Copyright infringement claim against 6discover signals the end as Snapchat wins

Snapchat has been on a tear lately against Windows Phone. Besides deciding against making an official app for their messaging service, the company has been very active in getting third party apps removed.

In fairness, Snapchat has two reasons for the removal of third party apps: copyright violations and security concerns. However, the latest app from Rudy Huyn, called 6discover, bypasses the first complaint as it does not use login information, but it still steps on the toes of Snapchat's legal department.

Ten days ago, Snapchat's legal team sent Huyn a letter accusing him of breaking the law. Now, a copyright infringement has been filed. As a result, Microsoft will likely comply with the order and have the app removed from the Windows Phone Store in the next 24-hours, signaling the end of that app.

6discover leveraged curated content by Snapchat from their media partners. It was an interesting, well-done app, but more of a side project for Huyn than a serious undertaking. Regardless, Snapchat was none too thrilled with the release and have exercised their legal rights. Huyn notes on Twitter:

"Bye 6discover. Don't speak me about Snapchat anymore, don't hesitate to promote #cyberdust by @mcuban to your friends."

That last reference is in regards to Cyber Dust (, a messaging app available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone (yes, an official app). Funded by investor Mark Cuban, Cyber Dust has been described as "like Snpachat but for texts" in that nothing is recorded and messages self-destruct. This applies to text, photos, emoji, stickers, and even videos. Indeed, it's not bad advice to maybe start using that service instead.

It should be just a matter of time before 6discover is pulled, so grab it now. Otherwise, we will close this chapter on the Windows Phone/Snapchat battle.

Source: Rudy Huyn

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Daniel Rubino

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  • I've said it a thousand times before and I'll say it again: fuck Snapchat.
  • That's the spirit
  • \m/ \m/
  • Thanks but no thanks. Don't want to get a disease.
  • That's right. If you fuck Snapchat, you're fucking all the oblivious tweens it's been with. I'm really just waiting for the one definitive exposé that lets Snapchat users know they're being lied to about security and self destructive messages so that it can suffer the MySpace effect and get abandoned for Cyber Dust.
  • The more I read about this, and the associated comments, the more I feel a tinge of embarrassment to be part fo the WindowsPhone community. Are there no adults that actually use this platform? I have already given up on the editors here, they are solely pandering now to the mob mentality that is going on here. And, that is sad.  What SnapChat is doing by not releasing their app for the WP platform is sad, but it is their prerogative. It is their business decision. Third party apps compromises the security of their users, they had to shut that down. The Discover feature is a revenue generator. One that Rudy's app will circumvent. NO BUSINESS will stand aside and let that happen. Heck, Microsoft does this all the time.  But, that is neither here nor there. The fact that this is repeated everytime by Daniel is sad. I know he knows better. I know he knows that if someone developed something that tapped into MobileNation's ad revenue, the developers would get the same letter. But, he still rants because it is good business to do so. But, it makes the Windows Phone community look very very bad to those that know how business works.  I may be alone in this, but I want the world to know, we are not all tantrums throwing kids. There are WP users that are grown prefessionals that love our platform and accept its shortcoming without the need to throw hissy fits at every other article. 
  • You Sir, are absolutely right; but that happens too in the Android and iOS community, just that they actually doesn't have that much to get angry about, they just bully Windows Phone or their apps itself; it's equally sad.
    But you are right, people just go and scream about the situation, but you can say they are in their right, after all, they are defending Rudy and his work and the unfairness the Snapchat Group is doing to him, after Rudy told them that he could made the official Snapchat app alone, but just with their permission; Bussines are bussines, but people is people after all.
  • Jbestman,. Not too sure what your beef is with WinCentral, they are simply reporting the facts in this case are they not? ( I cannot see in the text above where its anything other than the situation at hand. Where was it provactive?) Lets face it, this is an app used by tweens and perverts. (they might be one and the same, given what my son has shown me on Snapchat in the past :) )  I have no use for it.  But by not releasing a WP app for its platform it will draw flame from WP users if they can see the company not releasing an app, then taking down any 3rd party ones. Seems "normal" behavior to cop flack if a web service doesn't support your chosen platform. Not sure why that makes WP fans any different from Android or iOS fans  
  • As an Android and iOS tablet user, I feel that you have not been to any of those communities. Same issues with things. And don't let there be an "exclusive" article...stay back.
  • Market share and such are bulls?its theese companies get money from ms competitors
  • not worth it. at the end of the day, it's just another fad. im an extreme introvert so i've never really had interest in these silly "hey look at me apps". sorry if that offends anyone, but SnapChat, eh...
  • @ThatRecluse I don't fall for these fads myself and I have an Android phone of which I never downloaded this app. But to my liking companies are coming out with a Windows device that am beginning to like but may not purchase a Windows phone until the Intel chipset.
  • Why would you want an Intel chipset in a Windows Phone, you won't be able to run x86 based software on it anyway!!!
  • Microsoft xim anyone?
  • This^^
  • Agreed! I dont even use it and could care less for the company!
  • *couldn't ;)
  • LOL everyone loves a british grammar nazi :)  
  • It's Cyber Dust time. Download the app now as a show of support for Rudy.
  • Yep! Never used it and the arrogance of this "company" makes me glad I don't!
  • People are crazy, I never used snapchat. But if the WP community want to irritate that crap company then Rudy should release the source code. All indie developers can change the name of app and upload to store. This will keep their legal department very busy. Just need a coordinated effort.
  • LOL!!! They'd bankrupt themselves through legal fees! Or just release a Windows Phone app, only to find out their fad has past and we are all on to the next thing...
  • I like this idea. Make it more expensive for them NOT to release an App for WinPhone :D Not that I care much about SnapChat. I'm over 14
  • Exactly my thoughts. Hope they burn.
  • Speaking for myself I don't use Snapchat on my Android and never actually did download it. This is not a deal breaker by any means and alternative may already be in place or some will be forthcoming for Windows.
  • With the amount of money they spend on lawyers, they could have hired someone to make their app.
  • Hit them up folks. Keep berating them publicly. Facebook, twitter, don't give up.
  • Dude, It's time to give up. That will literally do nothing.
  • I've done constantly, even on Snapchat and no responds. They could careless anyways. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • #snapchatonwindowsphone
  • Good luck!
  • There is more supporters for this one
  • I think there are better things to do with my time then waist a moment on them.
  • I don't even know any person who uses snapchat why should I bother, you are the kind of people who make snapchat community feel very important. And how many messaging application does one need?
  • Seriously, I couldn't ever realize the need of Snapchat.
  • I don't know anyone using that service either. And it's been a couple of years now most of the young people I see just text including myself.
  • Screw them I hope they ene up like MySpace. Mofo Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When a tech CEO devalues a big company, that might just be the final result.
  • Snapchat will become history in a couple of years.
  • I hope Rudy doesn't get in trouble because of this.
  • Same here. Still thanking Rudy for the efforts for the app.
  • I hope he doesn't lose interest in Windows Phone development...
  • I don't think he will do that
  • He won't lose interest. If that had been the case, Rudy would've left WP already. Long ago.
  • Never liked it but I still feel bad for those on WP who do.
  • Fukin douche snaps
  • Fcuk snapchat
  • Meh. Snap chat sucks anyways. It's basically for boring teenagers. So to hell with snap chat!
  • Do you want Windows Phone to succeed or fail? If it's the former, stop saying apps don't matter. Especially apps with millions of downloads
  • Why do you want to give someone your business when they clearly don't want it?
  • Doesn't matter. It isn't coming. Ever. Besides, it wont be long til Snapchat is today's MySpace.
  • You're right.  It's essential to WP's success.  Every friend that I got to switch to WP left after the 6snap debacle.  Every single one.  I'm in college, 6 classes away from graduating, and yes it is a relevant app for teens and 20 somethings.  You know, the people who guide the future of tech.  I'm sick of coming on here and seeing the community being either seflish or arrogant about this app.  You don't have to like it, but Snapchat is a social media platform for millions and millions of people.  It isn't a sketchy nude photos app anymore.  It provides user submitted live coverage of big events like sports, music festivals, and lots of other things.  It has news and entertainment.  It's a way to share a crazy fun weekend without the permanency of facebook.  This company is innovating and staying relevant, and everyone I know thinks that way.  Come on community, I know Snapchat is being a d**k, but we have to stop writing off this app like it's nothing.  We're better than that, and I hope we're all on the same page as far as Windows Phone's success.  We need popular apps even if you don't
  • Tl;dr. But snapchat isn't coming to WP. Ever. So your little rant was a waste of time.
  • ^^ this
  • Great post. Wasn't a rant.
  • Rant or no rant, it doesn't matter because that Snapchat CEO isn't ***ever*** going to bring it to Windows Phone....ever.  So crying about it on WinCen isn't going to help.  I'd rather spark the trend that ends SnapChat. I installed that Cyber Dust today and it's infinitely more useful and secure than SnapChat.  I've already begun the process of getting even my iPhone and Android friends to use it. SCREW SNAPCHAT!  They can be replaced. What's popular today isn't necessarily popular tomorrow. 
  • Great point Chandy!
  • Well, i'm sorry Candy, but i don't give a crapp even after you described it with such passion if tis app exist or not. But then again, i couldn't care less about facebook, twitter, whatsapp, what'snot , cacamaca. So for me they can all go the drain way. At start were fun cause would help people to connect. The problem now is they don't connect people they make them zombies.;). Whatsapp was for sending a free message, now people use it as a chat. Go outside for God sake. Life is way better there, then here.
  • Apps or social media itself doesn't make people zombies. Its the ineffective and abusive use of it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But you do understand that others care, right?  And that they matter, because without those others, the platform won't survive?
  • Use Microsoft Xim instead!
  • Why?  If all your friends were on snapchat, which makes more sense?  Buy a phone that does snapchat, or try to get them to switch phones AND networks so you all can use Microsoft Xim?
  • Or you could do as they suggest in the article and use CyberDust which is cross platform already!!!
  • But as always anything with that age crowd will pass in the wind when something else comes along.
  • Agreed!
  • Good post. Pretty much nails why this platform needs apps such as this.