Nokia tablet spotted in the wild, Verizon to release a HD Nokia Windows Phone?

Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex, the cross-platform advertising network for developers, has been analysing data collected through the company's advertising API and has noticed some anomalies that could well be yet-to-be-announced Nokia hardware. So what could we be seeing at this coming Mobile World Congress?

Mendelevich first unveils a Nokia RM-860 on Verizon, which sports a HD screen and could well be a Lumia 920 (or similar) Windows Phone. The Lumia 920T has the codename RM-867, leaving little room for a new device to be announced. The Lumia 720 showed up as sporting a standard WVGA display - check out some leaked images of the device.

What's also interesting to note is a Nokia RX-108 Windows 8 PC (or tablet), which would please consumers who still wait for a Nokia tablet to be announced by the manufacturer. It'll be no surprise if Nokia does show off a Windows tablet at MWC, especially with the previous coverage we've given rumours and speculation.

Lastly, a Nokia RM-892 was spotted in India. 

So what does this mean for consumers with Mobile World Congress just around the corner? We could well be looking at a Windows Phone for Verizon, packing a high-definition display - possibly a variant of the Lumia 920. The find also pours more fuel on the Nokia tablet fire, with evidence pointing at the company at least testing out such a product.

What are our predictions? Nokia appears to have many tricks up its sleeve, and with MWC pinned as the event where the company will look to unveil advances in technology, as well as new hardware that's yet to hit the market we could well be looking at a busy conference. Windows Phone Central will be on the floor in Barcelona to bring the latest headlines and hands-on footage of all devices on show, so be sure to monitor this space.

via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
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