Nokia tablet spotted in the wild, Verizon to release a HD Nokia Windows Phone?

Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex, the cross-platform advertising network for developers, has been analysing data collected through the company's advertising API and has noticed some anomalies that could well be yet-to-be-announced Nokia hardware. So what could we be seeing at this coming Mobile World Congress?

Mendelevich first unveils a Nokia RM-860 on Verizon, which sports a HD screen and could well be a Lumia 920 (or similar) Windows Phone. The Lumia 920T has the codename RM-867, leaving little room for a new device to be announced. The Lumia 720 showed up as sporting a standard WVGA display - check out some leaked images of the device.

What's also interesting to note is a Nokia RX-108 Windows 8 PC (or tablet), which would please consumers who still wait for a Nokia tablet to be announced by the manufacturer. It'll be no surprise if Nokia does show off a Windows tablet at MWC, especially with the previous coverage we've given rumours and speculation.

Lastly, a Nokia RM-892 was spotted in India. 

So what does this mean for consumers with Mobile World Congress just around the corner? We could well be looking at a Windows Phone for Verizon, packing a high-definition display - possibly a variant of the Lumia 920. The find also pours more fuel on the Nokia tablet fire, with evidence pointing at the company at least testing out such a product.

What are our predictions? Nokia appears to have many tricks up its sleeve, and with MWC pinned as the event where the company will look to unveil advances in technology, as well as new hardware that's yet to hit the market we could well be looking at a busy conference. Windows Phone Central will be on the floor in Barcelona to bring the latest headlines and hands-on footage of all devices on show, so be sure to monitor this space.

via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • the rm-892 might well be the lumia 505 for india as alan mandelavich wrote on twitter in a response to tom warren's question about the resolution that "@tomwarren can't tell. It was using a WP7 app"
    if thats the case it would sell pretty well here
  • Is HD 720p here or 1080p? (I like the good old days when 4G is 4G and HD is HD...)
  • I assume both are HD. 1080p should be called HD+. Supposedly 1080p for WP needs to be unlocked by MS.
  • I'd say 720p is HD and 1080p is Full HD.
  • Here its HD Ready for 720 and 1080 is Full HD... they shouldf just say HD for 1080 and 720p for 720.... i mean who buys a 720 tv anymore....
    HDR / HDTV = 1280 x 720/ most tv's 768 to keep 16/9, some tv's and monitors are 1360 to alow for 16/9 but are acctually 16/10
    FHD/ Full HD = 1920 x 1080, no variation...
  • Anything more than a 4:3 ratio putting out better that 480 resolution is considered HD. 720 is the lower end of HD and 1080 is mid level HD and 4K is high end HD... That's just the way it is. But on a phone, you can't hardly tell the difference of 720 or 1080, because if your phone doesn't even support 1080 (natively) then it's down converting to fit your screen any ways. I could go on, but you should get the point.
  • Honestly the 920 is aging compared to other devices that are being released today. 920 was announced 4 months ago and it'll be prob half a year till Verizon will see its own variant. I hope that Nokia will make an improved version of this device. After all ATT got dibs on 920, so make this unit exclusive for Verizon users.
  • Just maybe this phone for Verizon will sport the alumium body Nokia is working on.
  • Are Apple iPhones and Samsung's GS3 aging? No. Don't count the L920 out just yet. Its still having trouble meeting demands and just landing in certain countries. Let me tell you, I hate Google Android and some of their OEMs for reason they destroy the value and integrity of every device on the market. You are feeling it right now. Only 4 months into release and you think the L920 is old. Why do you think that, because of culprits like HTC who dishes out new devices without tails end. I ask, have you ever seen a truly updated HTC 4 month old device? You watch, the One will fly off into the wind within 2-3 months. With Nokia and WP, at least you'll feel its value a year from now.
  • Yes iPhone and s3 is aging. They already announced the s4 to be coming out. The phone it self isn't old but the hardware is. The processor is well over a year old for gods sake. Even though hardware on a WP8 isn't demanding they should show off that they can also carry guns under the hood esp. For those consumers that do care about their spec sheet. HTC is pushing mainly because of being on a verge of financial destruction, which is similar to Nokia but instead HTC took drastic measures and came out with a phone that will blow others out of the water. Companies like Nokia, Samsung etc have to keep the pressure on and move up in technology, otherwise there gonna fall behind, loose their ground and were gonna be stuck with new devices with old spec sheets. Take Galaxy Tab and Tab 2 for instance. No difference what so ever except for price. Or iPhone 4 and 4S, Call of Duty franchise. Competition is life of a successful company and a happy consumer.
  • Nokia but instead htc took drastic measures and came out with a phone that will blow others out of the water. Companies like Nokia, Samsung etc have to keep the pressure on and move up in technology, otherwise there gonna fall behind
    htc doesn't make processors, hey was just first to implement it that same processor is gonna be available to everyone to use, and the camera ain't no better than the 920, as other have or will have that as well, plus in the past to even become a top player htc has done the same before, they had the first gigahertz phone, i think also the first 4.3 inch phone, they be know to jump the gun, but later when the new processors are normal, and rez is normal the always fall short, meaning they do stuff like this thinking it will last when 3 months from now those specs will be mute, if not by mwc when every one else announces their new stuff, like nokia, etc. I hope they do well though
  • Agreed.
  • I work and talk to about 200 people daily majority own the latest and greatest phones most love how my Nokia Lumia 920 looks and feels... None of them ever said my phone looks old...
  • Funny most love my phone too but they would not purchase it because it doesn't have an Apple logo on it. STUPID!!!
  • Aging? Honestly? The GS3 and iPhone 5 had been out longer and nobody calls them aging!
  • Iphone and GS3 has bbetter soc than 920
  • i though the US version of the gs3 had the exact same soc as the 920.
  • Uhh, you sir are very, very incorrect to simply say they are better Soc's. and yes the GS3 here in the states has the same chip. and in case you didnt know Apple clocked out their dual core at 1.2Ghz.
    everyone knows the snapdragon S4 became a standard for real world processing, and this is expereince from my Evo Lte, i can imagine how smooth it runs wp.
  • T-MO Nah
  • I didn't like the bulkiness of the previous Nokia devices but this looks pretty sleek. Definitely something I'll keep an eye on
  • Those "Nokia tablets" pictured are fan made renderings/dreams. Nobody outside of Nokia has seen what a Nokia made tablet actually looks like.
  • Nokia please. 7-8" Tablet, WinRT, great price. Take my money you sexy natches!
  • If they have the pro version and sold at a competitive price point akin to what they're doing with the L920, Nokia be unstoppable!
  • :D
  • Ooh. A stylus, good battery and specs, and reasonable price. I would have to throw money at that!
  • Or why not 7" with built in sim slot and Windows Phone 8? More apps at least.
  • Nokia tablet spotted in the wild.... Is that a play on words or something?
  • I think we will se a Win 8 Pro tablet based on a all new Atom CPU... That would be affordable, powerful and offer good battery life.
  • Please this ^^^^^!!!
  • I think I'm falling in love with Nokia.. I'm beginning to have dreams and thoughts about Nokia all day. I keep Nokias underwear in my pocket, and sniff them when nobody's looking. I camp out in front of Nokias house late at night, fall asleep, then wake up in the morning and follow Nokia to work. I have a blowup doll with Nokias face taped to it. I've wrote Nokia 245 love letters this week alone, and if I don't hear back from Nokia I'm going to kill myself!!!.... Yeah, I think I might be falling in love.
  • Get a grip man lol
  • I want to eat Nokia out dude!
  • Lmao
  • Lmfao
  • ROFL
  • Me too
  • How cool would it be if they announced a Nokia RT and Pro tablet?
  • I will hop off the iPad train for that tablet. That is sexy. 0.0
  • Hope when they announce it, it will be in the coming weeks, not like when they announced the 920, it came two months later. I have friends on Verizon who want the 920 on Verizon. Can't wait till MWC!
  • +1, a 4 month upgrade cycle is ridiculous, I remember when HTC introduced the one x, then a one x+ with more space and larger battery in a few months, everyone that bought the original felt cheated
  • I kind of miss Nokia's immense lag when introducing new devices when I see how fast update cycles are today.
    For example, the E7 was released 7 months after announcement.
  • Lol that would never work today, the obsolescence rates are absurd
  • Engadget has a story up about an RM-860 device hitting the FCC with Verizon LTE bands.
  • Good call, with the phone at the FCC and matching the vz lte bands, 90% sure vz WP members are going to be very happy Monday
  • HTC always does 4 to 5 month upgrade cycle remember titan 1 and 2.
  • I hope Nokia makes one to complete with the iPad mini...
  • Nice
  • I'm surprised no one here is more excited about the EOS coming out. I've been over Pocketnow and people are drooling over this so am I. I can't wait till I have the pureview phase 3. My 808 is the only piece of tech I cherish. xD
  • I am with 100%, I really hope they announce it!
  • yea were all in for that to but its more of a want, as the 920 is pretty good in all areas and is gonna get better and faster as time goes but the eos is and extreme to an extent as it is kinda even unimaginable what it will be like, but you can bet that when its released well all drool for it as well. I mean they'll be doing shoot outs with dsl's vs the eos, they did that with lumia and it did okay but its a phone. I think that the eos will go beyond the 920 and 808 so what is that gonna look like and even with win phone 8 what will have to happen to make eos even work on it, win 8 camera functions arent all the extreme so how are they gonna do that? How thick is it gonna be? If its the badest camera dsl quality how will it work as a phone? With all that tech how much is it gonna cost? Will it be unlocked, the galaxy camera is a camera that has cell os but its not a phone will the eos be like that?????
  • Excited!!!
  • If Nokia announces a tablet, maybe they will be the ones to finally bring SYNC for WP7.X & WP8 on Windows8 and WinRT. HA! Thats just what we need! GO NOKIA!
    This is gonna be an interesting MWC... Indeed... jejeje 
  • A Nokia tablet is the only thing stopping me from getting a Surface. Cannot wait to see it 'when' its unveiled.
  • Me too. If Nokia doesn't have any tablet news at MWC then I'll be ordering a Surface Pro 128 as soon as I can get one.
  • That and the Lenovo Helix.
  • A Nokia Tablet is the thing I'm most hoping for as we need some one to innovate, ms did a good job of it with the surface pro, there are some cool innovation in it compared to its OEMs partners, example the surface is a tablet that can be used like a ultra book, but all the oems seem to have ultra book that can be used as tablets, its like the tablet side of this is just a bonus. Another example is the surface, all back when win 8 and win phone 8 was being demoed, nfc was at the top of the list, and was shown my joe paring nfc to tablets and computers but when surface came out guess what was missing. I don't think nokia will omit a selling point like ms did, plus i don't think nokia will skimp on some things , I think they will do like they do with their phone make a product with wow factors, in software and hardware and their own innovations, plus their partner ships.
  • Tablet is one thing I m waiting for since rumor about it spotted.
  • C'mon Nokia, blow us a way with a 10" pro tablet at MWC.
  • A girl called my phone really nice and cool (nokia 920).  She had an iphone and much win.
  • I'm drooling over that picture. what a freaking gorgeous looking tablet. Pleast nokia..please.