Emulator Windows Phone

We just reported on three emulators being removed from the Windows Phone Store, but now we're pleased to relay news that the apps are once again available. Developed by M.k, Snes8x (Super Nintendo), VBA8 (GameBoy Advance), and VGBC8 (GameBoy Color) were spotted to be M.I.A and immediate reaction led to speculation that Microsoft had started cracking down on emulator apps. 

We learnt that develop M.k actually voluntarily pulled his own emulators from the store and failed to renew his developer account. We're not entirely sure why this occurred, but we're sure many fans will be pleased to see his work be made available once again. It's an added bonus that all three are listed for free.

You can download Snes8x, VBA8 and VGBC8 from the Windows Phone Store (all three require Windows Phone 8).

via: Plaffo

QR: Snes8x     QR: VBA8