FTW: Unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone gets Lens support, Live Tile in latest beta

If there’s one thing you can say about Windows Phone developers—they know the community and what they want. After our post last night, Rudy Huyn, the man behind the upcoming 6Sec app for Vine on Windows Phone, seems to have set him into full gear. A big update was posted today for his private beta users and it should set Windows Phone apart from the competition.

First up, we have the big one: full Lens integration. That’s right, when this app goes live in the Store (expected in a few weeks), the app will come with direct Windows Phone 8 camera support, meaning users can quickly launch their camera and hop into 6Sec to directly record their Vine.

As you can see in our video below, it works flawlessly...

The other big features is Live Tile support for notifications. In our video, you’ll see it matches our Accent color, but the latest update that came after the video supports the default “green” color of Vine, which we much prefer.

Once again, Rudy is leveraging the Windows Phone OS to make the most out of his Vine app and it’s quite impressive.

We also demonstrate in the video the “slide” feature for Vines, whereby users can rotate around the Vine panel to reveal the Like, Share and Embed features that the iOS and Android Vine apps have on board. To say it’s beautiful, is understatement though discovery of that feature is a tad difficult. (In the past, Huyn gets around this by using overlay tutorials to teach users certain functions, which we suppose he can do here too for the final release).

Anyway, that’s your daily update on the 6Sec development process. Needless to say, it’s going to be a great app!

Update: If you want to try and sign up for the beta, you can follow this Google Docs link to sign up. No guarantee that you will get in, as last we checked Rudy had 900 testers. But you can try anyway, good luck!

Daniel Rubino

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