Unofficial Vine app for Windows Phone, 6Sec, gets upload ability in latest beta

We told you about the unofficial Vine app called 6Sec and made by Rudy Huyn a few weeks ago. The app is currently in a private beta and progressing nicely with daily updates. The latest brought with it the much coveted upload ability, allowing those with a Windows Phone 8 device to finally create and share actual Vines with people.

The system is much like Instagraph in that it doesn’t “hack” any APIs but it does use a relay server to pass on your six second creation to Vine’s servers for posting. Rudy had to wait until he got the hardware to handle the process and today, along with an app update, it was all put together.

We tossed together a short video tour of the app’s current status, which you can take a peek at after the break...

In addition, users can now connect to their Twitter account for easy social sharing and presumably other social network abilities will be brought online in the coming days.

6Sec Vine app for Windows Phone

Vine, a creation by Twitter, takes the same philosophy of the short messaging service to video. It enables users to create six-second videos (which are really more or less animated GIFs) and like Twitter, has resulted in a new “art form” for many due to the creative restrictions.

Currently only iOS and Android are officially supported but with Huyn’s recent progress, it shouldn’t be too much longer before Windows Phone users can join in on the phenom.


Rudy Huyn, the developer, has passed on some interesting statistic and upcoming features of 6Sec. Very exciting and impressive, to say the least!

Upcoming features

  • Live Tile + background agent (tonight
  • protocol extension (tomorrow)
  • Lens (tomorrow?)
  • A better UI (I'm looking forward to show you it)

Some numbers 

  • 600 videos have been uploaded!
  • Development Time: 68 hours
  • Number of Developer : one :D
  • Number of beta versions: 11
  • Number of beta users: 900
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