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Rudy Huyn releases new Dropbox app for Windows Phone; OneDrive, Mega, Google Drive and Box apps coming next

Most of you are big fans of OneDrive. It integrates nicely into Windows Phone, Windows 8 and the Xbox One. That doesn’t mean you don’t use other cloud storage solutions from time to time. It might work related or a classmate sharing a file that you venture to places like Dropbox, Box, Mega and other cloud storage providers.

Dropbox has official apps on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and the Kindle Fire, but not on Windows Phone. Does that matter now that Rudy Huyn has just released his third-party Dropbox client called CloudSix for Dropbox?

Let’s find out with our hands on video and exclusive screenshots. 

Ready for the good news? The app is a full featured and free Dropbox app on Windows Phone. It’s also just the beginning of a new wave of apps from Rudy that we’ll tell you about shortly.

Here’s what you get with CloudSix for Dropbox on Windows Phone:

  • Access all your photos, docs and videos from any device.
  • Automatically save photos and videos to Dropbox when your phone is charging
  • Share a link to even your biggest files — no more attachments!
  • Add files to your “Favorites” for fast, offline viewing.
  • Multi-accounts: access too many Dropbox accounts without sign in/sign out

We logged into our Dropbox account and are quite impressed with the app. All our files, photos and videos were viewable in the app. The app even has multi-account support, which is very cool and useful if you’re juggling a Dropbox account for personal storage and the other more business orientated. CloudSix for Dropbox also backs up photos or videos from your photo library if you want. Another bonus feature is that you can activate protection for the app and set a pin. This means you'll need to enter a pin when launching CloudSix for Dropbox. A nice feature to keep private photos private. 

You can long press a file or folder to bring up the action menu. If you do that you’ll see options for renaming the file, sharing it, creating/copying a link for it, adding it as a favorite or deleting it. You can open PDFs in your PDF Windows Phone app of choice, while word documents are viewable directly in CloudSix.

CloudSix for Dropbox is just the beginning. There’s also one last surprise feature in CloudSix. Other developers can use the app as a file picker or file saver (similar experience on Windows 8). Meaning a developer who has made an emulator on Windows Phone can make it so that their app can retrieve ROMs from CloudSix for Dropbox. They don’t need to add Dropbox support to their app, just install a NuGet package and create a CloudSixFilePicker with the parameters they want.

It’s pretty cool that with 2 lines of a code other developers can enable cloud storage in their apps through CloudSix for Dropbox. As an example, Rudy has just updated his Snapchat client, 6Snap, to be the first app to take advantage of this functionality. Update 6Snap and you’ll be able to save your snaps to Dropbox through CloudSix for Dropbox. Very cool. 

There’s one last surprise from Rudy though. CloudSix for Dropbox is just the beginning of a line of cloud storage apps. CloudSix for Dropbox tackles and takes on Dropbox, but he plans to introduce apps for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Mega. Those apps will all offer similar functionality and include the option for other developers to tap into them for cloud storage. 

Developers: Head to Rudy's blog post on the technical details for integrating CloudSix with your app!

CloudSix for Dropbox is free in the Windows Phone Store. It is ad-supported, but you can remove those ads for $1.29 via an in-app purchase. Any Dropbox fans out there looking forward to this? 

  • I'm confused as to why we would need a one drive app if we ha e one already? Either way I am glad to see more Rudy. I hadn't heard much of em in a few weeks.
  • Same here. What could he add to Onedrive the we don't already have?
  • Check out his universal API for all services for devs. We link to it in the article.
  • One thing I can think of, is being able to stream music saved to OneDrive without having to have the app open or running under the lock screen. I'm sure there's much more things, but this is something that kind of annoys me with the WP version of OneDrive.
  • I use sky music for this.
  • Seriously... The OneDrive WP app is seriously lacking compared to the website.. Just think of all the features on the website, then think of how empty our app is...
    Two really important features Rudy could give us are SPEED, AND NO LAG❕❕... Lol!!!
  • Also ability to upload videos.
  • What would be amazing, and value added, would be if he *didn't* release apps for these other platforms but instead integrated them into CloudSix, kind of a cloud-storage aggregator, if you will. It would be awesome to be able to move and copy files back and forth from Onedrive to Dropbox, etc. And to provide that functionality to other developers, too!
  • You sir have some serious skills going on today.. That's freekin awesome❕❕❕..... Great idea❕❕❕
  • Exactly what I was about to write :D I would prefer that over multiple apps. And maybe also 4Shared support if possible :)
  • You mean 6Shared ;)
  • I was going to write that. But I see you already have.
  • I LIKE that idea! ;)
  • My thoughts exactly!
  • If you have an iPhone check out upThair.  It does exactly what you describe.  Disclaimer...I wrote it.
  • Wouldn't that be a "claimer?" ;)
  • I'd love that functionality. Just exactly what I was thinking!!!
  • Your talking about Otixo app. It lets you copy files between 29 cloud services.
  • If I'm reading it correctly, he IS integrating all services into this one app with future updates. Quote from his blog: "The current version only support Dropbox but other cloud storage services will be added as soon as possible, including: OneDrive, Google Drive, and" @Daniel, @Rudy: care to elaborate?
  • Not sure what's in the developer's mind, but the article clearly indicates multiple apps: "CloudSix for Dropbox tackles and takes on Dropbox, but he plans to introduce apps for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Mega. Those apps will all offer similar functionality and include the option for other developers to tap into them for cloud storage."
  • you mean like Woopiti, only better? @Rudy, please, also add Ubuntu One and younited!
  • Are you the one with the same username on ZDNet?
  • I agree on this one, it would be amazing if he uses the multiple account section to allow you to add cloud storage from a number of providers. Then have a single API that he can make available to other developers to let them use Cloud6 and when using it allows you to select which account you need to open/save your file from/to. This would put Cloud6 miles ahead of any official app from any vendor
  • That's exactly what I was thinking as I read this article. Why release multiple apps when one app could handle all your cloud storage as you log in.
  • We NEED one from Rudy because he would make one with awesome features and the official app lacks of features and is too laggy and weird, it doesn't seem like an official app.
  • This man is on fire. Amazing talent and craftsmanship.
  • Agree, Rudy is the best thing to happen to WP! That said, I refuse to use dropbox, nor do I need it. An app for Blackberry and Kindle, still no plans for WP!? Unbelievable, they hate wp or what?!
  • But there is an Amazon Kindle app in store. I use it and it is ok.
  • But why not '6cloud'?
  • yeah. i'd like to see rudy's app queueing on the top list on my all-apps list.
  • Yeah, little confused about the reverse branding myself. Oh well, no biggie i guess.  
  • Probably a play on the "I'm on cloud nine" phrase...that's my guess.
  • This guy is a major ventricle of WP!.. He is a major part of the heart, and soul, of the platform... MS has to be funding this guy.. If not then that's a major injustice.
  • Someone get Rudy a cape!
  • I used filebox, now let's try this.
  • Same here. I uninstalled it immediately. Cloud6 is by far the best client i've ever seen. That interface is gorgeous,
  • Pocket File Manage is amazing. Give it a shot.
  • Pocket is good as it combines more services into one app. Still, I didn't like the UI
  • The developer broke filebox for me and never was able to get it going again.  No way to contact him either.  I was one of the ones getting crash on load all the time.
  • still waiting for tinder :(
  • RUDY RUDY RUDY !!! :D even though i dont use drop box i still welcome this !
  • Exactly! Rudy FTW!
  • +1 Not a drop box user but will download and remove ads to show support. But that said, I am not sure why Rudy wants separate apps for every cloud service. Woopiti app connects to all services in a single app and seems like the better way to go about something like this. Still glad that Rudy brought this to the WP platform though.
  • Same here, I don't really need dropbox on my phone, but downloaded and removed the ads to show support to Rudy.
  • +928! Thank you, Rudy, for giving us Windows Phone folk reasons to keep using the platform.
  • will still use WP no matter what!
  • Aaahhhaa...Rudy Hyun is back in action. He was not to be seen around for a month. Good to see him back with his new apps. :)
  • Yea, what kinda man doesn't release a new app every week!? Joking aside, Rudy has got to be the most prolific developer on Windows Phone to date. I can't wait to see his work on the "Official" Tinder app.
  • What do we need a one drive app for? I don't AGREE with this when 3rd party developers make an app that's already out there.
  • Why? He's free to do so, if no one buys or uses it, it was his time that was wasted not yours. 
  • I know he's free to do so.. Just expressing my opinion.. WPC community is butt hurt nowadays. If he makes a better app then that's good. I just don't agree on making an app with an existing app in the market. That's all I've got to say about it.
  • I think there's two reasons why he's doing it: one, it's trivial as he'll just recycle the code with OneDrive API data and two, his APIs for hooking into apps is pretty powerful for devs.
  • Is it really that difficult to use Onedrive in apps? I know several basic apps that have had it integrated for quite some time.
  • "CloudSix provides a way for other apps to select a file on cloud storages. No need to manage authentification, file browsing, file manager, file cache, retrieve data, etc… just with 2 lines of code you can ask CloudSix to do this task for you. Moreover, you can add some filters like “show me only jpg and png files” or “show me only mp4 file < 2Mb”, once launched, CloudSix will only display the kind of files you want and will relaunch your app with the selected file."
  • I would like to add that there might be a lot of drop box users out there thinking about switching to wp8 but don't because there is not an official app available. Knowing the quality of Rudy's apps might convince them since most of his apps are better then the real deal. I for one appreciate everything he is doing for our community and welcome all his efforts. Stop complaining and respect this guy!!!
  • Dude calm down, you're the one acting butthurt. Extra alternatives can't hurt. he's shown before that he tends to bring extra functionality or better UI with his apps, so that might just be the case with the One Drive app.
  • Exactly, some just like to whinge about anything lol.
  • To do better than the official apps. Like he has done with vine, etc
  • 6tag and 6sec were released before official apps existed.
  • Yes you are right. However 6tag is much better.
  • we'll see. if rudy make a OneDrive app, how many will prefer it over the existing app. i for sure will prefer rudy's. 
  • Ok, then the twitter apps. There are a multitude of twitter apps on all teh platforms because the official one was never that great. I would say don't make a duplicate app unless you can make it better, either in functionality or appearance. We haven't seen his Onedrive app yet. From his history, I bet he has improved on it in some way.
  • The point is to have one app that contains ALL cloud storage solutions, it may not be for everyone.
  • Their apps will allow file picker for another apps.
  • And 3, Rudy needs more money.
  • I personally prefer Rudy's app design a lot more than any of the current official apps that he makes apps for. Also the one drive official app kind of has a dumpy user interface, and is lacking in features. So I'll take Rudy's offering any day, and welcome him to keep making great apps!
  • Well I think it's good to have competition for the same product. It lights a fire on Microsoft ass to up their game. Competition is what drives products forward and makes them better.
  • How does this light a fire under Microsoft's ass? None of these apps are made my MS.
  • I'm pretty satisfied with OneDrive, but it's always good to have options.
  • Not original. Now its reaching a point where he needs to meet a gorgeous angelic girl on street, get inspired and come up with an unique idea.
  • :D
  • @Rockstarzzz Haha, that's every guy's dream to meet the perfect gal :P.
  • It doesn't need to be original. The man is filling needs on WP. There are a lot of very rich people out there who saw that a need wasn't being met for a certain group of people and filled it. They didn't have to invent anything new to do this.
  • I don't need an app for Onedrive lets say. There are Dropbox and Google drive clients in the store. So what's original there?
  • Still waiting for telegram (?)
  • +1
  • Migram Beta is pretty good... :)
  • No its not. Lacks features and reliability.
  • The notification are not working fine.
  • Rudy...a Google+ app please :)
  • -1
  • +1 for the -1
  • Well, I was going to "plus one for the plus one for the minus one" because Google Plus sucks, but I can't figure out how to do a plus sign on my Windows Phone. Where is that guy hiding?
  • On keyboard: >&123>(big arrow on left)>+
  • Go to numbers section then hit the arrow to the right.
  • haha go to the symbols page then the arrow that points to the right is for "page 2" of symbols.
  • Lol
  • Need anyone Google+ ????
  • Yes google+ is great
  • +1520 yes plzz
  • no need. i dont use google services. hehe
  • Google+ has an API in read-only mode...
  • Son you saying we can't have a good app for it? Will be just read post only?
  • This is cool! I don't use Dropbox but I'll definitely use the one for Google Drive. I just don't get the need for a OneDrive app. I thought he said he wouldn't release apps for things that already have official versions available.
  • Greed is kicking in. Its so easy to create he wants you to pay to remove the ads
  • How is wanting to get paid for your work greedy?! Do you work for free?!
  • No its the fact he said he would only create apps that were missing from the store, and we already have a superb SkyDrive app. Either way doesn't matter cause apparently he's putting all solutions into one app
  • Well, no one is forcing you to download the app.
  • true. no one indeedis forcing you to download the app.
  • Please dont make unofficial app on onedrive.Its pretty good anyway..
  • +1.
  • Who's against competition? If he can do it better, let's see. 
  • Yes indeed! I personally have a lot of faith in Mr. Huyn's abilities. The odds are pretty good that he can kick Microsoft's behind on this one.
    Rudy For President!!!
  • Agreed
  • Whether third party app for dropbox is secure ?
  • I will wait for the developers of the Facebook app to write a Dropbox client as it will be better than Rudy's.
  • The developers of the Facebook app? You mean...Microsoft? Ah, I get it. You're joking ;)
  • Yeah! :) I thought that was the site thing about joking on other threads that other devs would do a better job with the app. Thought I'd join in.
  • Yeah the guys that make Windows Phone.
  • Seriously?
  •     Microsoft. ;-} haha your are cool
  • agree
  • I thought the expression was on "cloud nine." Am I wrong here?
  • No, but the app's name is CloudSix because 6Sec, 6Tag, 6Snap, etc.
  • Yeah I get that, but a nine is just an upside-down six =P and he does have "9gag" after all.
    It wouldn't have deviated much from his naming convention while still being reflective of his trademark.
    Let's just say I like the icon better than the name.
  • Wonder why not start with a six again? Would've liked to have them all lined up in my app list..
  • Why not call it 6Cloud ir 6Box to stay with the naming convention he has been using. Nothing I am against - just wondering?
  • why not 6Cloud? I love his apps to be on top my app list
  • Kewl, I thought yhere was a droxbox app. Would love to see him do a tappd app. There was one but tappd got stressed about it.
  • Yeah Untappd put a stop to the developer of Tapped. You would think small devs of a service like that would want 3rd party stuff drawing more customers to it's service. The Untappd app, while functional, is far from high quality.
  • Finally great appltatnative for Dropbox! THX MAN!
  • Now that was one heck of a word you produced there!
  • I emailed mega and they told me a windows phone app was in the works. Maybe this is what they meant?
  • Man. This guy is amazing. He has single handedly made WP apps stand out and allow a lot of people to not feel "left out" when they look at iOS and Android. All of his apps are very well maintained and reach a lot of people. Great job Rudy! 
  • +1
  • +1
  • #Respect
  • Would be amazing if he can create one app that can log into all
  • One Cloud to rule them all, One Cloud to find them,
    One Cloud to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
  • In the Land of Microsoft where the Shadows lie.   Everyone always forgets the last verse...=P *Tolkiennerdmodeoff*
  • Can you really turn that mode off!?!? Haha...*Tolkien and C.S. Lewis nerd here*
  • I was thinking the same thing; he should consider just updating this app to include multiple cloud services. This would have a huge value over any official apps too.   
  • I would love that. I don't know if it would be technically or legally possible but it would be such a neat and tidy solution. It would also make sense if he had 6 different cloud services in one app, which would further solidify the app's name.
  • It is possible, Woopiti does this already (log into them all, but I don't think sharing files between them)
  • That's what I thought the headlines meant.
  • Yeh, that would be great!, If it was as well made and maintained as his other apps I would even be happy with in app purchases for different cloud services.
  • To be honest, he probably wants to keep the apps separate so he can actually make a bit of revenue through ads/IAPs. Having just one app instead of SIX might seriously stunt his ability to do this. Cant blame him, the man needs to get paid.
  • Otixo app already does this.
  • This man is a hero!