The super gorgeous Fuse newsreader gets updated for Windows Phone 8

Fuse newsreader by popular dev Rudy Huyn has finally been updated for those on Windows Phone 8. While no advanced features are taken advantage of e.g. rapid-resume or lockscreen goodies, the app now supports the doublewide Tile and 720P resolutions for devices like the HTC 8x or Samsung ATIV S.

Fuse has been one of the more popular newsreaders on Windows Phone and although its roots are borrowed from Pulse (who disappeared from our platform), it also went beyond that app to offer more unique “themes” and let’s be honest, better performance and developer support.

The app features three aforementioned themes, including Ribbon, Square and Ipsum, which give a highly stylized view of the news from various websites and is considered by many to be one of the nicest looking apps around.

Fuse allows you to add your own feeds, tap into Google Reader or even chose from a list of recommended sites. While it doesn’t do the same data compression and optimization as Weave, the app has certainly won quite a following from those who like to pull in RSS feeds on the go.

The full changelog of version 2.0 features the following changes and additions:

  • trial mode is now a free version of the app (with ads) 
  • download full articles with offline access !
  • feeds suggestions
  • filter read articles
  • gestures to change articles, etc...

The app is running quite well for us on our ATIV S and is well worth the $2.49 asking price. But as noted above, if you don’t mind ads you can use the app for $0 full time—up to you.

Pick up Fuse for Windows Phone 8 (and Windows Phone  7.x) here in the Store. Highly recommended. See our other Windows Phone 8 apps coverage here.

Thanks, Jeremiah D., for the tip!

PS Our full RSS feed should be going out soon within the next hour or so, so you can enjoy it in this app or others.

QR: Fuse

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I'm back and forth with this app. Sometimes I love it and other times not so much.
  • Same thing with myself ^^
  • Excellent! Nice design, and it works great. I've been reading a lot of articles since the I started using it. - Michael Courouleau
  • Brilliant, it looks much better on Lumia 920 than it did on Lumia 800 back then when I tried it, thanks for this news :)
    Update: found a bug - while viewing previews of entries with cyrillic everything is fine, but once full article is downloaded it shows up in an unreadable encoding. Little issue, I've got only one Russian feed but that's the thing which keeps this reader from perfect ;)
  • Can you send me by email the feed uri ? (My custom mobilizer have perharps a problem with this encoding)
  • Rudy is the man.  Love TVShow and Wikipedia (IMO best Wikipedia app on WP) by him as well.
  • His 9GAG app is gorgeous as well
  • Never heard of 9gag. What exactly is it??
  • - image based jokes and random stuff
  • Thanks fwaits :D
    If you like TVShow, this is a scoop : 
    In a couple of day (saturday I expect), you will be able to manipulate TVShow with you voice :
    - "TVShow Display How I Met Your Mother"
    - "You have 2 episodes to see, the next episode will be aired Tuesday"
    and... LockScreen !!! (see my twitter to have a sneak peek)
  • Nice!  Can't wait.  Thanks for your continued support.
  • Can't wait, you really have excellent apps. TVShow is officially my favorite app and love the beautiful Wikipedia app as well. I'll definitely have to check out Fuse.
  • Can anybody figure out how to get it to cache images for offline reading? It seems to download the articles great, but you're left without images when reading offline.
  • Hi Ryan ! I will love to do that, but it's a SDK limitation (WebBrowser can't display local images). Have you see that you can download full articles of many feeds ? (click on the update button, select your feeds and click on download)
    Lockscreen and voice commands will be available very soon !
    If you have some good idea of RSS feeds for the suggestions, write me an mail ;) 
  • Hey Rudy. Sorry that I have to disagree here, the WebBrowser control is able to display local images. Just get in touch with me (@FourSpotProject) and I can send you some code.
  • Now THAT is a great community! I mention a feature, the developer says he thinks it's a limitation of the SDK, and another developer steps in to offer assistance! BRAVO! Great work, guys.
  • Never saw this app, I guess I will try it...
  • Hey Rudy! I loved iDaft... I still use it but can't find it on Marketplace now?
  • available here :
  • Finally some love for Fuse :) loved it since my L800, even better with higher res on L920. Looking forward to lockscreen goodness as promised :P
  • Finally some love for Fuse :) loved it since my L800, even better with higher res on L920. Looking forward to lockscreen goodness as promised :P
    PS: Ipsum is the best!
  • I've used Fuse since Day one chose it over pulse. I went back and forth with this app and decided to delete. Seems it still has issues updating the tiles with an image and new news feeds. It may show 3 new feeds, when you go into the app and back to start it updates and shows more new feeds. Not bad but annoying, but it then updates the image on the live tile. I'll keep for awhile.. Thanks Fuse Nice App
  • Same for me, Live Tile still only updates when you enter the app
  • Some answer about live tiles !
    - you need to activate the background agent in settings first
    - all feeds can have live tile
    - standard directory can't have live tile, cause the app needs to make too much requests for the background agent (one by feed + one for the image)
    - google reader directory can have live tile (cause it's need only one request to do that)
  • You say have to activate the background agent in settings first. Well if your trying it out you have to pay for full version in order use background agent. Let's assume if I pay app and use background agent how will I know if my live tile will work? Most apps don't have refunds. I was hoping live app will work even for trial use
  • The main live tile counter takes into account : pinned live tiles + 6 random feeds (not more cause the background agent is limited in time and in RAM)
  • Same for me live tile dont update only when you open the app it will update. Also I wish they make the fuse logo smaller so we can see image more. I like weave live tile image were it shows more of image and weave logo on the bottom right with very small logo name. Also weave live tile also don't update has well have open app to get an update.
  • Fuse is amazing. My favourtie app, it's beautiful and works well. The update is great, but there's room for improvement. E.g. I can't believe it's still impossible to change the font size of the articles. It's an issue I think, mostly on theme "ipsum" where the fonts are quite small. An animation at swiping to the next article would be good, too.
  • Been using this since the beginning and, for the most part, I've really liked it.  I use it daily pretty much.
    But I have noticed that images no longer seem to load in the Square theme.  It used to load them, though slowly, but now nothing.  Strange, though it probably saves me on battery life.
  • The paid one isn't available at Indonesia