Well-known UWP developer Rudy Huyn joins Microsoft

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Updated October 23, 2019: We added comments from Rudy Huyn on his new role and UWP.

What you need to know

  • Rudy Huyn joined Microsoft as a Principal Software Development Engineer.
  • Huyn recently worked for Dropbox and is known for his work on UWP apps.
  • Huyn is now a member of the Partner App Experience (PAX) team at Microsoft.

Rudy Huyn is one of the most well-known UWP developers. He worked on several apps that were loved by Windows Phone and Windows 10 users, and also recently worked for Dropbox. Now, Huyn joins Microsoft as a Principal Software Development Engineer.

Huyn shared the news on Twitter, stating that "After 9 years of close collaboration with Microsoft, it's time for me to take it one step further and officially join them." Huyn is now part of the PAX team and will "work with this team on great app experiences and OSS projects for current and upcoming Win10 devices," according to his tweet.

We reached out to Huyn, who shared how important this new role is.

It's kind of symbolic for me; I started working for Microsoft on October 21, 2019, exactly 9 years after the the launch of the Windows Phone 7. Not only that, but my team is under the umbrella of Joe Belfiore, one of the people who initially sparked my interest in Windows (Phone). So, it is with great honor that I join this team, with whom I have already worked with for many months, but as an external contributor to the Calculator application, an open source UWP application that began this year. As I officially join this new family, I'm really looking forward to showing you the projects we're all working on, for both current and future devices.

Huyn also shared a comment on UWP and invited developers to reach out to Microsoft,

I was very active in UWP community and it won't change, a large majority of Windows built-in apps are UWP and my team also owns many very useful open source libraries like Windows Community toolkit or Microsoft Graph Toolkit. UWP is a amazing technology, especially with 10X coming and if you are a developer and need help, please reach out!

Huyn's LinkedIn profile states that he is now a Principal Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.

Huyn has a long history of developing UWP apps and discussing the platform. Before his time at Dropbox, he made apps including 6Snap, 6Tin, and Cloud6.

Huyn was most recently a staff engineer at Dropbox, working on Dropbox Universal UWP, Dropbox Desktop, and several other projects. When Huyn left Dropbox, he stated that he'll "focus a little more on UWP/WinUI/.Net 5."

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