Video: Nokia's highlights from Mobile World Congress 2013

If you were following along with our coverage of MWC last week, you'll know that for Windows Phone it was pretty much the Nokia show. That's not to say that other manufacturers weren't present, simply that Nokia were without a doubt the most proactive in getting the most out of the annual mobile conference.

Now Nokia Developer have posted a very well produced video over on YouTube which gives you a great chance to see everything that Nokia were doing last week (primarily on the Monday). That includes the Nokia Apps Developer Conference (ADC) which we sorely wanted to cover, but were kept somewhat busy with everything else Nokia had to show.

Some of the highlights on the video include the Nokia ad exchange, premium developer programmes, 3D printing in action, as well as another look at the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520. If you watch the entire video you'll also see footage from later in the day when the Lumia Geek winners were presented with their special edition red Lumia 920's. So watch away for a glimpse of a few familiar faces including Marco Argenti and Rudy Huyn, you may even spot our own Daniel Rubino...

Jay Bennett