Nokia Lumia 720 Windows Phone hands-on gallery

Nokia today announced the Lumia 720 Windows Phone at Mobile World Congress. Sporting an intriguing design (it lightly resembles a HTC 8X - or is that just me?), the mid-range smartphone packs some serious heat at an affordable price. Since we're down at Mobile World Congress, we figured it would only be right if we marked the demo units with some Windows Phone Central fingerprints.

As one can see, the Lumia 720 is an attractive Windows Phone, and it almost appears to be targeting consumers who wish to settle in between a Lumia 920 and a Lumia 820, looks-wise. Alas, if you require some memory jogging on the specifications, be sure to read up on the device announcement. We'll have some video footage up soon.

Check out some more shots below (click to enlarge):

Lumia 720 microSD

Lumia 720 About

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