Spotify is coming to the Windows 10 Store for PC

The new Surface Laptop runs Windows 10 S by default, which is an edition of Windows 10 locked to the Store. As such, you won't be able to install classic Win32 apps from outside the Windows 10 Store without paying for an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

This looks as though it could drive further adoption of the Windows 10 Store, and Microsoft revealed Spotify is on the way.

From the look of things, Spotify is a Project Centennial app, which means it won't be able to run on Xbox One or Windows 10 Mobile. It will look and function in the same way it does on Win32 desktop.

Windows 10 S will live or die by the quality of the apps in the store, and it's critical that Microsoft ensures apps that people do use regularly on the desktop make their way to the Windows 10 Store as soon as possible.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • ....for PC.
  • Spotify missed a good opportunity on uwp
  • It is amazing the support of the developers to UWP.. fail.
  • This = Shat!!!! Cant believe this is not coming to Xbox!!!
  • I just switched to Tidal. The audio quality is amazing. Spotify (UI and stability alone) are pretty offputting
  • Won't run on Xbox or mobile? Worthless then...
  • I think part of the reason it won't be available for Xbox is because of an exclusivity agreement between Spotify and PS4.
  • You are probably right. Its just sucks to read the headline and get excited some progress is being made. Then I read the whole article and get disappointed again.
  • I mean, the title literally says 'for PC' at the end :D
  • That is true, they have a timed exclusive though so I wonder when that'll run out. 
  • Which proves you haven't tried Spotify desktop app at all, its very different than the mobile version. Mobile version has much less features, even on Premium People need to chill, mobile apps are not same than desktop apps.
  • Except this will be a Project Centennial app which means direct port of the desktop version. That alone explains why there is no Mobile version.
  • It's just the windows version of the app that's missing stuff like Spotify connect. That's such a piss off..
  • This could be the beginning of an interesting tend for Windows 10 apps. If apps come from project centennial, it might not be long before developers replace them with UWP apps. I know at the moment this is a pipedream, but I hope that this happens.
  • That is what Microsoft is actually trying to do. ;)
    Eventually this should help with "Mobile" too.
  • The only way that this can help with mobile is if Microsoft released the surface phone (it has to disrupt the market). As much as I have pipedreams, and love my Lumia (autocorrect wanted to replace the name with punishment), I am realistic about where Windows Mobile currently stands.
  • I think with the goal with Composable Shell is to allow UWP apps and Centennial apps to scale and reflow to work on mobile sized screens. When full Windows 10 on ARM is available combined with Composable Shell we could see many more apps working on Mobile devices.
  • That would be great
  • "The only way that this can help with mobile is if Microsoft released the surface phone" Exactly. Make a Surface Phone that runs full Windows 10 or Windows 10 S. That way, all "Windows phones" with the proper specs can run anything in the Windows 10 Store, and there will be no more "available on PC but not on mobile" app problem.
  • Cool! This makes the Surface Laptop more of an idealistic possibility for me.
  • Well developing for Mobile is pointless since it will be replace by Win10 on ARM soon, not coming to XBox is interesting, but in theory couldnt Xbox run Win32 Apps? The processor is a custom AMD x86 chip is it not?
  • In theory, but it'd need a fair bit of work to get it to work with a controller and that's where UWP works a bit better
  • Spotify has an exclusive partnership with Sony to fuel PlayStation Music.
    That's why you're not getting it on the Xbox.
  • Its a good thing they still have an app on mobile tho 😅
  • Sadly is a very bugged one.  My spotify is always having problems using the network connection to play.  If i am on wifi and switch to 4g to play on my car it will not wortk and i have to reset the phone.  Everything else works nice, i can browser the web, use other apps, but Spotify won´t work, it can search for musics, list albums , etc but when you hit play it says no network available, it is just terrible!!!
  • In settings, there's a toggle to enable it to play over 2g/3g. Try that. I have had similar issues with my 650 and I found that works for me.
  • I tried that, it works sometimes but most of the times not. I found it is faster to just reset the Phone (Unless it gets locked on goodbye screen for a couple of minutes)
  • its really broken and run like a dog, slow and crash a lot
  • Spotify should be rejected by Windows Users. They have neglected Windows Support for too long. If only Groove had a family plan...
  • By that logic we should reject Microsoft as well, seeing as they are kings of neglecting their mobile platform.....
  • Not only we should, we actually are.  Thats why Cerulean failed and Windows Phone marketshare is almost zero.
  • Cerulean failed because it was rubbish.
  • No, Spotify on desktop has worked for me, always working even on low end hardware like Atom tablet with Windows 10 I have.
  • That'll teach developers! (To not develop apps for the Windows store.)
  • Let's be honest. Why should Spotify really care for Win mobile users? We are a dying species. Xbox could have been a reason for a UWP App but since Spotify have a contract with Sony this won't happen. But gladly we have a good unofficial Spotify app in the store.
  • And which one is the good one? Trying to find such app for Xbox One.
  • Spoticast
  • Thought so... I have tried it several times in its earlier versions and it was far from good experience (tracks skipping, not optimized for TV etc.) but OK, I might give it one more try.
  • This may even make the apps starts coming to store, a strategic move to lure more devs to making apps for students
  • Pretty sure Apple executives are interested, and they will realize that iTunes needs to be ported into Windows 10 appstore.
  • ...coming soon...
  • Can't wait to uninstall non-Store version.
  • Let the store get populated first. We can care for UWP later.
  • Though I am excited about the Surface laptop for which the Windows 10S SKU has been created for, for the first time in the Surface family, this product will either succeed or fail by the quality and the breadth of the apps in the store (assuming people don't just upgrade to 10 Pro and move back to traditional x86 desktop apps).  Forcing apps only from the Store doesn't force devs to create or port quality apps to the Windows Store; only Windows 10 S owners and Microsoft will get burned here.  I wonder how Microsoft are going to convince devs this time around, or why the Surface laptop / Windows 10 S should make things different in this instance? Afterall, wasn't this the same proposition that Windows RT had?
  • No one can give you an answer because there isnt one because as you say, the fact that this device exists is not a reason for devs to suddenly look at the Windows store differently. Nothing has changed, Windows users still want the full power of Windows and the fact that there is a free upgrade to the Pro version shows Microsoft knows this as well.
  • Thats y they have given the option of upgrade....and once you upgrade to pro u have both the options of store and non store.....moreover microsoft needs to show developers that the windows 10 S had a positive effect ....not necessarily via the sell of surface other oems will chip in with cheaper thats actually quite a lot number of users we are looking i think more developers will jump in....having a positive effect on the store....
  • So they launch desktop app, but stop development on Mobile. Why not just make a UWP?
  • Uwp doesnt necessarily mean they will support depends on the developer....but i m still actually trying to figure out why cant they make a uwp when some developers who skipped the mobile chose to support yet to be released holographic lens and the surface hub which i dont think have a huge base.....
  • Because Spotify on Windows 10 desktop is very different app than mobile app, and this proves that Centennial can make porting desktop apps to Windows appstore very easily.
  • 1 - Mobile is dead
    2 - Xbox is unavailable as Spotify exclusively powers PlayStation Music.
    3 - It's therefore easier and cheaper to just use Centennial to put it on the Store since it covers the rest of the available target devices.
  • Often this gentleman just likes to troll you, but he is absolutely correct. Spotify can't be on Xbox thanks to Sony, so there is literally zero business reason right now for Spotify to do anything other than this.
  • Look what the cat dragged in
  • So its a waste if time, already the app for Windows is great. Oh windows S, we all know what the S stands for.
  • The Spotify desktop program is pretty bad for touch devices. Otherwise, yes it works. That must be why it's just a port of the desktop version.
  • I'm suddently already got convinced that Centennial is a really good thing made by Microsoft, really good job, I'm pretty sure Apple will soon realize that they need to put iTunes in Windows 10 S if they want students with an iPhone and a Windows 10 device can make use of Apple's ecosystem inside Windows 10 S.
  • Spotify is a very fine service, no doubt, so this product is a good thing. But I am pleased to use Groove for two reasons 1) I can store my personal MP3's in OneDrive and stream them to any device anywhere. 2) music discover is better on Groove because the algorithms for radios and "my recommendations" create a wider variety of tracks than does Spotify. My 2¢.
  • They better add Cortana support!
  • I doubt it other than telling Cortana to launch it. It's just a port of the desktop program.
  • Can't they add Cortana support if they want to once they convert it? Project Islandwood (for iOS ports) allows devs to add Windows 10 features to ports.
  • 2017 and MS is bragging they're getting a Spotfiy app...says all we really need to know about the issues of going with just the Windows Store right now.
  • Windows 10 S will never go anywhere as long as Google doesn't put their browser and services on the Windows Store. And if you're waiting for that to happen... Windows Phone should have thought you something.
  • This is only going to go somewhere if the app choices are better in the Windows store.
    I've used Spotify but I discovered the Groove app last year. I love the One Drive sync. With Google leveraging their grip on their services I'm not sure Windows mobile isn't going anywhere in the near future. An HP Elite is my daily driver but I'm not a big app user. I drive everything through the edge browser and I've been very satisfied with that. The other plus is that I'm not having to give up permissions on so many apps.
    I would really like to see a Surface phone with complete integration with my Surface 4 Pro tablet.
  • It needs to be UWP or it will be useless on tablets. No background playback in InstantGo...
  • More failing under Nutella. Keep it up board-members. Watch this everything fall apart around this clown and do nothing.
  • Stock prices keep rising and they're profitable thanks to their cloud products. Microsoft's stock is on track to double its value since Nadella took over, and their stock broke their previous record high from 1998. Phones are definitely an after thought at best, but Microsoft is doing very well.
  • Stock prices rose through the roof before the board-members took all their bonus's and flew the coop in the mid 2000's, and left the company in shambles. What is your point? This is far closer to that scenario than the oasis you like to pretend Nutella has created.
  • Because Spotify being made available through the Store is a disaster. We get it. You don't like Nadella. You literally don't need to use every single comment to say the same thing.
  • Not being available for the phones is a big issue. Let's keep dodging the issues though.
  • Spotify is available for phones though LOL
  • Really. Go try to use it. Lol
  • Well, how is it working? LOL
  • It's a big issue for the Windows Central commenters. In the grand scheme of everything, it's not really a big issue. Windows PC is more important than Windows mobile. Don't you think it's always been that way? Without desktop success you have nothing. No phones. No anything. Everyone using a Mac.
  • That's what Nutella.keeps saying. "in the grand scheme". The grand scheme now is extinction. Fabulous.
  • Great...I got excited that Spotify was finally going to be touch friendly. Then I read that it's the same as the desktop program. What's the point? Sure it makes it so Windows S users can use Spotify, but they could also use the web player. Hopefully this is the first step in getting Spotify more interested in the ecosystem.
  • There's not much of an ecosystem play. As above, Xbox is currently out of the question thanks to Sony, and what business sense does Spotify have to get involved in mobile right now? As much as we might want something, it's pretty black and white.
  • I don't care - terrific app.
  • I'm currently 'forced' to use an outdated version of the Spotify desktop app (v0.9.15.27) because the latest version just constantly crashes, apparently it's due to my large library (22,000+ tracks). If this new app on the store somehow corrects its desktop version's stability issues then I'm all for it.
  • "Windows 10 S will live or die by the quality of the apps in the store"
    I'm certain it will die.
  • if you want a faster Windows, you better hope it doesnt fail. We can't keep supporting the same apps that were designed for older Windows versions, we need to move on
  • is it in the windows store now for downloads it.