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Rudy Huyn pulls TVShow app temporarily from Windows Phone Store

Developer Rudy Huyn has pulled his TVShow app temporarily from the Windows Phone Store, and his 6tag app has some server-side issues with video encoding that are being worked on at the moment.

Rudy Huyn confirms new Dropbox job, will continue to work on his Windows Phone apps

Rudy Huyn, one of the most well-known third-party Windows Phone app developers, has confirmed he will soon be working full-time at Dropbox. However, he added that his Windows Phone app work will continue during his off-duty hours

Copyright infringement claim against 6discover signals the end as Snapchat wins

Snapchat has been on a tear lately against Windows Phone. Besides deciding against making an official app for their messaging service, the company has been very active in getting third party apps removed.

In fairness, Snapchat has two reasons for the removal of third party apps: copyright violations and security concerns. However, the latest app from Rudy Huyn, called 6discover, bypasses the first complaint as it does not use login information, but it still steps on the toes of Snapchat's legal department.

Hands-on with 6discover for Windows Phone

Windows Phone users do not have an official Snapchat application, but 6discover, the latest app from Rudy Huyn, offers one of the major features. You won't be able to create, view, or share snaps with friends. You also won't be able to use 6discover to chat or create stories. You use 6discover for Snapchat's Discover section, which was introduced by the company earlier this year. It lets you see articles, photos and videos from different publications such as CNN, Food Network, Vice, Bleacher Report, and National Geographic.

Check out our hands-on video to see 6discover in action.

Snapchat's lawyers send threatening letter to Huyn over new 6discover app

Well, that did not take long. Snapchat's legal team has sent developer Rudy Huyn a letter accusing him of "violation of federal and state law" for reproducing the Snapchat "Discover" content. The missive comes just 24-hours after the release of 6discover, a new, free app that pulls the Snapchat Discover content and bypassing Snapchat's official app feature.

The issue appears to be about money, ultimately. Discover is a way for companies to produce and distribute content through Snapchat. Companies like Comedy Central, Vice, and CNN pay Snapchat for this privilege, in essence making it an advertising platform.

6discover is an app for Snapchat Discover and Huyn's latest creation for Windows Phone

Rudy Huyn has done it again with 6discover. The release continues his trend to make apps that do not have an official or third-party versions available on Windows Phone.

After some teasing on Twitter, popular Windows Phone dev Rudy Huyn has released his sixth app today. The new addition to the "six" family is 6discover, and it rides on the coattails of his earlier Snapchat app 6snap (infamously removed due to that company's complaint).

Huyn's 6discover, however, is not a full Snapchat client due to the complaints above. Instead, it is a dedicated app for Discover, a service introduced earlier this year by Snapchat. At the time, we noted that Discover was "like Snapchat Stories but for online video and photo publications" and serves as a creative outlet for media companies. You can think of it as a fancy newsreader.

Windows Phone app creator Rudy Huyn says he plans to make Xbox One apps

Rudy Huyn, who is perhaps the most well known third party creator of apps for the Windows Phone platform, stated in a new interview he is "looking forward to Windows 10" and that he has plans to make apps for the Xbox One console as well.

6cret for Windows Phone reportedly being axed due to copyright complaint

Windows Phone users may be getting another blow to their app selection as third-party Secret client 6cret made by Rudy Huyn may be removed from the Store very soon.

Tonight in a brief Tweet, Huyn said "tonight is the night of #6cret death, you can thank Jared for that (@thedrivein). WP users have no more secrets". Huyn was referring to Jared McGuire who works at Secret and who evidently filed the complaint.

Secret client 6cret now available for Windows Phone from Rudy Huyn (it's back!)

6cret is now out for Windows Phone. 6cret is a new app from Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn and is a client for infamous app Secret. We've known for a few weeks that Rudy was working on a Secret client for Windows Phone. Not familiar with Secret? It's a very popular app on Android and iOS where users can leave anonymous messages to their circle of friends.

Windows Phone app master Rudy Huyn working on a Secret app

Rudy Huyn, one of the most well known third party Windows Phone app creators. revealed on his Twitter account this week his plans to make an app based on Secret, which connects to a social network where anonymous gossip and information leaks can be posted.

6tin returns to Windows Phone after Tinder complaint

If you've been displeased at the fact Tinder filed a trademark complaint against Rudy Huyn and his 6tin app, you can now take a step back and relax a little bit because the app has once again arrived on Windows Phone and is available for download.

6tin temporarily pulled from Windows Phone due to Tinder complaint

On June 21, developer Rudy Huyn re-released his Windows Phone Tinder client, changing the name from 6tindr to just 6tin. The move follows a six-month gap between when Huyn began speaking with the Tinder team to make his app the official client for Windows Phone. Talks failed to materialize an app, so 6tin was released instead.

Rudy Huyn's 6Studio dreams are put on hold due to legal entanglement

Rudy Huyn, the resident Windows Phone developer who taps into the app market and releases content to fill gaps where official apps have yet to be released, has encountered a slight issue regarding the legality of his new company – 6Studio. Huyn has published a photo of legal documentation he recently received regarding a company filing a complaint against the branding of his company.

Wikipedia for Windows Phone gets Bing article suggestions with latest release

Recently, Microsoft and Bing released their own Wikipedia app for Windows 8.1 users. Many on this site lamented that there wasn’t a similar app from Microsoft for Windows Phone, even though we have the excellent ‘Wikipedia’ from developer Rudy Huyn. That app is sanctioned by the Wikipedia Foundation, and for all intents and purposes, it’s official.

Version 2.4 was just released to the Store, and it includes one of the features people envied from the Microsoft version: Bing article recommendations.

6tag and 6sec get updates for 8.1, CloudSix support and more

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen updates for 6tag (Instagram client) and 6sec (Vine client) from developer Rudy Huyn. Today, we’re getting updates for both, including a 2.0 release for 6sec.

6tag has received CloudSix integration, which is Huyn’s other pet project. CloudSix offers an unparalleled experience for cloud hosting companies on Windows Phone, including Dropbox (Huyn mentioned that he plans to expand CloudSix coverage to OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive and more in the future). Today’s update includes that along with support for “phablets under Windows Phone 8.1”.

You can now capture Snapchat screenshots with 6snap

We still don’t have an official Snapchat application on Windows Phone, but we do have 6snap. It’s the unofficial (but great) third-party client for Snapchat. The app has worked well since launch and gained impressive features that you can’t get with the official apps on iOS or Android. Though today’s update brings a feature you technically can get with the others. The ability to take screenshots is now supported.

CloudSix for Dropbox updated with PNG and GIF viewer, design changes

A few days ago Rudy Huyn released his new Dropbox client for Windows Phone – CloudSix for Dropbox. It’s the first of many cloud storage apps that Rudy will be working on in the near future. Not only does it bring all the functionality of Dropbox to Windows Phone, but it also offers up new opportunities for developers to add cloud storage to their apps with minimal effort. CloudSix for Dropbox has also just picked up its first update. Let’s see what’s new.

Rudy Huyn releases new Dropbox app for Windows Phone; OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive and Box apps coming next

Most of you are big fans of OneDrive. It integrates nicely into Windows Phone, Windows 8 and the Xbox One. That doesn’t mean you don’t use other cloud storage solutions from time to time. It might work related or a classmate sharing a file that you venture to places like Dropbox, Box, Mega and other cloud storage providers.

Dropbox has official apps on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and the Kindle Fire, but not on Windows Phone. Does that matter now that Rudy Huyn has just released his third-party Dropbox client called CloudSix for Dropbox?

Let’s find out with our hands on video and exclusive screenshots. 

Spice up your doodles with different brush sizes in 6snap's newest update

No official Snapchat app on Windows Phone? No problem. Rudy Huyn’s Snapchat client for Windows Phone, 6snap, has picked up another update. Like most of his updates, it either introduces a new features in the official Snapchat apps or adds a feature they wish they had. Here’s an update that brings a feature you can show off to your iOS and Android toting friends.

6snap adds zoom ability for pictures and more in latest update

No official Snapchat app for Windows Phone? No problem. 6snap is the best Snapchat client for Windows Phone and probably just the best Snapchat app on any platform. Today it picked up another updated, version 2.5 that brings a few new features. Let’s check it out.