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Sonos confirms that it won't be making a universal Windows 10 app

Sonos Play:1
Sonos Play:1

Sonos has confirmed that it won't be making a Windows Phone 8 or universal Windows 10 app. The company notes that while it is big fans of what Microsoft does, and supports a number of its services already, a decision had to be made on where to place bets going forward.

From a post in Sonos' community threads{.nofollow}:

In the end, however, we've made a decision that Sonos is not going to build a Windows Phone 8 app nor are we planning to build a Windows 10 "universal" app. We'll of course continue to support the Windows desktop controller. We're big fans of the work Microsoft is doing across many areas, including mobile, voice control, AI, VR and of course the Groove music service, available on Sonos.

Sonos will be focusing its efforts on Voice and Paid Streaming Services for the time being. While it's not ideal to see this kind of news, it is better to have a real answer from a company than to leave it up to the imagination.

Windows 10 users looking for an alternative app to control their Sonos setup can now try out a preview version of Phonos for Windows 10 and Mobile.

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  • Well, crap.
  • Well, this isn't really news, rather it's what should logically be expected... I can't blame them, because it's a bigger risk at this point than a good idea to support Windows with a mobile application... The point being that most mobile applications are desirable by use of smartphones, which MS RELATIVELY has NO business in... Until MS can gain market share with mobile phones, and in the process somehow convince a lot more people to use a smartphone that currently is lacking in apps, we can expect a lot of other "popular" apps to remain unseen.... The good news (which is a stretch) is that Microsoft & Nokia have done exactly that before.. Market share was on the rise summer of 2014 for about a year, and we were coming up in popularity, with budget devices. They're just gonna have to do the exact same thing again, but from a different angle. Enterprise.... Either way, if that does work it wouldn't be until later this decade before we see results. Want proof? Look at how long it took WP to game steam. It was released December 2010, and finally saw some steady market share gains in 14... The reality is that it's gonna be another long uphill battle, but hopefully MS does a few things better this time so it isn't as painful. They are starting out with a much better product this time (W10M has C&P out the gate ;-)).... Namely, marketing. A Surface Phone needs Surface quality marketing. That's a good place to start,,,, over. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Except that they already have a Windows x86 app that they currently maintain and will keep updating. Why even bother with old exe apps anymore???
  • True.
  • maybe they can figure out how to convert the desktop exe to a win app.. or convert the ios app to UWP?  instead of one from scratch?   hopefully stuff like this will benefit from the bridges..
  • You're right, but there's no maybe about it.... The fact is that they aren't interested in trying. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • When i see things like this i wonder if these companies are even aware or even know what bridges are. Kind of a no brainer to use the iOS bridge at little to no extra cost of developing
  • I know. That's exactly what I think too, and it's annoying... It's almost to the point where I would suggest MS market the Bridges.. Lol. I mean, they should have a commercial on during prime.. Regular consumer's would be like "WTF is this??""".. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Hi Rodneyej,  it certainly isn't news.  But, Sonos could have just come out and said it rather than wait year(s).  As others have pointed out, they do have a Win32 app.  I think the real issue is their internal roadmap and politics.  They are planning a RIF and they are now pivoting to compete with devices like Amazon's voice controlled Echo.  I'm worried for people that have already spent money on their platform - I suspect support for existing "updatable" devices will wane sooner than expected as a result of these changes.  I bought one of the Play1 to sample it in every day use.  Right now, it sits in my living room as a SmartThings speaker. Yeap, all it does is announce when stuff happens. It isn't convenient for me to use it for music.  I knew what I was getting into, but I didn't expect complete rejection of Windows 10 UWP (mobile notwithstanding).  As I replied to another post, I'm going to try and make the best of the situation via TheHomeRemote. Hopefully, "all is not lost."
  • The fact is that if you want to use modern products, and services, you have to have modern software, and hardware.... So is is hardly to blame because the relatively no existent user base of WinMo aren't up to date with the smartphone game... The point is that the entire world is using iPhones, and Android phones. The tools are out there for you to have a Sonos app. You just have to decide if you want it or not. Putting the blame in the wrong place isn't addressing the root cause. Looking at the situation logically, and unbiased, is more worth our time. To hope that certain developers support Windows is one thing, but to expect for them to do so is another. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Have to say, your flat out wrong on this. IT IS ABSOULTLY THE DEVELOPERS FAULT IF THEY CHOOSE NOT TO WRITE OR SUPPORT A Windows Universal app. Microsoft keeps making it easier to port iOS apps with the bridges but developers still seem to be too lazy to even go the easy route and use the bridges vs using writing a ground up univeral windows app. I've used Android phones and tablets in the past, I've used Iphones. I don't like the IPhone at all and while some of the Android interfaces are tolerable I perfer the Windows Interface. Some developers realize it's better to support all three as it's revenue across the board but a lot of the lazy devlopers still don't want to realize across the board income. That's why my Sonos speakers have gone up for sale and I wrote a letter to the Sonos company letting them know I will never support their company as long as they are taking this lazy appoach. Flat out the developers should not be telling me what platform I should use, if they want my money they have to support my choice in platform.
  • Thanks for your opinion, but I totally disagree with just about every single word you typed.
    The reason why?.. What you just said is the PERFECT example of blind fan boy, unrealistic thinking.
    First... Who ever said that its not the developers fault if they don't make an app for windows?.. See, that right there is an example of how a fan boy turns things around to their advantage just to make a point about nothing. I said that its MS's fault that developers don't make apps for it's platform because MS has failed to gain considerable market share. Do you want to argue that? Do you think it's Sonos fault that WP failed?.. Ok. It's established that that point is irrelevant. But, I'm sure you'll keep making up sorry excuses for Windows not having apps, so NEXT!
    Now, lol. I'm sorry, but you've got to be joking. You're gonna write Sonos a letter?? LMFAO! But, you don't even exist. Lol. You're a percentage, of a small percentage, of a small percent.. You're speaking as if you have some kind of right, as if they could care in an financial sense.... Lol. Oh, boy.. Please tell me. What's your letter gonna say?... "I'm a Windows Mobile fan, and..""" trash can.. Lol. Get real. Those days are over.
    You'd better look after yourself, and do the logical thing. Wait out the storm, and keep helping the OS get better with your primary device, and if (IF) you want apps then get an iDroid device in the meantime.. Apps, in huge numbers, and quality, are not coming to Windows for a very long time, so quit getting mad about it, and do something worth while about it... Either that, or dwell in delusion with a bunch of other knuckle heads. Make your choice.
  • For the $$$$ they ask for their products, it shouldn't be more than normal to develop an app for ALL their customers, included the Windows 10 (mobile) users. Or is the money of a Windows 10 user less valuable? I don't care who's fault it is taht Windows 10 mobile isn't known by a great audience, I just expect from Sonos to satisfy me as one of their customers. That's all :)   Nic
  • True, but you could say the same thing for a lot of different companies... The fact is that if Windows doesn't have enough MOBILE market share then developers won't support it. That's the way it is, and nobody in the world sees that fact changing.... So, what do you do?
  • There are literally millions of Surface owners, many of whom (like me) have a Sonos system in their home/office and would like to operate it using their tablet. Obviously Sonoa ran the numbers and made their own decision, but I think your guess that "most mobile applications are desirable by use[rs] of smartphones" is off base in this instance.
  • You think that's off base?.. I don't see why. Please explain.
  • I think they mean for just this app. It is desirable for many people with laptops and tablets as well. I don't think it's off base. It's still accurate, but too often people assume pc users couldn't benefit from a mobile styled app. They load faster,and erase more cleanly than .exe, and save login info where webpages don't always or get cleared too easily.
  • Exactly. But, I think the reality is that for the most parts these apps will be used on the phone... Probably at least 8-9 times out of ten when someone ploppes down on their couch they have their phone in their hands, and not their laptop tablet, or stand alone... Lol. It's true. Let's face it, in 2016 if you're not on mobile (Phone), then you're not in business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Right, which leads back to my overarching point of UWP app wouldn't cost much and would be accessible to tens of millions of tablet owners--and at no additional development cost to the millions of WP owners. Like I said, I'm sure Sonos took this into account, but I disagree with OP that the decision to forgo windows is based only on the small W10M user base.
  • I see your point.... This is EXACTLY why I say that phone market share is so damn critical... Whether we agree with it, or not, that's just how it is, so MS has to get some. They gotta get them some. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Also, you say that there are millions of Surface users, and some of them may use Sonos.. That's true, and I agree, but the actual number is more likely small potatoes to Sonos when considering the amount of iDroid users who use their guys need to think on larger scales. MS understands how small their MOBILE user base is, and doesn't make unreasonable excuses.. I give them credit for that, but I can't give as many fans the same... Don't get me wrong. I'm in the same boat as you guys, and I've been in this situation for a long time. The app gap gets on my damn nerves as well, but I understand the situation 100%, and have come to accept that there's no reason in making up excuses. There's a defined reason why Mobile is suffering, and it's for many.. The bottom line is that you have to come to grips with a few things.
    1. Windows isn't going to have apps for a long time.
    2. Nobody is completely sure if mobile will ever be on par with the others quality of app support.
    3. If you want apps for now either switch completely, or get a second device (the second of which I recommend )
    4. Windows app situation is not the developers, rather MS's because it's their product.. I've said it for years; MS is SOLELY responsible for the success of their products, and they should be held responsible, and expected to be responsible for their success.
    I honestly believe Sonos, and others, do what they can to keep their heads above water in a cut throat industry that takes no prisoners... Put into perspective, Sonos has to be extremely tactful because the competition is tight, and one wrong move could be the end.. The truth in that statement is found, and justified, buy what a huge company like MS is going through just to get recognition in mobile... Now, if we know it's not easy for MS, then why do we expect it to be so easy for smaller companies??????? Yet, we wonder why they don't support us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • But what the hell is Sonos? I have never cared to kow why they matter so much as they're just a maker of a wireless speaker and some limited home automation. I can careless about one speaker company as I much as I care for Android. The one thing that matters to most is what the majority of folks use their smartphones for - apps. Mint was a huge loss in the Windows mobile marketplace. Lack of banking, social(snapchat), convenience(airlines, hotel checkins, supermarkets, etc.) apps are what are really matter to the Windows ecosystem. Everything else can be reverse engineered and folks who buy into the ecosystem will find them and be content with them. Blogs need to ignore those that refuse to make apps and concentrate their efforts on the reverse engineers - promote them for f*$ks sake!.
  • Sonos is a VERY GOOD REPRESENTATION OF MS'S TROUBLE GETTING DEVELOPERS ONBOARD WITH MOBILE APPS.. Sonos stands for the app gap,, so metaphorically the argument is about such. Not Sonos as literally a app that is holding the platform back, rather yet another idea of going the wrong direction towards progress.
    To say that we don't need this app, or that you don't use it, is irrelevant... But, the situation is relevant, and the app gap is real.... What is Sonos? Sonos is the specific app that YOU have always needed, or hoped, that we had on our platform... Whatever app that is to you I'm sure is frustrating for you that we don't have it... To me Sonos stands for the Vance & Hines FP3 app that I greatly need.... That's why this is important, and that's what MS is trying to fix.
  • I can confirm I won't be buying any Sonos equipment.
  • I wouldn't go that far.. I mean, you're not the average WinMo user. You know sometimes these 3rd party apps are much better...
  • You crazy guys Downvote the fact that I said third party apps on Windows are just as good, if not better??. Goes to show that y'all don't read comments, and are childish. SMDH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Maybe it is time for me to swap my thousands of pounds of SONOS kit to another, more forward thinking company. The desktop SONOS app is far from ideal!
  • I never bothered to consider Sonos due to the way they work. Dished out my money on something less restrictive (with BT 4) - and better looking. (Libratone).
  • I never bothered to consider Sonos due to the way they work. Dished out my money on something less restrictive (with BT 4) - and better looking. (Libratone).
  • I never bothered with them because the quality just wasn't there. I loved the concept but considering how much better sound quality I could get for cheaper I never pulled the trigger. I kept waiting for them to be worth the money. Now I'm glad I didn't ever buy them.
  • Yeah, the SONOS desktop app (and Android mobile) experiences aren't great.  I like the convenience of interoperability with SmartThings, but thats about it.  People interested in layout out their own app to control their environment, might consider downloading TheHomeRemote.  I have used it to create my own "app" to control my home automation, but not yet for a Sonos Controller. I'm not sure if there are limitations to what the API allows, but that may be a solution. Either way, I'm with you on looking for alternative solutions. The problem is, there aren't many.  I'll continue to experiment with apps and of course this TheHomeRemote solution in the meantime.
  • So, now Sonos isn't a forward thinking company because they support two mobile platforms that 98% of the world uses, and don't support a mobile platform that maybe 2% of the world uses???.... That's the logical way to look at it. Ok. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • I really like the Polk Omni kit... Anyone know of they will or have a win10 app?
  • So so glad that I still have an android phone also.....this is ridiculous....
  • Why would someone down vote this comment? Dude is saying he's glad he still has his Android phone so he can use the app, but it's ridiculous that they won't support his Windows Phone... Immature "fans" around here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • So sad... Posted via the Windows Central App
  • It's the one app I'd like to have. What a shame. Bad news.
  • It is no loss. There are plenty of alternatives to sonos, it shows their lack of forward thinking.
  • I've never bought into the hype of Sonos systems, so admittedly I've never used them - How does it work with services like Groove music at the moment? I could see a benefit to something like a Sonos system if you have an absolutely massive house, but not so much in your average 3 bed semi in the UK.
  • Groove works well with Sonos.  I've noticed that source like it [Groove] and Amazon can sometimes act funky and require "reauthorization" but I'm not sure if that is a result of configuring and testing with multiple controllers.
  • Story of our lives
  • You're right, and judging by that down vote we have at least one dude that's heavily in denial.. Lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • With so many bridges they can use and various way to make the investment in Windows as close to nil as possible, these sort of backward thinking announcements sound more like slights
  • A UWP version of Phonos is in Preview now:
  • I seriously don't understand big companies wanting to support their old ****** x86 application, but not make UWP and hit all windows devices at once. 
  • Unfortunately x86 represents the VAST majority of Windows installations so it isn't worth their time and effort to port their existing app or start over.  If one were going to create a new app, however, there's be little reason not to start with UWP.
  • That's because you don't understand business. The vast majority of Windows users isn't on Windows 10. That's reason 1.
    Then, from all those that are, most of them do not use Windows apps. That's reason 2.
    Then they already have a version who runs on desktop Windows. That's reason 3.
    Then the UWP would require investment from them, investment that is not justified at all as it would be money wasted just to convert it for no good reason. That's reason 4. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Reason #2: All they need to do is have a link on their website that goes to the store instead of a link to download. The user won't know a difference between the app and the other version. Other reasons are probably somewhat valid, some of it is debatable but regardless, I think they'll eventually get to the point where they'll make an app. Windows 10 and apps aren't going away. Once Windows 10 is the majority I think that's what we will see.
  • Windows 10 won't go away. With that I agree. Windows apps on the other hand, I'm more doubtful. The majority of desktop users don't use apps. There's no point in them. For example, "apps" for things like Twitter or Facebook, on a desktop, are a waste of space. You can acess the same content through the browser of or choice (and depending on the browser, even get notifications). That's the major problem with the entire UWP endeavour. It relies on a premisse - people using apps on desktop - that is far from being a reality.
  • I agree, but with Sonos you won't go to a browser to control it.  You need a program to do that.  I'm saying the app will replace the program eventually.  They're pretty much the same thing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc I agree with you, but I hope you're wrong eventually for the phone's sake.  However, Android tablets you can use the web browers, but I'm sure most people just use the app.  I think we'll see less and less of the desktops and more of the 2 & 1s or tablets which would be an app a little more attractive than using the web browser.
  • One good reason for apps on Windows 10: Live tile and notification center support (maybe that's two reasons). When you have the Facebook app installed, as crappy as it is right now, it can still show the number of new items on the live tile, for example. There's also the fact that it takes longer to open up a browser and load the website on your favorites bar/screen than it does to click the live tile on the start screen. Sent from Ultimate Toaster 2.0 Deluxe
  • Yeah, but they can have those things with websites, and x86 apps, now.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • In a year or two, people will be accustomed to have sandboxed, low-impact apps as the standard. The more ransomware, the earlier.
  • DJCBS. Unlike you to be a negative nancy. And this "The majority of desktop users don't use apps​". Absolute garbage. I go out of my way to get store apps now, as they are quick to install, they update themselves, and removal is right click boom. No more waiting for control panel to enumerate. I love using: The Windows Central App ;), Newsify, Perfect Tube,  Wunderlist, BT Sport, 8Stream, IRC Explorer and lots of other apps (like the Office Apps, Groove, long list) - that are modern, beautiful, start quickly. Love em.
  • You're not the average user, and you're an extreme minority.. It doesn't matter what you do, like, or believe..... Whether you like DJCBS, think his comments are negative, or not, you need to come into reality and see (as a windows fan) that he is exactly right.... He literally just listed actually obstacles that are in Windows way, as far as mobile is concerned. Why is it so hard for you to see, and admit, that?
  • You're absolutely right. Almost everyone I know has upgraded to Windows 10 for their home PCs, and not one damn one of them, myself included, uses UWP or the Windows Store for anything.
  • I use them all the time for the reasons hwangeruk stated.  But I think non techy people switching from another version don't use them because they don't know the benefits or how to.
  • Well, as long as "Windows Phone" doesn't go away Windows 10 app literally will never go away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Things are being shaken up on their end... they are reenvisioning their product.  Apps may be the least of their concerns as competitors start encroaching on their territory:    
  • Yet another reason to not spend money on something that wouldn't be useful to them.
  • Bottom line,,, no market share in mobile, no developer support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • #1: Most people are afraid to try something new. You have to wait for them to buy a new pc, then they won't have a chance but to try w10. #2: That's because they don't know what that is about nor their avantages. You know a hard-reset or moving to a new hardware can get all your UWP apps "magically" installed, right? That's one good thing people tend to forget until they need it. UWP apps are just like portable apps, usually they don't mess up with your pc every time you un/install them. #3 + #4: Companies have to evolve, they can't just sit around what they have already accomplished, especially in this field of work. You won't be richer by saving on an app, only by improving your product(s). 
  • I have to admit that you're right. That's the reality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • That is dumb.. I think the problem is definitely education on MS's part. They have the tools in place now they need to let the world know... That is if they do actually work as easily as MS claims the to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • "a decision had to be made on where to place bets going forward." Yeah, a lot of companies mess up those decisions and end up losing money in the long run in order to save money in the short run. Other companies invest in the long term and are more secure. That's my take.
  • MS has failed miserably in mobile for 6 years strait, and are currently sitting at no more than 2%.... Sonos has been watching MS's situation for years, and on top off all the lack of serious progress have seen MS decline recently...
    Now, it's time to make that decision.
    But, you think they should? You blame them for saying no?.... I don't think you could possibly expect them to say yes. Why should they? Because, this time is different?.... The point is that they have a real life business to run that takes LOGICAL decisions to succeed. They can't make an app based on the wants of a very small Windows fan base, and expect that to be a good long term decision. Judging by the past, and present, they have more to loose if they do, and they are wrong, than if they don't, and they are wrong... That's how a company makes decisions using deductable reasoning......
    Now, do you think they should make an app? Tell the truth.
  • Not to mention that all their customers who use Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10 currently use either, and iPhone, or Android phone, and that doesn't look to be changing anytime this decade....
    But, we think they should make an app? I don't.
    I mean, I wish all of the companies around the world would make an app for Windows. I really do wish they would, because that would be great! I'd finally have my apps...... But, logically I don't think they should. I can't admit that at this point they should. It's not good business sense.
  • 300 million. Link to store, done. Anyone with a brain can see the advantage, and I would fire anyone who was dumb enough to ignore it. An exe is no diff than an app. Convert it and go forward.
  • I'd rather get HBOgo than this anyway. But that too is elusive. :(
  • HBOgo is close, actually.
  • Details??
  • He just gave you details.. He said it's close... What more do you want? It's not like the man works for HBO. Lol. Close is all the details you're gonna get today.
  • That's great to hear Daniel!  That made my day! Thanks!  :)
  • Shame on them.
  • Why?
  • Ofc, I wouldnt either
  • Finally, a fan that is realistic.
  • Dear Sonos, I am so sorry you feel that the 200 million windows 10 user are not worth your time. With that spirit, I will follow your example and not consider you a viable platform either. There are other companies doing the same thing. I am sure your investors are chewing at the bit for this decision and I am sure they will eventually be able to sell of your company in small pieces, for great profit to them.    
  • Thing is they do already cater for all those Windows users with the desktop app. To not make a Uwp app does not mean not supporting Windows. Sorry probably too many not's there.
  • Ill take Libratone Zipp... Crushes this Sonos cr@p...
  • Sabre Wulf, but if they had a store app it would mean they get mobile for "free". Its not even that hard. BT recently had an app made, it was made by a developer who by his own admission isn't even that great at C# or XAML, a single dev. There is no excuse for these companies, its not that hard, and certainly not that expensive for someone of Sonos size. Its largely due to the apathy toward the platform, which we all hope changes as the penny drops that UWP is deskopt _and_ mobile. And the hosting and distribution and taking payments (if they want to charge and fund the dev) is all taken care of by Microsoft. Really no excuse for it.
  • So you think it's better for a company to save some cents on the making of one "simple" app than to see UWP as a chance to show they can evolve and keep up with the future?
  • There is nothing to entice a company to create a Uwp app currently, that's all. If mobile share was significant, they would do it in the blink of an eye. As long as it's not, why should they? This Windows has millions of users argument is irrelevant to that decision.
  • All those 200 million Windows 10 users use iPhones, and Android phones. Yes, 98% of them do. So, Sonos has them covered on desktop, and phone.... Sonos has pretty much every smartphone user in the world covered.
    What more do you want from them?
  • They're in some trouble with the availability of Chromecast audio and a bunch of other manufacturers building multi room speakers. I expect them to fade into irrelevance in a few years. That new Play 5 for 500€? LOL. (I own a Play 5 and use an audio line in to make it an above average speaker. Terrible waste of money).
  • Unfortunate for those who've invested in Sonos. That said, Sonos seems to be in trouble. Lead product designer is gone, they've reduced their headcount, and competition from similar products (Echo, Google Cast, Yamaha, Bose, Sony, etc.) seems to be a real threat to their (relatively) limited offerings. I think Echo might be the real winner here as it has caught all the major players off guard. It can't do synchronized whole house audio playback, but based off the user requests for it, I imagine it must be on Amazon's list (especially now that the Dot is in play). Google/Nest are working on an Echo competitor, Apple seems MIA from any proactive work with IOT and PDAs. Microsoft will probably introduce a Cortana speaker 1 year after Amazon has already won the market and has an established platform of IOT integrations. Interesting space to watch either way.
  • Ha. I don't understand why my commentary deserved a downvote but ok I guess.
  • It doesn't, but hey your posts makes too much sense for the nay sayers and trolls out there.  Upvote from moi!
  • Such a device neither sells Windows copies, nor Azure or Office 365 subscriptions. Windows IoT is too restricted to act as a true maker environment. Bottom line: Never gonna happen.
  • It's raining apps. :| :(
  • Lol... I wish.
  • Makes sense. Very few customers use UWP apps, even if they are running Windows 10.  
  • That's because they don't know what UWP apps are all about....
  • Who's fault is that?
  • Windows 7 market share.
  • Lol.. What? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • How many people you know that knows what modern apps are? Let along their advantages. BTW you know when you move to another device you just need a MS account and a restore so all your store apps get automatically installed? Well, I don't know what the future is but I'm sure manually installing all your apps ain't it!
  • They're such big fans they've decided to ignore the platform altogether, well any ideas of using sonos is now mute, however I'm a big fan.
  • Don't buy Sonos. Problem solved. :)
  • Actually, to get a second device, that supports all the apps you need, would be better advice...
    Why would Sonos give a flip about a percentage of a tiny percentage, of a tiny percentage boycotting them?... Lol
  • Cheaper to not bother. If I absolutely need it, I can emulate it on the pc. As well I would never buy a phone for a single product, I buy a phone for my uses. Sad to see them go and you are right 2% isn't going to hurt them, but it won't be wp that is their death, it's their lack of vision. If you can't create a uwa from ur exe then their team sucks and will trickle down to the rest of their product.
  • People like you are the reason UWP keeps bekng ignored. Don't buy products from companies that discriminate Windows users and they will be forced to listen, if you're willing to do their work for them and put all the effort to give them your money they don't have a reason to ever listen.
  • Agreed rodneyej.  
  • I was actually thinking of buying their products but the lack of support for Windows made me wait.  Now I am really glad I did.  I have a feeling that Sonos is not long for this world.  It is that kind of short-sighted thinking that makes businesses crumble.
  • Stuff like this makes you wonder how much money it takes to keep a company from Creating an app for a competitor's OS that reaches 300 million people with another billion more to come.
  • available on android and iOS i believe..
  • Well, everything is, and always has been....
  • I thought an ex-Microsoft guy went into a major role there just over the past year. Someone who use to be on Major Nelson's podcast I think. If so - concerning decision I think.
  • It is really sad that these guys are not understanding that windows 10 is the future. They don't probably understand the value of a universal windows app which will run on all your windows 10 devices.
  • Well they're stupid.
  • They have a desktop solution. The version of Windows that has users (desktop Windows) is supported and will continue to be supported.
    Stop whining. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You again fail to understand. That's called whining. Sonos is just being stupid here. Their loss.
  • Buah buah, "Sonos is just being stupid here", buah buah. I don't fail to understand. Spending money on developing a UWP is not profitable for Sonos. Period. It's economics. Something you clearly clamorously fail at. Amongst all the rest.
  • I actually agree with you on this one, especially having spoken to Sonos about this - it's all about economics and they are downsizing internally. Give them a break guys. They actually love MS unlike Snapchat who have zero support for MS
  • It isnt their loss. Wasting time developing for Windows mobile and UWP is a loss.
  • It depends how you measure loss. If UWP continues gaining momentum at its current rate but hundreds of millions of potential customers cannot access the Sonos system because the manufacturer is too short sighted to spend some money developing an app, one I might add that we assume can be ported across from other OS's using Microsofts new developer tools, many customer are going to decide not to buy into the Sonos system, the loss then is to Sonos. Not developing for W10M I can understand. Not developing for UWP seems like a big gamble to me and in business its best to try and cover all bases because you never know what may happen in a few short years. 
  • If I was an employee of a company that cannot afford to make an app due to financial reasons- I would start searching for a new job
  • Well, plenty of entry level positions out there I guess.
  • You're right.. At this point its not a logical decision... It's sad we we can't even recommend our platform to a developer to make an app... "Naw man, you'd better turn, and run!""" lol. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Stupid is better, they are worse than that
  • Explain how they are stupid. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • RodneyeJ: You may have some valid points but trust me, Sonos are stupid or manipulated or both. Not sure if you are aware there has been a private beta of Sonos for window phone for over a 18 months now. Called phish Alpha. Don’t know why they would not release it but kind of undermines you argument on Sonos. Now from what I have seen it works flawlessly and looks just like the android Ios app. So why did sonos not release it ?
  • Don't feed the troll.
  • Sonos is sooooo expensive anyway... I don't plan on ever getting one. Bluetooth works with a lot of things!
  • That's alright, I would like to confirm that I won't be buying Sonos. 
  • Funnily enough I was speaking to one of their support engineers last Friday about an issue with my Sonos setup (amazing service by the way). He stated that it's simply a question of economics and that they have a desktop app which is supported and available. There are far more iOS and Android users and that's where they will focus. It's not what I wanted to hear, but it is kinda true.
    Also... is anyone else having issues accessing Groove via there Sonos? Well according to the engineer, it's a probl