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Meet Rudy Huyn: Windows Phone developer of TVShow, Wikipedia and more

Recently we took a look at Nokia’s coverage of some developer events in Barcelona and now we have a one on one video with Rudy Huyn, one of the most popular devs on our platform. Rudy won a Windows Phone Geek Lumia Challenge award recently for his popular app TVShow and Nokia was on hand to showcase his talents in this two minute video.

In the video, we catch a glimpse of Rudy working on his apps, learn why he loves Windows Phone (and Nokia support) and how he helps the developers in France through his meet-up group. We even see his famous Bi(n)g Maps (errr, HERE Maps)  which involved linking 28 Windows Phones together for one big map. He’s quite the impressive guy and luckily Jay Bennett and I were able to finally meet him in person during Mobile World Congress.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Huyn’s work, you’re encouraged to try out his various apps including TVShow (keeps track of what you’re watching), Wikipedia (the de-facto Wiki app for Windows Phone), GContacts (Gmail contact syncing), Fuse (RSS news reader) and more.  

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • The FUSE film art is just fantastic. It s a joy to look at and use. Adding new local feeds could be clearer. I've been showing it to a couple local people to upgrade ther RSS to include pictures. Text only RSS is  so boring! 
  • I agree.  Love Fuse.  Could you do a little more with the live tile similar to WPCentral's. Having just a counter is pretty boring.
  • I wish there would be Fuse for Windows 8. Anything planned?
  • Its on W8
  • That would be great. Searching for 'fuse' in windows 8 app store shows nothing though. Does it have a different name?
  • Are the rulers that he uses to design his apps (I presume) specially designed for Windows Phone? It looks like a very neat idea.
  • My favorite Windows Phone developer.  TVShow has got to be one of my favorite apps.  Great to put a face with a name and a very well made video as well.  This should be used by MS.
  • Agreed. TVShow is probably my number one Windows Phone app of all-time. It is funny that one of my other favorites of all-time is the WPCentral app and the two of you met up.
  • So does Nokia wanna just go ahead and take Windows 7.8 and 8 out of Microsoft's hands already? Why does it seem like most of the marketing for windows phones comes straight from Nokia? Hello? Microsoft? You there? Some people still don't have 7.8! Lol why did you leave that up to the carriers? Sorry. Just rambling.
  • Nokia is like Samsung to Microsoft. They need each other to build the Windows Phone and Windows 8 ecosystem. 
  • I'm not sure you understand exactly how much influence carriers have in this situation. If Microsoft could push out OS updates on their own schedule, I'm pretty sure they absolutely would.
  • Wish I could program like that. Went to college for a year for computer information systems, unfortunately I had to leave for money reasons. . . I didn't have none. Programming is really hard to do. Keep up the great work Rudy!!
  • If you still have the interest and drive, you could still learn on your own! There's plenty of free resources and tutorials on the web.
  • Actually the programming part is not that hard at all, it's the creative process that precedes it, and that goes on while coding, is what is hard and IMO is something that is not learned but a gift.
  • TVShow is indeed a great AND usefull App. And more than that, he produced quality FREE Apps (sure some also have paid versions but you don't need them). His 9Gag App is pretty amazing too.
  • One of the best developer on Windows Phone. Really like this guy!
  • TV show, one of the best app om The platform
  • Gotta give my +1 for TV Show as well.  Such a great app and design.  He puts a lot of time into it with updates and such too.  And of course Wikipedia is great as well.  Best on the platform easily.  Definitely a developer worth supporting without a second thought.
  • the thing about programming i hate is you make things easier for everyone by an app or website but u can't invent something groundbreaking like in other subjects like physics or bio when u put the same amount of thinking and hardwork in them
  • These days almost all fields require computers and the programmers behind them to do anything ground breaking... Most of the inventions of the last 30 years wouldn't exist without programmers. Desktop computers, consoles, smartphones, mp3 players etc would just be piles of circuitry and components.
  • Rudy Huyn is a windows phone legend! And Jay Bennett, of course ;)
  • I love this guys apps. I have em all
  • I tried TV Show. I uninstalled when it started giving incorrect schedules for most of my shows
  • If you are living outside of the US, this is most likely due to the lack of an option to turn off the automatic time adjustment of TVShow. I contacted the developer over this some time ago, but do not know if the issue will ever get addressed.
  • Seems like a pretty cool dude to hang out with. Great developer too.
  • Can anyone identify his computer? Looks quite nice.
  • Where did he get the rulers he is using??
  • As someone who doesn't have cable and has to rely on internet for all my television viewing (uhhhh... both legal and , you know... the other thing*...) the TV Show app is a god-send... I have the paid version and was well worth it.  
    I know this sounds really, extremely stupid... but its a lot harder to find schedules for tv shows online and keep track of what are repeats and what is new that week.  The app eliminated all frustrations, is well designed, and is consistently updated with additional features.
    Its too bad I don't really have a need for his other apps, but almost tempted to download them simply because the TV Show app is so well done.
    * to clarify my first comment, the TV Show app DOES NOT encourage or assist in file sharing, torrenting or pirating of any kind in any way.  All I mean is that because I have to actively go out and seek the shows I want to watch, whether its on Hulu, streaming from a studio's website, or having to download in some fashion,  the app helps me keep track of what I need to look for everyday.
  • TV Show app is a great concept but unfortunately it doesn't work properly. It gives the incorrect air dates and times with several shows. I have emailed the devs with no response. This is the reason people flock to the iPhone I love my Lumia 920 but I never had so many app issues with my iPhone. Wouldn't suggest the TV Show app to anyone in its current stste
  • As stated above, this is most likely due to the fact that TVShow has an automatic time adjustment built in, which leads to different results depending on your region of the world. This app, like others, relies on data provided by TVRage and; any possible errors in their data is not the fault of TVShow. However, the lack of an option to turn off automatic time adjustment is a significant drawback, at least for Non-US residents. Other applications either offer such an option (Prime TV) or do not work with automatic time adjustment at all (WPtrakt). Still, TVShow is such a well designed app that I favor it over the competition. If only...
  • Somebody tells me that you will like the next update ;)
  • Ok, most definitely looking forward to that. :-)
  • love his wiki app so much!
  • Rudy Huyn is  a great developer, Love the wikipeadia  and the Tvshow apps.
  • Thanks guys for you comments, It makes me very happy. I hope that you'll like my next applications !
  • Softwares from Rudy make WP a joy to use. Thanks for your works bro.