SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Beta

SPB has released a Beta Update to their Mobile Shell 3.0, SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Beta 1.  The update Beta fixes several "bugs" in the original and adds a few minor features. According to SPB, the release is not designed to add additional "standalone" features but rather to fix known bugs and add small features.

I installed the Beta update on the AT&T Fuze and the overall performance of Mobile Shell seemed to improve. The application felt more responsive to the touch. One fix was to resolve the tremendously slow screen rotation between portrait and landscape modes. The rotation speed was back to normal levels (maybe a hair faster) when you extend the keyboard of the Fuze. However, when you rotate the Fuze horizontally (without the keyboard extended) the screen no longer rotates. The fix is still in the Beta phase so I'm sure SPB will correct this.

A few of the more notable additions/fixes with the Beta include the addition of a "Show Today" widget; the addition of a "Remove All" command in the call log menu, and support for the "call" button in certain screens. From an individual contact screen, when you highlight the desired number to call and hit your "call" button the number is now dialed. In the original 3.0, the "call" button pulled up your dial screen.

There's no word from SPB when the update will be finalized and it's nice to see the prompt response SPB has made in addressing these issues. The SPB Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Beta can be downloaded here and for those interested, follow the break for the complete change log provided by SPB.

Change log for Mobile Shell 3.0.1 Beta:

  • Feature: ability to save calls from unknown numbers to a new or existing contact
  • Feature: ability to show/hide SIM contacts
  • Feature: "Show Today" widget
  • Feature: support for the hardware "Call" button from certain dialogs
  • Feature: "Remove All" in call log - Bug fix: switch between portrait and landscape mode takes too much time
  • Bug fix: contact sync can fail after using a picture from Facebook
  • Bug fix: some calls cannot be resolved to their corresponding contacts
  • Bug fix: calls from unidentified numbers are not shown in the call log
  • Bug fix: "Edit Profile" doesn't work correctly on Treo
  • Bug fix: devices cannot be turned off on HTC Kaiser cooked ROMs
  • Change: "Hardware Acceleration" option is hidden for non-supported devices
  • City database has been updated
  • Other minor bug fixes and optimizations
George Ponder

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