This confusing Microsoft Edge feature could actually improve your browsing experience

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft is testing a new option in Edge called "Save screenshot of site for History" in the Dev and Canary Channels.
  • The feature is designed to take screenshots of all the sites you visit while browsing the web and saves them in History for future reference and use.
  • It's optional and disabled by default.
  • This functionality is already available through a different toggle within Edge, but Microsoft is testing another way to control it.

Microsoft Edge is arguably one of the best browsers, and Microsoft continues to push updates and new features to enhance its user experience. And while most of these features are handy and useful, users have found some additions redundant, stating that the company is bloating the browsing experience.

Be it as it may, Microsoft continues to ship new updates to the browser on a regular basis. Soon, Edge might ship with a new option for taking screenshots of each page you visit. The addition to the Settings app makes it easier to access a feature that few are currently aware of.

Microsoft Edge 117 has already shipped to the Canary and Dev channels featuring a new Save screenshot of site for History toggle. "We'll take screenshots of the sites you visit and save it so that you can quickly revisit the site you want from history," says the description of the feature.

Essentially, the feature will capture your digital footprint while using Edge. Leopeva64 on X shared a snippet of the feature in action, as highlighted below:

Notably, when hovering your cursor over the save webpages, you'll be able to preview the thumbnail, thus making it easy to find what you're looking for quicker. A few weeks ago, Microsoft started testing a similar feature in Windows 11's Start menu.

Edge already has the ability to show images when browsing your history. The option that's in testing gives users another way to turn the option on or off.

Microsoft Edge | Free

Microsoft Edge | Free

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows. It's based on Chromium, so it's compatible with the vast majority of the web. There are several Insider versions of the browser, allowing you to test new features and provide feedback to Microsoft.

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