6discover is an app for Snapchat Discover and Huyn's latest creation for Windows Phone

After some teasing on Twitter, popular Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn has released his sixth app today. The new addition to the "six" family is 6discover, and it rides on the coattails of his earlier Snapchat app 6snap (infamously removed due to that company's complaint).

Huyn's 6discover, however, is not a full Snapchat client due to the complaints above. Instead, it is a dedicated app for Discover, a service introduced earlier this year by Snapchat. At the time, we noted that Discover was "like Snapchat Stories but for online video and photo publications" and serves as a creative outlet for media companies. You can think of it as a fancy newsreader.

6discover Snapcaht Discover for Windows Phone

From the 6discover Store Description:

"6Discover is a first client app for Discover, a Snapchat service!""6discover is a new way to explore Stories from MTV, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Food Network, National Geographic, Yahoo, Comedy Central and other editorial teams with a storytelling format that puts the narrative first. ""Discover is different because it has been built for creatives: each edition includes full-screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising.""Think of 6discover as a place you can go to catch up on the latest news, listen to the hottest music or receive cooking lessons from professional chefs.""Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours - because what's news today is history tomorrow.""6discover is fun and easy to use. Tap to open an edition, swipe left to browse Snaps, or swipe up on a Snap for more. Each channel brings you something unique – a wonderful daily surprise!"

To navigate within the app, choose a channel. Once opened, you can swipe left or right to change stories, then swipe up for the full text of that article. Hitting the back Windows key will bring you back to the previous menu.

In some ways, 6discover is better than what official Snapchat apps offer, as it includes these exclusive features for Windows Phone users:

  • No need for authentication
  • Switch between regions (US, UK, Australia, Canada, International)

Needless to say, 6discover looks stunning, and we are excited as you to start using it. It is fast, fluid and interesting to use (there is sound and animation for some of the stories, and some like Vice use embedded videos). Grab it now from the Windows Phone Store and let us know what you think in comments!

Download 6discover for Windows Phone (Free)

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