Hands on with Glam Me lens from Nokia: Perfecting the self portrait

During yesterday’s press conference Nokia started to show off the advertising campaigns it will be running for the Lumia 720, and we caught a brief glimpse of their new app “Glam Me”. It’s a very simple lens which is designed to aid self-portraiture using your front facing camera.

You start by taking a picture of your smiling face having framed it live using the camera. Not forgetting to show some teeth as the app will make use of those choppers later. Using Nokia’s image processing APIs, some auto-correct magic is immediately applied to enhance skin tones and soften focus, and you’re left with a corrected image.

That’s not all though, you can then manually enhance certain features such as your eyes or teeth, enhancing/whitening them through the processing algorithms. Finally apply your favourite image filter to style your portrait (sketch is always a personal favourite) and as fast as you can say “artificial beauty” you have the best version of you.

No word yet on a release date for this app but we’ll enquire through a few of our channels and update you accordingly. You can find a hands on video featuring the features of one Daniel Rubino below.

Jay Bennett