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Some third-party Windows Phone YouTube apps won't work now due to API change

Google is making some changes in its YouTube API today, and that could mean your favorite third party YouTube app on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 may no longer be working, at least until the developer switches to the new API.

We have received reports from users of the MyTube app and the MetroTube app for Windows Phone, along with the Hyper For Youtube app Windows 8.1 today. They report that when they try to launch a video in those apps they see the video below, with the message (in several languages):

"YouTube is upgrading to a newer version, which is not supported by this device or app. To learn more and see where you can watch YouTube, visit

The message is showing up because Google has retired its old YouTube v2 API in favor of the new v3 API. Any apps that still support the older version cannot work.

As we reported last week, the popular TubeCast app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 has been updated with full support for the new YouTube v3 API. All the other third party apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 will have to upgrade to the new API in order to work again.

Source: YouTube; Thanks to Sandar and Ryuuichi for the tips!

  • TubeCast FTW
  • Just waiting for windows 10... Then tubecast can save to SD... And mytube is down.. :/
  • myTube is down? I was watching a dozen of videos when reading this! Or is it just me?
  • Me too!
  • Me too
  • Me too. It works fine
  • I just saw this on Metrotube. I thought Google messed up my subscriptions again. Idk how Google can be so incompetent to make it so my subscriptions will often not appear in my feed. I have to go to the channel to see it.
  • Google is bad...
  • Because they updated their API to a newer version and 3rd party apps still have access or because this article gives you chance to blow hot smoke about Google? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • For not making an app..? As Microsoft is supporting their platform but they aren't returning the favor.
  • Since when do people on WC continue to care for a native app when they say the 3rd party are much better? Which they are. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Because n00bs come over and see that the YouTube app is a shortcut to the browser. They have to be told to look for apps which they probably never looked for earlier, like MyTube/MetroTube. It would be a lot better if Google had let YouTube v3.2 stay.
  • Lol.
  • Cry a river? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Already did with tears of joy.
  • Because you don't have an official YouTube app? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Stick with your Droid.
  • Since you left.
  • Why so burnt? Because I said something bad about your beloved company? Google IS bad because they pulled the app MS made.
  • Yeah and Google is bad cause new api don't support subscription feed....
  • They pulled the app mainly because MS gained access to an API that Google themselves didn't release. The API for advertisements. I don't know why they would not release this API especially as YouTubers depend on ad-revenue. And now they've pulled the APIs for certain YouTube features, breaking the apps for some people.
  • Microsoft updated the YouTube app to v3.2, adding back advertisements and removing the download option, and complying with Google. But Google still wanted to pull (and did pull) the app. So Google IS evil.
  • Lol beloved. But ok. I just asked a question. People hate Google so much but not enough to boycott YouTube. Understandable. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Actually, I have stopped using YouTube since Google pulled the app. But that doesn't mean I can't say Google is evil...
  • Oh you're more than entitled. Like I said I just asked they question. But I got the answer now. Thanks. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Obviously you're interested in Windows Phone, give it a try!
  • You're a little late to the party buddy. Trying it for two years and lack of real progress is why I left. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Let's suppose that with every version of Windows they threw out the entire API and required developers to completely rewrite their apps. People were beating up Microsoft for creating a new API, WinRT. People beat up Microsoft in the transition from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Phone 7 because the old API was depricated in favor of a new one. But Google throws everything out and forces all devs to rewrite from the ground up - stop hating on Google! Just the usual Microsoft does it and it is wrong, but when Google/Apple does it, it is good for all users.
  • I agree
  • Don't compare apple with mango, web API's work differently, with WinRT you have to rewrite whole application form scratch, on the other hand if your application well made and not tightly coupled with Web API, transition to new API will take hardly few hours.
  • Because their new API sucks. It is deliberately limiting. Microsoft should sue them.
  • Speak for yourself. Us wp users haven't got a official YouTube app bcus google is too damn stubborn to play ball and make a cross platform app available for people on wp. We have a right to complain (to a point)
  • Post via wc for android. Shut up.
  • I think the Youtube API is the API that changes most. Almost every week! :O
  • Come on developers, it can be done! :)
  • Why am I not surprised?
  • From what I understood the dev for mytube was waiting till this afternoon to publish update
  • Most videos on myTube are still working for me. I do remember the developer sending a message saying it will be updated for the new API very soon a few days ago.
  • Tubecast Pro here - no worries :D
  • That's the way :D
  • Is it worth the money to pay for it
  • Yes
  • TubeCast is operating well with my device L520
    BTW.. F google :D
  • mytube beta still works.
  • Shhh...Googlers will report it and then it won't work.
  • Ahaha best (and most true) reply on this comment yet XD
  • Can you guys update this article on which apps are good to go?
  • All expect TubeCast...
  • The newest API very suck in some reason, the subscription video don't even show properly
  • I am using paid version of Metrotube and on top of every page google has displayed it's video that it doesn't not support this app. But I am still able to watch videos... Whatever the case may be.. F you google..
  • Mytube! Just updated with the new API,but just like tubecast it doesn't show the newest vids on the feed from people I'm subscribed to.Using third party apps is getting old quick :|
  • So it has. Surprisingly the productkey didn't break Glad to see it didn't take long though.
  • Looks like this change is going to kill the YouTube app on alot of Smart TVs and Blue Ray Players and older phones and Tablets.Google fucked up on this one.
  • Well if its an improved I can understand. Still, hate Google ;)
  • MyTube is Winning!
  • Maybe you should give tubecast a try?
  • Damn.. Go go mytube developer, I trust you!
  • Videos working fine in metrotube but on top of all videos google has placed a video this app is not supported Edit.. Metrotube has just updated the app. :)
  • Movie Maker YouTube plugin is ok too.
  • Google are a joke.
  • Metrotube still working!
    why Google is like that with WP users?
  • It's f**** attitude against MS. I hope one day google just gonna blow up like sh***
  • Shut up. Google is great.
  • I saw this on MetroTube too. It sucks. I blame Google for this.
  • So what's not working with mytube
  • myTube! updated
  • Not happened to me yet. Saw a couple of videos just fine today (myTube).
  • Metrotube just updated their app.
  • MyTube releases the tremendously shoddy 2.0 which many couldn't update to, then the dev promises a beta which for months has been missing. Time to move on.
  • Metrotube has updated the api ..yeah..
  • God f'n damn it Google. Im tired of being f'ed with by google, snap chat, etc because I prefer a Windows Phone. I dont need you a-holes trying to dictate what cell phone I should use. There should be some legal ramification for this, if Microsoft had to pay up for including IE with Windows.
  • I agree on the fed up part. I don't agree on legal ramification, I think it was wrong for IE as well. But I would love to see Microsoft banning google services from their OS. That would be halarious(and will never happen).
  • Dear myTube developer, please update the app asap. Also sometimes, some videos don't play, the loading bar just animates and then nothing happens.
  • But tubecast says network error sometimes
  • Just now got updates for both Metrotube and MyTube on WP.
  • Yeah, Tubecast was on this so fast, that I never had time to even have a glitch and I use Tubecast almost daily. Hopefully the other players (MyTube, Metrotube, etc), all good apps, can update and get working and maintain their following. 
  • Fuck google
  • ^THIS
  • So.... Google hates windows phone.... Snapchat also hates windows phone..... Wonder how much google paid snapchat for them not to make apps for WP... Just a theory. But would make sense if it were true....
  • I'll purchase TubeCast Pro, I've read in this forum it's the best choice and works with the API change.  It's a shame this new API just screwed youtube videos on Chrome browser, just about yesterday I verified Chrome on Windows 7 now shows youtube videos lag a lot, this is not the same for IE11 which plays videos much smoother and faster. Why can't we get IE11 as good as it is on the desktop for youtube videos on our Windows Phones? That way we wouldn't have to be purchasing 3rd party apps.  I really hope Spartan makes the fix on all coming platforms (phones, PC, Xbox).  
  • Now, when they upgrade to v3, I can't play youtube in web browser. It's says search for app and didn't finds it. Lumia 630 w/ Win10 first build TP. Anyone with this problem?