. So, I really hope Windows 10 for mobile will increase the market share so the CEO of snap chat might be interested making appearance of snapchat app in windows 10 ( even better, building universal snap chat across the windows 10 devices ). I hope you have a great time, greeting from Indonesia ! :-)
  • You need to be just the right amount of an asshole to be successful in modern day business. I know a lot of businessmen who are a totally different person than what they portray themselves. Atleast Evan being an asshole is straight up transparent unlike others.
  • What a f**king a**hole
  • What a bunch of arseholes, hahaha
  • You are a fucking shit Evan Spiegel... >_
  • That's an insult to shit.
  • Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, please reconsider, as Windows Phone users value your product.
  • Not me.......its a pile of donkey shit
  • Don't beg for it. Fuck him. We have better developers than him. His time is good. Years after no one give a fuck to him.
  • Why being nice? He is not worth for us bring nice.
  • ?????? What the heck is wrong with that company?
  • Maturity I guess, from top to the bottom...
  • It's ridiculous how childish they are! It just goes to show how much more awesome Rudy is for facing all of these takedowns whenever they don't take time because they are afraid of supporting windows phone. The CEO especially is just straight up taunting us with that comment. Goodness, I honestly don't even give a crud about Snapchat but when a high end man makes that kind of a references, he becomes the most hated person to me...
  • Agreed. Piece of shit Spiegel.
  • Hahaha, shocking.   Douchebags.
  • Doesn't surprise me at all to be honest.
  • Why they didn't speak about snapchat for WindowsPhone but now they speak so shut up snapshit
  • Don't understand why Evan Spiegel hates Windows phone. In a short while he'll be regretting every bit of it.
  • He will.
  • You know what❓ I agree.... We should just let this go for now.... Because, maybe WP market share will rise, then MS can block their apps.. Lol.
  • Agreed. He thinks his app is awesome and all, but one day will come in the near future when people will get bored of Snapchat and its user base will drop. Everything good has a fall and Snapchat will have one soon. F**k you Evan Spiegel. A 13-year old is more mature than you at being a CEO.
  • Hi5 was great till MySpace appeared.MySpace was great till facebook and so on .everything has an end.
  • Snap chat ceo is a prostitute
  • He is a Scumbag