Nokia officially announces the Lumia 720 Windows Phone

Nokia has unveiled and officially announced the Lumia 720 today at Mobile World Congress. The previously rumoured handset is now heading to markets, particularly to those who have no LTE access, and will be priced at €249. While considered mid-range, Nokia has managed to pack some serious features into the smartphone.

Lumia 720

The Lumia 720 sports a 4.3-inch WVGA display (as previously revealed by AdDuplex), 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM and 8GB storage with microSD support. What's more is Nokia has implemented its super sensitive display technology into the device, much like the Lumia 920 - go on, get those gloves out.

NFC is also present, as well as wireless charging (with an optional compatible snap on shell / cover). For the photo buffs, the Lumia 720 has a HD 1.3 FFC with a wide angle lens and a rear 6.7MP shooter with a f1.9 aperture. To power all of this technology, the Lumia 720 has a 2000 mAh battery.

If you're looking at the Lumia 720, the Windows Phone will be available in red, white, cyan, black and gloss yellow. The Lumia 720 will be introduced to China in a TD SCDMA variant. Stay tuned for more information from the floor.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • All these phones have good features,and all that, but Are they making the 920 users feel shitty, there better be noticeable difference between the 920 and these newly released phones, have paid a lot to get the 920.
  • Then just enjoy your phone no point in wallowing in regret.
  • I never said i didn't enjoy owning a 920, would have enjoyed more if i didn't have these stupid battery issues.
  • Love my yellow 920 and doesn't feel shitty ;)
    Ois, camera, update rate, video, mics... got the best there is out there :)
    Think the Lumia line is getting great with this newcomers
  • Yup black 920 here kinda wish I stuck to a bold color but otherwise completely satisfied customer.
  • The biggest problems for Nokia are not the flagship model, it is the wp8 systems optimization.
  • What optimization? It runs great for me, not even sure it needs such a powerful CPU.
  • The 920 is a much better spec device so I don't see anyone who owns one being too upset. Not like anyone expected Nokia to not make any other phones...
  • Yep the 920 is still the better device. Screen and camera to me being the main things. I do wish it was put on the 720 diet though; but i'm sure that'll happen come September and Nokia World. In the meantime I'm happily enjoying my 920.
  • Just imagine how screwed 820 users feel. The 720 has all the missing features to be a true 800 successor: curved, low friction glass and a proper front camera. On top of all the other 820/920 features like NFC, QI and super touch. The only disadvantage might be the LCD instead of an OLED.
  • The hardware is a bit diffirent. The NL720 features S4 Play 1GHz, 512 Mb ram and Adreno 305 Graphics. There's also single channel memory controller. The NL820 features much more powerfull hardware. That's the S4 at 1.5 GHz, 1 gig ram (dual channel) and Adreno 225 graphics (which is also faster than the 305). Basicaly 820 is 920 (which are both Hi-Cap devices accordind to WP8 Store) with smaller screen and without OIS. Other specs are the same. However 720, 620 and 520 are Low-Cap devices. The biggest diffirence between Hi and Low-Cap devices will be games and some heavy multimedia apps. So Hi-Cap user still will get more. Even if lower priced devices share some goodness like NFC, Qi and supersensitive touch these are still low-end devices. Do not expect much from them.
  • 820 isn't really high-end either with the pitiful 8GB of internal memory.
    1,5 or 1 GHz, the 720 is still faster than the 800 and is pretty enough to be a worthy upgrade, while the 820 is to ugly to be an 800 successor. And also, the FFC on 820 is PureShit.  
  • I think even you will be good enough with 8 (6.3) gigs for apps. All the rest can go to SD card. The CPU, Ram and GPU in 820 is the same as 920 hardware wise. 820 shoots full hd video as well as 920, Ative S and the 8X. These 4 devices feature much more powerful hardware the rest WP8 phones.
    Pesronally I do not use FFC. Nor any of my friends do. It's more like a gimmic than the real thing people use daily. Maybe 1-2 times some one will use to show it to the friends not more.
    I will say this again 820 is a Hi-Cap device, 720 and all the rest of lower model are Low-Cap devices. This meens that some highly immersive apps and games that require more memory would not be accessible for NL720, 620, 520, HTC 8S and Huawei Ascend W1. JUST BECAUSE OF 512 megabytes of memory.
    This being said let's talk about design. I like 820 more than 720 or 920. That's my oppinion. A lot of my friends think the same way.
    >>>>>820 isn't really high-end either with the pitiful 8GB of internal memory.
    Well if you consider the device as hi-end or low-end just because of storage capacity that's a bit silly. Don't get me wrong here. Again, I think 8 gigs is just perfect for apps. You can strore music, photos, videos, etc to SD card. Compare now this to 920. There's only 32 gb on unexpendable storage which means you will have trade-offs between music, apps and videos/pictures shot with the phone's camera.
  • 8GB for app was fine on WP7. Unfortunately on WP8 you start with only 6GB free, and the infamus "other" data quickly takes 3GB of it after you instal a few games. It really is a low-end experience, when I have to delete 5 of the 10 games I have installed before I can install a system update.
    8GB of memory for a apps was already a mid-range spec in WP7.
    In WP8, thanks to Microsoft's love for installer caches, 8GB is an entry level spec.
  • I think that storage problem will soon be sorted out with OS update. Or MS will allow moving games/apps data to SD card with SDK update.
  • Actually, I don't feel screwed at all.
  • You speak for ALL 920 users? 
  • There is a clear difference between these phones and the Lumia 920. Your phone is king of the Lumias with its specs (camera, processor, ram, memory, etc). If you've bought a Lumia 920 then you should be happy as it hasnt yet been replaced, its still the flagship. Galaxy S owners see there phone replaced practically every month.
  • Looks just like my 8X. 
  • it looks like a sleeker n9 without the camera plate
  • Hope it comes to the Philippines earlier(not 3 months after the launch).
  • Sana!
  • Haha..buti nlng dpa ako nbili ng 820!
  • Grrr your comment make me want to cry haha nabili ko na ang 820 ko last week. And it seems 720>820. i feel so cheated hahaha
  • HAHAHA!..waiting for lumia 720 with code blue out of the box:P..sana dumating n d2 bago mag-May..
  • hinihintay ko tlga tong phone na to... sana maging available agad sya sa PH. kc.. need ko na ng magandang camera phone.. LUMIA 720 with f1.9 apperture.. gosh!! Love it!!
  • AMEN! I was saving up for 820. 720 nlng mas cheap na alternative!
  • Nka Lumia 920 ako pero wla ako nrramdaman n pnghihinayang
  • Nice entry model, hope the battery will be not like the 920
  • I'm sorry but... what mattery issue are you talking about? I have a withe 920 (released with Portico), i keep WiFi, 3G data, Location services, email (3 different addresses), Whatsapp on all day and when i get home in the evening i rarely am on battery saver mode. Seriously i don't want to troll here but i have never had a better performing battery on a smartphone.
  • People expect it to run all day with heavy use forgetting its only 2000Mah.
  • 50% of L920 owners feel their battery is fine, while other 50% not satisfied about that, especially switched from ios
  • That's where I am. My 920 compares well to an iPhone 4s, but not as well against my iphone5....oh god, I'm a smartphone junkie!
  • The camera is f1.9 not 2.0
  • Why 820 don't have a TD version ?
  • This is why I feel Nokia should have gone with 720p screen on Lumia 820.
    I dont see why people should buy 820 when 720 is available for much lower price and WP generally perform well with 1Ghz and 512 Mb RAM on 620.
  • soo true.....720p + better battery for 820 or they should sell it at lower price
  • by the time these phones will be available the 820 will be a lot cheaper. Here in Italy you can already find it in supersale for 350€.
    The real problem is that these two phones are killing the 620: both of them have the supersensitive touch screen and maybe gorilla glass too, the 720 has way better cameras on the paper, a way bigger battery and the possibility of wireless charging, the 520 has the same camera and the 720 is as expensive as the 620 while the 520 is way cheaper. All of these plus the fact that here in Europe the 620 came out just twenty days ago (here in Italy just a week ago) and they are basically murdering it. You would choose the 620 just because of the dimension (it's still the smallest one of the bunch), the design (it's the only one that comes in that gorgeus green and other dual shot colours) or if the 720 and 520 have low reception like the 820
  • and this is why nokia released those 520 and 720 later because they know it will kill both 820 and 620. 
  • the point is the 620 was released "just" a month ago. anyway, giving the specs a second look I noticed the 720 is unibody and has qi wireless charging as standard. this means it's a cheaper, miniaturized 920 (something like a 920 mini in the specs but not in the dimensions)
  • The 720 doesn't have qi charging standard. You have to buy an extra "half-shell" that clips on the back. Thats what the 3 metal contacts on the back fo the 720 are for, to connect to the clip on shell.
    But I agree, unless the 620 has a big price drop before the 720 becomes available in Europe, it's just been killed.
    The 720 has all the bits of the 820 I wanted, plus an extra (the battery) with none of the bits of the 820 I didn't want (like the fugglyness).
  • LOL @ "fugglyness" remark ;-)
  • people will buy 820 instead of lower model because of apps and games that require more ram than 720 and lower can give. 820 is the best WP8 device for gaming.
  • will the 512mb RAM enough for future proof? they could have made it 1G..wait...will be 1G enough?
  • battery is bigger than the one in the 820,and the processor is slower. that means it will beat the 820 battery life , which was already the best in the lumia familly. and all those specs.yummy
  • Nokia are claiming 13.4 hours talk time on 3G, so this is far and away the best Lumia for battery life. Although that estimate is likely to be too generous, its will be more like 12 hours. But still, way longer than any of the others. This could be the first 2 day Lumia :P
  • 0:25 in the promo video. "Nokia Glam Me" looks like a new unannounced as of now lens.
  • Yeah, seems like for the girls to beautify their pics.
  • Temporary substitute for Instagram is more like it.
  • its f 1.9, not 2.0!
  • Now are you 920 complainers happy now? Its thin at 9 mm.
  • i think in q4 we will see the 920 successor,the 920 or whatever, be aprox the same thickness but with all the ois and wirelss charging goodies.
     i think the 820 would have been the same thickness if not for the removable shells
  • Way to make the 820 users feel like shit. 
  • nah.exchageble shells.faster processor, more ram.amoled screen. the 829 can still hold it's own, but it needs a little price cut. they priced it too expensive,especially now with all these new phones from the competition and the 820 doesn't even have a hd screen
  • I agree the 820 is better than the 720. I equally agree they should lower the price of the 820.
  • Your core hardware is still much better. As i would expect the AMOLED, CBD screen as well.
    Remember that your core hardware is the same as Lumia 920. it uses same Qualcomm chip. 
    Lumi 720 and 520 use the lower end dual core 1GHz with 512MB RAM.
  • @pnhd @tissotti yes I understand that but the price is set way too high for a slight upgrade. I'm a 920 user (hurray) but I know some people using 820 and was just thinking I'd prefer the 720 over 820. OH WELL :)
  • Since Nokia didn't announce any new flagship device they better come up with something amazing next time they do release the successor to 920.
  • This has been said thousands of times.
    Before Microsoft makes an update that supports new SoCs and screen resolutions, you wont see a new flagship. If new flagship would have been possbile you would have seen Nokia, HTC and Samsung all introducing new flagship today.
    Rather you see Nokia only introducing any Windows Phones in the world largest phone expo. There's no software support from MS.
  • I doubt HTC and Samsung would have given anything new regardless of any major OS update today they're rather occupied with their android flagships. As for nokia I was already sure they wouldn't be releasing a high end device as 920 was just released 4 mos ago it would have devastated the current owners of 920.
    The flagship device I was referring to were the supposed aluminum body variants of 920 for Verizon or T Mobile. It would have been awesome if they did announce one. Oh well at least the 2 new lumias are amazing.
  • Marko is clearly fighting off a boner in that picture.
  • Where is nokia Eos? Im waiting that moment..
  • Wait another 7 months. The 920 isn't even for sale in every market yet, they were never going to replace it that soon. They have finally learned you don't announce and ship months later, they're saving the 940/EOS/whatever for Nokia World in September.
  • Btw anybody having problems with the HERE maps. Always100-200meters off point from my current location. 
  • Why didn't Nokia put MicroSD support on the 920. That really drives me up a wall
  • Do you think you can run out of 32GB internal memory on 920? I doubt it.
  • It can and does happen
  • Seriously 32gb isn't enough? I'm still trying to find ways to fill it up and I've only gotten half way
  • Am I missing something here, why the 820 rage? The 720 is lower spec isn't it? 820 has a faster chip, more ram same screen size. Battery and FFC aside what to get angry about? Price?
  • People of taste don't give too many shits for specs. I we cared more we'd for specs we'd go Samsung.
  • The only thing I don't like about the 720? The dreaded "Nokia Bezel". Its becoming the Finnish equivalent of Cankles. The 4.3 inch screen is 56mm wide (do the maths if you don't believe me), so why is the device 67.5mm wide? More than a centimetre for bezel? When it comes to being able to hold the phone in one hand and use it with your thumb, every millimetre counts.
    I just hope when I get to try one of these out that it fits in my hand better than the 820, which is just that tiny bit too wide to be truly comfortable, I'm hoping that 1mm off the sides and 1mm off the back will be enough.
  • we've seen this phone a while ago in a leak .guess that banana phone is coming out too 
  • Really like the design of this phone, Marko is the best!
  • Not really sure why 820 owners need to feel bad. This currently is the best phone I've ever had (outside a few missing features and apps)