Software developer throws down gauntlet to Google: shows how to code Google Maps in WP7

Now here's a bold challenge: Joost van Schaik has demonstrated how easy it is to code Google Maps into a Windows Phone 7 application (taking advantage of Bing Map Control to do so; The image above is a Google Map satellite layer on top the Street layer, done with actual coding).

He dares Google to make a Google Maps application, suggesting if they don't, someone else will and they'll do it quickly.

While the rest of the post is coding-nerd material, the gist is obvious: Google Maps, if that's your thing*, should come to Windows Phone 7 by choice or by force. So which will it be Google?

* Yeah, I know. Who would want to use Google Maps when Bing kicks so much butt? Actually, the one pro for Google doing something official is the promise of Latitude/Buzz, which Microsoft still needs a competitive solution for...

Source: .NET by Example; via @SilverlightNews

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm just hoping Google wants their Maps application on Windows Phone 7. I was disappointed that Google never released a tailored GMail application for Windows Mobile 6.5. It's not clear that they want to spend time porting they apps to a competitor operating system. Despite the interesting example, I'm sure that if Google does release Google Maps for WP7, they won't want to depend on the Bing infrastructure.
  • Google will release a Google Maps app for WP7. Getting results of where people are navigating to is very usefuk to Google, so i don't really see this as a threat or even challenge to Google in any way. The question will be when and how crippled it'll be compared to their Android versions, and specifically if they'll bother releasing Google Navigation for the platform. And while i'd definitely install Google Maps, i don't know that it'd be something i'd use that much over Bing Maps. Bing Maps were far more reliable for me when i was traversing various rural locations here in North Carolina. i also like the audible tones which Bing Maps has over Google Navigation, although the latter has a better interface.
  • Meh, don't bother me. I don't want to use Google maps, or Google anything for that matter. Bing Maps will be fine for me.
  • latitude is pretty cool sometimes, but to be honest, buzz is nothing more than one of googles swing and miss ventures into various social medium (google wave). if people want to share information in a social way, i dont know of anyone that would pick buzz over twitter or facebook. but the one thing that bing is actually missing that google has made available just about everywhere is google transit, they're easy point by point guide on how to get places using public transportation (any combination of walking, buses, trains, metros, and subway). i know bing is actively working on expanding this on select cities, but they really need to add this soon. i use it almost on a daily basis to be honest.