Pulse newsreader introduces new web version but pulls Windows Phone app [Updated]

Update from Pulse: "We have been prioritizing web and updating iOS and Android platforms and will look at the Windows phone in the near future. In the meantime, can we persuade you to check out the web app on a desktop platform." In other words, Pulse for Windows Phone looks to be dead for now.

Yet another mystery has fallen on Windows Phone users as the popular Pulse newsreader app has disappeared from the Store. We’ve reached out to the Pulse team for an answer on the matter and will update accordingly.

Recently, the company launched a very snazzy web-based version of their service that is really a sight to behold. The service now syncs between your web version and the app, allowing seamless management of your feeds and news. Unfortunately, any mention of Windows Phone has all be been erased from their site...

The Pulse web-reader recently just launched

“Pulse works seamlessly with highly acclaimed mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire. Easily synchronize all your content sources and stories with one simple account.”

Some folks have raised the question as to why it is missing in their forums but so far those inquiries have gone unanswered.

This could be a case of Pulse re-working their app for better syncing with the new service, resulting in a gap between releases (we all know the shenanigans that happen with app approvals) meaning this could be just another fluke. On the other hand, seeing as there is no mention of Windows Phone at all on the site for mobile (or with this new service) is leaving us with trepidations on the future of Pulse on our platform.

Luckily for Windows Phone users we have the somewhat superior Fuse app made by Rudy Huyn. That app is not free but offers many more features and smoother performance in addition to numerous other ‘skins’ to change the app’s appearance. 

Though we think Fuse is better than Pulse in many ways, the disappearance of the latter from the platform is not something we’re not too thrilled about as it just looks bad for the OS. We’ve reached out to Pulse and will pass along any info they give us on the matter.

Users in the meantime can try out the Pulse-alternative Fuse here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, Jeremy and Anna, for the tips and Theefman for the response.

Daniel Rubino

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