Adobe is integrating its generative AI program into Creative Cloud

Adobe Firefly bird.
Adobe Firefly bird. (Image credit: Adobe)
  • Adobe Firefly is the creative software company's generative AI program. 
  • Firefly is currently in beta, but will be an image generator that offers plenty of customization options. 
  • Today, Adobe announced that Firefly will be integrated into the company's various video, audio, animation, and motion graphic design apps.

When the best AI image generators were exploding in popularity earlier this year, Adobe announced it was working on its own AI generator, Adobe Firefly, which is currently in beta. Adding to this news, Adobe announced today that Adobe Firefly will be getting integrated into Creative Cloud programs "later this year". 

"With Firefly as a creative co-pilot, you can supercharge your discovery and ideation processes and cut post-production time from days to minutes. And with generative AI integrated directly into your workflows, these powerful new capabilities will be right at your fingertips. Imagine the power to instantly change the time of day of a video, automatically annotate and find relevant b-roll, or create limitless variations of clips — all as a starting point of your creativity."

So what can Adobe Firefly do when integrated with Creative Cloud? It will allow users to quickly add specific effects and changes to their work by creating something and then typing the effect they're looking for into a command box. For instance, writing the word "Molten" and then typing "3D molten iron" into the command box will make the text look as though it's melting in extreme heat.

(Image credit: Adobe)

According to Adobe, here are some of the other convenient things this new integration will bring with it: 

  • Text to color enhancements: Change color schemes, time of day, or even the seasons in already-recorded videos, instantly altering the mood and setting to evoke a specific tone and feel. With a simple prompt like “Make this scene feel warm and inviting,” the time between imagination and final product can all but disappear.
  • Advanced music and sound effects: Creators can easily generate royalty-free custom sounds and music to reflect a certain feeling or scene for both temporary and final tracks.
  • Stunning fonts, text effects, graphics, and logos: With a few simple words and in a matter of minutes, creators can generate subtitles, logos and title cards and custom contextual animations.
  • Powerful script and B-roll capabilities: Creators can dramatically accelerate pre-production, production and post-production workflows using AI analysis of script to text to automatically create storyboards and previsualizations, as well as recommending b-roll clips for rough or final cuts.
  • Creative assistants and co-pilots: With personalized generative AI-powered “how-tos,” users can master new skills and accelerate processes from initial vision to creation and editing.

Windows Central's take

Adobe is no stranger to AI as the company has employed its award-winning Adobe Sensei AI machine learning framework to its flagship programs for years. This enables the software to do complex editing like removing and replacing objects with Content Aware Fill in Photoshop or reframing video with Auto Reframe in Premiere Pro.

Integrating AI image generation and other machine learning tools into programs is the natural progression for any company that wants to remain relevant in the creative space going forward. When used properly, AI image generators can enhance a user's work rather than replace that work, which is exactly what Adobe is setting out to do. This will inevitably reduce the time it takes to complete projects while making the process far more convenient for its users.

If you're curious about checking out Adobe Firefly, you'll need to get on the waitlist. Access is currently limited as Adobe is seeking to get feedback from creatives, so you'll need to fill out a questionnaire explaining what kind of work you do with Adobe programs as part of getting on the waitlist.

Adobe Creative Cloud | See at Adobe

Adobe Creative Cloud | See at Adobe

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