Sony is the latest company to file patent complaints and litigation accusing LG Electronics of patent infringement. Sony has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission claiming LG's phones and modems violate several proprietary technologies including photo-based caller ID.

And, as what's become a traditional companion to filing an ITC complaint, Sony has also filed a lawsuit against LG in U.S. District Court with similar claims.  The only thing missing is a counter suit by LG against Sony.  But it's early and there's not telling what will be filed tomorrow.

In it's complaint to the ITC Sony has requested that LG Electronics be barred from importing products with the contested technologies. This would include the LG Quantum. It is doubtful, with this form of litigation taking forever to be resolved, that Quantum supplies will dry up any time soon.

Source: Bloomberg Thanks goes out to Mike for the tip!