Microsoft and OpenAI are testing ChatGPT technology in Mercedes-Benz cars

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What you need to know

  • Mercedes-Benz owners will soon be able to leverage ChatGPT's technology to engage in "human-like" dialog.
  • The new technology started rolling out to users on June 16 for beta testing. 
  • Your vehicle must ship with MBUX “infortainment” system for you to leverage these capabilities.

A few days after Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella talked about the company's heavy investment in generative AI and plans for the future, a new report has surfaced citing that users might soon be able to leverage ChatGPT's technology in vehicles, Mercedes-Benz to be specific.

We've seen Apple devices ship with voice assistants like Siri and Samsung with Bixby, but it now seems Microsoft will soon be hopping on this bandwagon but on a totally different playing field.

Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz have come to an agreement to bring this new feat to fruition. This technology is not exactly new per se, I mean, some vehicles already ship with intelligent systems that allow you to make subtle changes to your vehicle's ecosystem, such as changing the temperature, placing phone calls, and more.

However, with this newfound partnership, Microsoft will be able to leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to get your Mercedes-Benz to engage in "human-like" dialog. The company has further highlighted the technology will enhance the vehicle's voice commands by making them more fluid and less robot-like.

If Microsoft is able to achieve this, the number of impossibilities that this would open up is unfathomable. The report further indicates that aside from giving more natural responses, the vehicle will also be able to establish continuity while holding conversations with the driver.

Additionally, the ChatGPT-powered system will now be able to handle detailed queries. Even those that aren't specific to the vehicle, thus creating a similar experience to the one on mobile phones with voice assistants. 

For instance, it can provide you with a quick recipe for one of your favorite meals or even help you make reservations at a restaurant by interacting with other apps. It's already possible to do this via Microsoft's copilot for the web, Bing Chat.

If you own a Mercedes Benz that sports an MBUX “infortainment” system, you can start testing this new technology. It started rolling out to users for beta testing on June 16. You can opt-in for the program using the “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program” command.

It will be interesting to see this new technology's impact and how it compares to the already existing voice command systems in vehicles.

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