So, what's it like inside of a 55 foot tall Windows Phone? [Video]

It may be a bit too big to fit in your pocket, but it's not too big for Microsoft to make look awesome. The 55 foot tall Windows Phone on display at the Microsoft event in Herald Square today is more than just a hand-full: it's taking an entire team of engineers and crew members to manage the Live Tiles, rotate out those tiles for live performances, and keep the whole thing looking beautiful during the festivities and presentations going on. 

Paul Miller from The Verge was able to get a nice tour of the massive device, and in the video above we get a closer look at what goes into making a huge Windows Phone. It's unlikely that we'll actually see this type of Mango device arrive on store shelves in the future; but hey, anything can happen. If the close-up look of the structure isn't enough, be sure to check out this time-lapse video of its construction, too. It will be interesting to see if any of you try to put one up in your front yard to show off in front of the neighbors.

Source: The Verge

WC Staff