6discover is an app for Snapchat Discover and Huyn's latest creation for Windows Phone

After some teasing on Twitter, popular Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn has released his sixth app today. The new addition to the "six" family is 6discover, and it rides on the coattails of his earlier Snapchat app 6snap (infamously removed due to that company's complaint).

Huyn's 6discover, however, is not a full Snapchat client due to the complaints above. Instead, it is a dedicated app for Discover, a service introduced earlier this year by Snapchat. At the time, we noted that Discover was "like Snapchat Stories but for online video and photo publications" and serves as a creative outlet for media companies. You can think of it as a fancy newsreader.

6discover Snapcaht Discover for Windows Phone

From the 6discover Store Description:

"6Discover is a first client app for Discover, a Snapchat service!""6discover is a new way to explore Stories from MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Food Network, National Geographic, Yahoo, Comedy Central and other editorial teams with a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. ""Discover is different because it has been built for creatives: each edition includes full-screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising.""Think of 6discover as a place you can go to catch up on the latest news, listen to the hottest music or receive cooking lessons from professional chefs.""Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours - because what's news today is history tomorrow.""6discover is fun and easy to use. Tap to open an edition, swipe left to browse Snaps, or swipe up on a Snap for more. Each channel brings you something unique – a wonderful daily surprise!"

To navigate within the app, choose a channel. Once opened, you can swipe left or right to change stories, then swipe up for the full text of that article. Hitting the back Windows key will bring you back to the previous menu.

In some ways, 6discover is better than what official Snapchat apps offer, as it includes these exclusive features for Windows Phone users:

  • No need for authentication
  • Switch between regions (US, UK, Australia, Canada, International)

Needless to say, 6discover looks stunning, and we are excited as you to start using it. It is fast, fluid and interesting to use (there is sound and animation for some of the stories, and some like Vice use embedded videos). Grab it now from the Windows Phone Store and let us know what you think in comments!

Download 6discover for Windows Phone (Free)

QR: 6discover

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Seems Rudymentary :D
  • Ba dam tiss
  • "...and gorgeous advertising." This I got to see
  • All praise the Rudy!!! ^^
  • Snapchat complains in 3... 2...
  • Exactly! Wont snapchat pull it?
  • You seem to misunderstand why Snapchat had their app pulled: they do not want third-party apps using their API without permission to access their servers. If you recall, Snapchat was hacked a few months ago, with thousands of images stolen. One of the main culprits was a third-party app on iOS that had information intercepted in-between the client and Snapchat servers. This is why they do not want third-party apps: security. It has nothing to do with them just being jerks (that part comes from not having an official app). This app does nothing except pull feeds like RSS. The likely hood of it being pulled are much lower.
  • I don't get Snapchat, they claim to not keep the images but when hacked images get stolen. So if they do keep the images are not their servers a huge repository of child porn? I don't trust those guys.
  • The images weren't stolen directly from Snapchat: they were stolen from third-party services that saved them. That's why Snapchat cracked down on 3rd-party API usage.
  • Ah right. Cheers for the explanation. Needed ;)
  • Sorry Daniel, but why are you defending a company that has STILL not fixed the gaping security hole in their system, and instead bans users who enter the system through it? If they cared about security, they'd plug the damn hole. Snapchat banned us because they couldn't monetise us, end of story. Everything else is a convenient excuse.
  • Prove it or STFU
  • "They banned us because they couldn't monetize us"
    If you think about it a little more. It sounds justified.
  • Yes, and the US government attacking the twin towers as an excuse to invade the Middle East sounds "justified" to many people. Just because it makes sense to you, doesn't make it true. "They banned us because they hate Windows", "They banned us because they hate Steve Ballmer", "They banned us because they don't like apps that look better than their own" etc. are all just as "justified" as the bollocks about not being able to monetise us.
  • Well given 6snap still works, and I know people who just keep creating burner accounts until snapchat catch up and ban them, they sure as shit didn't ban us for any security reason as they haven't fixed anything. It was definitely a convenient excuse, and they just wanted to be seen to be doing "something" while in actual fact, they didn't do anything about the issue.
  • I only think that their first ban was justified "enough" (emphasis on the word enough)
    But what they're trying to do with 6 discover clearly shows their hate for WP.
  • Id never use it, but it boggles my mind how to this day, they wont put out an official app. They KNOW people will use the app, and perhaps more so that currently do not now. So why not just put out an app? Expand? Not like they cant afford to hire a guy or two to do it.
  • It's their stupid CEO, who has a personal - and incredibly childish - vendetta against Microsoft. Until they get a new head, they won't budge.
  • You're correct Daniel, but their being jerks by not reheating an app, but that's another story WC had already touched on.
  • then maybe they should make a secure way to access their services. you know, an open company, not the closed stupid minded company with only crap in their brain, like they have shown. especially towards windows phone. you know, we don't have an official app, and they didn't get interested in Rudy's offer. so I am sure, while the security played an important role on that. also their stupid crap mentality also did that too. because they could have changed many things. you know, like give Rudy permisson to offer his app but with secure and proper access to their APIs, since they are not interested on WP. But they didn't care about anything. and security is just one more excuse for Rudy's app being pulled. affecting a platform they obviously don't care about. Of course they do whatever they want, I wouldn't use their service even if I have an account and all. but of course I can call their what they are, a stupid company with idiot mentallity. because that's not my lie,
  • It was my understanding Rudy offered them the source code for free and Snapchat declined to even work with the guy (correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not even sure where I read that.)
    I get the security thing but when 6snap is the only client we had available it came across as a dick move, especially the radio silence doesn't help, and their previous inference they'd consider other platforms. If they DO tell Rudy to pull this, then we can be sure of conspiracy! #tinfoilhat
  • The jerk move wasn't just not having an official app, but actively refusing to even consider developing one - including that time when Rudy reached out to them and offered his whole source code of 6snap.
  • This App stores no login/no password, don't play with security, can't spam users, it's just a news Reader. 96% of the content is owned by CNN, MTV, Food, etc... IF snapchat removes this apm, you can be sure it's not for a safety/security purpose...
  • good luck with the most antipathic company then...  :) ​(waiting a proper soundcloud  app from you <3)  
  • You have Audiocloud from Jason Ong!
  • I couldn't care less about snapchat but this app looks good. Appreciate your work thanks Rudy!!!
  • Love this app, looking forward to that 2nd app you mentioned in your tweet a while ago of two apps after all. ;)
  • Hey Rudy, may I ask why you chose the number 6 for your apps? Always wanted to know.
  • I always assumed it started with 6sec, his Vine app (vines are 6 seconds)
  • Tony is correct. The first 6app was "6sec" for Vine. Since the service is based around 6-second videos, and the "6app" naming scheme hadn't been used yet, he has kept it for subsequent apps.
  • update tvshow, please. 
  • @Rudy 'import video' feature for 6Sec ! :D
  • Rudy, like another user asked, please update TVShow soon. Still my favorite but it could use an update for your paid app. "Trending" doesn't work anymore and many have complained about the Trakt integration. Hope you address this soon. If it's about cost, add some of the features as in-app purchases, I'd pay it even though I already paid for the main app.
  • Agree! Also the app crashes now and then right after being started.
  • And Wikipedia. He's been busy developing 6tag and 6discover, but I sent him a few emails about the bugs in Wikipedia. Hope he reads them.
    You could also send him a mail, or tweet him. The address is in the concerned app.
  • Please update the app sir, because none of the feeds load passed their individual splashscreens
  • Fuck you snapchat. Though I wish Microsoft can do something about it. Also I wish Microsoft can do something with apps that haven't been updated, maybe do what apple does. You know, keep apps up to par.
  • Apple doesn't do that, developers do.
  • Actually apple have very, very strict guidelines which ensure that developers keep their apps up to par. Android has lots of market share soo developers are happy to develop for them but WP has...
  • MS had also updated their code of conduct recently (I think). From what I remember, the Windows Central article said that according to it, developers "must remain active in the store". Don't know how effective that's been, but it's there. :P
  • Wow....that still sucks haha.
  • We need more people like Rudy for Windows Phone ecosystem. He alone created an app for instagram thats far better than its original app. One person against whole instagram developers!
  • I don't think there are any developers for the Windows Phone instagram app..
  • You got that right! He listens to us and makes the apps better than the official ones. I made a complaint to Snapchat a couple of weeks ago about not having Snapchat on Windows Phone and they haven't replied yet. Why am I not surprised.
  • Do you really think getting responds, LOL
  • Rudy Huyn, he's WP Superman. Wish I can clone him.
  • Wait for Rudy's son
  • So can you use this to follow normal snapchat feeds.
  • No.
  • Thanks.
  • So you're saying I can't send a snapchat with this app?
  • You got that right.
  • 6rudy
  • im confused
  • Download the app. Open it up. Clear up your confusion. Windows Central helps those who help themselves ;)
  • Lol oh Daniel.
  • I'm confused. "Windows central helps those who help themselves".
    If I can help myself then why would I ask for help from anyone?
  • "If I can help myself then why would I ask for help from anyone?"
  • Instructions unclear. My toaster made a burned-Maggi instead :P Posted via the Windows Central App
  • @KillerXorg - that's exactly the problem with the comment section. People ask questions first and think later (or even actually read the article). They should look to help themselves, and come back when they've exhausted all their options. Too many times the answers are easily found either in the article itself, or by a quick Google search (no, not bloody Bing).
  • The level of intolerance from the users and writers of this website is to high. And is amazing how Rubino troll the visitors. Chill people.. life is short, enjoy it.
  • Exactly! I hate it when people jump to comments after reading only the TITLE.
  • Stop don't understand the point of this app or the discovery app anyway
  • Okay.
  • Ruty, tutty fresh and fruity! The Rudimeister is at it again. Long live Rudy!
  • I remember he mentioned he was releasing anew app soon
  • How can I help and translate to Brazil language?
  • The app, which has minimal text or the content? The content is likely not directly accessible as this just pulls from Snapchat servers and the app displays the stories.
  • Hm ... Get it, I think the original Discover it's not available here, so :/ u right.
  • I'm a big supporter of Rudy and WP but this seems like such a useless app to bother wasting time working on.  I understand he wanted to stick it to Snapchat which is fine but I just wish it would be something that would actually be useful.  Snapchat and its ilk seem like a short lived fad imo. 
  • Have you tried it though? it's a really well-done app and the content pulled is actually really nice. It didn't take much effort for him to do this, I think he was just looking for something fun to do.
  • I did and it's Rudy's typical flawless execution.  It's a great app.  I only wish he would have done something else the platform needs, but he's like Windows Phone jesus and he can do no wrong in my book.  So this is just me complaining.
  • I was! I currently work on 3 big projects, it's something cool to work on a small app norir82: try it, the content is really interesting and awesome
  • Can't wait to see them!  Thanks Rudy. 
  • Just so I'm clear, so it's not Snapchat? It's a Snapchat Discover client? Discover is just a feature within iOS/Android SnapChat for news?
  • Yup!
  • Universal instagram app... Teasers for the other two? :)
  • Can't get anything but the main screen with circles on my 822. Seemingly locks up my device a bit too
  • W10 ? Not tested on it (I broked my test device, I will check it this week end)
  • 8.1 but it may just be my device
  • Seems to be working fine now not sure what happened but cool app!
  • Rudy can't watch anything on windows mobile 10. Says can't connect to the internet.
  • Great job Rudy on this! While on the Snapchat talk why not make a Snapchat competitor and publish on IOS and Android. You would no doubt have a better feature set then Snapchat. It's all about competition!!
  • Don't tell him to go to iOS and Android! Do you want him to forget about us and go for the market share!?
  • I think the problem with that is he'd have to offer something like Snapchat and go beyond what they have done. You need to give an incentive to switch, after all. Next comes the other problem: he would need to host his own servers, or pay for hosting. That heads to the third issue: funding. Companies like Snapchat are heavily VC funded with lots of money. Being able to compete against that and match their scale I imagine would be difficult for an indy dev.
  • Understood - MSFT could have resources to tap possibly... WP developers (Rudy and others) have more to offer then clones. I wish we could help him, crowd source funding?? I'm sure we could think of a unique twist to give people an incentive to switch or use both...
  • Because Skype qik is catching on...
  • Its the name. Dont put Skype in there. Doomed from the start :P ha
  • Skype Qik is awesome
  • Direct all the traffic through Windows Central server, WC is not utilizing all its available bandwidth anyways because of sudden drop in readership after all those Macbook articles. /S\
  • Haha watch it get taken down....
  • Read Daniel's reply to a similar comment at the top of this thread. Hope it helps :)
  • Become a competitor!
  • I might have more user for this than the regular SnapChat. Installing now. :)
  • But nudes > news :P
  • Running through the 6 with my woes .... xD
  • I'm really torn on whether to download this. On the one hand, the app looks awesome, and like a cool way to see some rare content and/or connect with other companies in new ways. Also I'm a big fan of Rudy and all of his tremendous development work over the years. His quality work has done so much for the platform.   But considering the way our platform has been treated by Snapchat, I'd just as soon not support their services in any way. They clearly sent the message that they don't need or care about WP users - so why exactly do we need them as a news aggregator / advertising server? I'm not even particularly all that interested in using Snapchat, I just don't appreciate the disrespect.
  • Couldn't agree more. :)
  • I agree
  • Sometimes actions speak louder than words.  I'm not sure on this but I wouldn't be at all surprised to know that Snapchat can see who (which apps) and what (on what type of device) is accessing the content. You can choose to embargo Snapchat and Instagram, or whatever you like...In which case they don't know you exist. Or you can partake and help push up WP traffic numbers... I think that in every case a company/developer is going to be encouraged to act by a show of interest in their product/service rather than by people who may, or not, be potential users, not showing up, in unquantifiable numbers. Use it, or do not....but every download of 6Discover sends a teensie-weensie message to Snapchat.
  • Looking forward to more "6" apps !!
  • I assume there's a reason Rudy prepends 6 to all of his apps? Just curious.
  • all started with the bing bang 6sec (Vine : 6 seconds video), they 6tag, a clone of 6sec (for Instagram). Since, I created my company (6studio) and all my 3rd party apps are named "6"
  • Also helps them show up first in the app list.
  • Yeah feels like Rudyhuyn section of wp
  • Yeah just like those bunch of Lumia apps, there's Rudy's apps.
  • Great work as always, Rudy! I'm looking forward to your next 6 apps!
  • This guy is just amazing!!
  • I understand that Rudy is a well respected Windows Phone app developer, but I was just curious what the significance of the 6 is in these app titles. All I could find online were stories about him applying for the trademark 6Studios because of his similarly named apps, but nothing about why they're named that to begin with.
  • Just was going to ask the same thing.
  • Read his answer above!
  • Holy Christ is that app cool.
  • Love your work Rudy. Any chance on getting a TV Show app update or universal app version soon? Thanks!
  • Too bad I do not want to fuel Snapshat's data mining efforts :)  
  • I don't send analytics data, you're free to use it ;)
  • Does your app run through a proxy server?  Otherwise it would seem that using your app would help Snapshite ;)
  • I need Snapchat please help
  • It's pretty nice and clean and loads up quickly. "Seems Faster" JK.
  • thank you rudy... we need more dev like you... thank you so much...
  • Nice
  • This is like a major f*** you to snapchat this is awesome
  • :D The downloads for this should tell Snapchat something, and tell it very loudly.
  • Nice app, thanks Rudy..hope things change with snapchat someday.
  • Not interested. Get me snap chat , I wanna procrastinate while studying using it
  • they block 3rd party API. the only way to get snapchat without getting banned is buy yourself an iPhone/Android phone. Rudy can't do anything, unless snapchat do something about it(hire Rudy / unblock 3rd party API for Snapchat)
  • This app is freaking awesome. I totally dislike the Official CNN app but this makes it so exciting. There is sound and animation on the home screens, which looks sweet on my 1520.3
    I have complaints though. The story about Selena Gomez has some of the worst photos seen in a modern app, I hope this will not be a regular thing. Also why no "Flipping" Tile?
    Otherwise, I love it. Edit: How the heck are you able to get stories to load so fast (including videos).
  • As pissed of as I am with WP....i appreciate this Rudy guy.
  • I don't get the trend. A third party app to have a Snapchat related service ? Snapchat ? Really ?
  • Can snap chat just hire this guy to make a windows phone app for the love of god!
  • They don't want to.
  • ^ (insert hate comment about their CEO here)
  • Meh. I'm not going to go out of my way to get someone to show me ads as news!
  • I don't get why Rudy is wasting his time and resources.. This service doesn't seem interesting to me and I'm sure Snapchat will file a complaint within days to have it removed just out of spite against WP.. I will still download it to support Rudy, I just wish he would do something else instead..
  • He is already working on something else.
    You might dislike this app, but don't you think that even on Android there's no such app! It's fucking fluid and smooth and so well designed, I just want to use it every now and then. It's a new lovely way to have a glance on the news in a classy way.
  • Rudy is probably one of the reasons windows phone hasn't died yet. Glad he still supports this OS.
  • Grab it before its gone situation?
  • Rudy
  • I been playing with this app now it's dam good.
  • It's a beautiful app and a great idea. Too bad, however, that most of the sources are those I consider trash. No journalism to be found there.
  • Cheers to Rudy! I always enjoy his apps, super high quality and regular updates.
  • It will be so amazing if he can make a App to take photos and put that middle bar with text like snapchat
  • +640XL
  • a 6snap editor is planned
  • Oh, thanks! It will be super awsome
  • Love this app
  • As someone who is learning how to code using Microsoft provided tools and videos from Microsoft Academy. I have about four apps in my mind. I'm inspiring to be in Rudy's league for sure. That dude has saved the Windows Platform with better apps for Vine, Instagram, and now this.    But i am curious to how he makes a living off of making apps for the Windows ecosystem
  • the WP store search sucks.  I typed this in and found nothing.  Had to come back here to get the link.  That's annoying as hell.
  • It's says I have no internet connection ??
  • W10 ? There is an issue on it with vidéos, I Will try to find a workaround This week end
  • Thanks. I think wp10 had a bug, can switch mobile data on, this could be issue. (data is on, toggle says off)
  • I'm not supporting snapchat in any way until I can login from a Windows Phone without being banned.
  • MS has to recruit him immediately
  • No. Because then he'd be perfecting MS apps for ios and adroid.
  • Thanks Rudy.  I'm still waiting for a 6Gyft.  Someplace to store and manage gift cards.
  • If Huyn ever gets hit by a bus, half the worthwhile apps for WP would disappear. Good times.
  • And then why you said like that?
  • Hahah you idiot :D
  • I hope they don't pull it out. I don't use Snapchat, but Rudy really works hard on his projects and I don't want to see his work get axed.
  • not working on Lumia 830 windows 10, "can't connect retry?"
  • yep ditto
  • Great app. but, after browsing for less than 5 minutes, I've used 52MB on mobile data. noooooooooooo
  • Rudy Huyn RUUULES!!!!!!!
  • You're fucking awesome Rudy.
    Even if you didn't know that already.
  • Looks very nice. Going to download it.
  • Beautiful app, but all US stuff. So delete ...I don't care about news from the US.
  • I just want to say to Rudy, that Microsoft definitely should pay you for your efforts if they haven't already... Just saying.
  • Installed - spent 5minutes using the app - uninstalled :/
  • I can't get it to show data, says error Despite having a WiFi and a mobile data connection.
  • Very nice flowing app. I wonder why not the name: 6cover
  • Respect to Rudy
  • Have a try
  • Đã cài trên Lumia 730 . Và cũng đã xóa vì chất lượng khá tệ . Video nhìn quá mờ + hình ảnh thì vỡ nét :)
  • I've constantly bombarded the Snapchat Team on Snapchat to make a Windows and Blackberry compatible application. No replies from them but they always see them. They rarely respond, only replying once for a photo of mine lol, but I constantly bombard them. A stupid vendetta is silly. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Love the way it works
  • A salute to Rudy from India
  • Can't snapchag
  • Sounds like an interesting app. I wasn't an Instagram intensive user until I discover 6tag. Rudy makes some damn "eye candy" apps.
    .... I do care!!! Testing this application confirms my suspicions, the visual aspect never disappoints me. Good work Rudy!
  • Who even cares? Microsoft needs to push a web only future or it's gg. Apples original web app idea is the only way WP survives. Apps are dead or it is over.
  • Can't use it on win10TP. Keep saying connection issues...  
  • Rudy Huyn should be put on TIME's 100 Most Influencial People of 2015!! Higher than Satya.
  • Just downloaded and its awesome...
  • Please bring back 6snap
    Make it downloadable as xap on your Website
  • Screw snap chat. Honestly. they are scum bags. Straight hating on us windows users and Microsoft in general. I like xim it is actually awesome. And friends are always wow'd by it. I say support those that support you.
  • can someone explain to me why Rudy is obsessed with 6?  We['re on windows 10 already.  :(
  • Read below dude... Its not about the WP version
  • All hail Rudy, Microsoft needs to learn a lot from him
  • Rudy, The 6th most active developer in the world!
  • Blocked? I'm getting, can't load data error; check connection,
    when I launch the app... WiFi and cellular working fine.
  • 1. Download app on other platform 2. Reverse engineer app 3. Build WP version using Private APIs 4. Launch on WP 5. Have app removed since you built it using stolen IP after company complains. 6. Rinse and Repeat
  • All hail Rudy!
  • I need Snapchat on windows 10 mobile , someone please help me