Here’s a little secret that’s not many have caught on, but Nokia and Foursquare have tag teamed to re-do the official Foursquare app and no joke, it’s quite awesome. It’s the Foursquare app that Windows Phone deserves (we still love 4th & Mayor, but official apps should set the bar themselves).

Nokia released a self branded Foursquare app last year, which differed very little, but now it's clear the two were already collaborating for something bigger.

Due out sometime this spring (possibly in March), the app is fast, fast, fast. New features include app speech integration with TellMe for searches, NFC for both check-ins as, friend requests and to share plans and app-to-app integration so that HERE Maps work directly from within the app.

The bigger deal is for Nokia Lumia owners as there will be two versions of this app: one for all Windows Phone 8 devices and one for Nokia Lumia phones, which will of course have one major feature: Augmented Reality. Yup, Nokia’s CityLens-like experience will be coming to Foursquare as well, which makes sense since the company has opened their API to other developers.  In fact, we’ve already seen this with Weather and the Groupon app for Lumias, with the latter going wide for all Windows Phone 8 devices recently.

The new app is simply gorgeous looking and those maps are just super fluid. We’ve always appreciated the look of the old Foursquare app but this new one with Nokia’s guidance has really set the bar. In addition, Windows Phone users can start to experience having all of the latest Foursquare features brought to Windows Phone 8 on time instead of trailing the competition.

How excited are we? We’re giddy but don't take our word, watch the video demo yourselves!