Fight Google. Take your friends back with GContacts for Windows Phone 8.

Even though Google Sync is nearing its end on Windows Phone due to the company dropping Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up hope with using their services. With no extension of the deadline in sight, Windows Phone users need an alternative and now we have one.

Rudy Huyn, one of the top developers on Windows Phone (Fuse, TVShow, Wikipedia, 9Gag and more) has just released a free, brand new app called GContacts that will keep your contact’s name, phone number and email up-to-date on your Windows Phone. Users can manually sync the app to check for any new changes to bring down to their phones, whenever they want.

Want to sync more? Merely opt for an in-app purchase of the “Premium” version, which goes for a modest one-time fee of $1.29. That fee will give you even more syncing options including photo, postal address, birthday, website, company name and position, notes and can use a background agent to regularly synchronize your contacts.

That last one is particularly awesome because when combined with your plain Gmail syncing, you’ll have essentially re-created your previous Google cloud experience--all for a $1.29.

Kind of an ingenious creation by Hyun, especially since the switch hasn’t been thrown yet by Google, killing EAS support.

If you need Google for work or just out of habit, you’ll most certainly want to try out GContacts. The developer is top notch, which means you can expect solid support and dare we say for a syncing app, it’s great looking too.

What about Google Calendar Sync, you ask? Rudy has told us if GContacts is a success, meaning folks download it and maybe the ‘pro’ folks pick up the Premium version, he’ll do the same for Google Calendar Sync. So go download it, leave feedback for the developer and spread the word as the platform needs great apps like these!

Pick up GContacts here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

Oh and we should mention Fuse, the popular newsreader, just got bumped to version 2.1, which brings full Google Reader integration, new lock orientation feature and is still free (ad-supported) or you can pay to remove the ads (our recommendation). Get that here.

Likewise, 9Gag is now updated for Windows Phone 8 with numerous new features. You can find that app here in the Store.

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