Sprint drops 20-cent fee for conditional call forwarding

Good news, Sprint peeps. Gone are the days of the 20-cents per minute charge for forwarding your calls to a service such as Google Voice.

Our Sprint-loving pals at Precentral spell it out:

Conditional call forwarding uses the *28xxxxxxxxxx code, where the xxxxxxxxxx is your phone number. Note that your original number still rings before forwarding happens and you'll need to futz with your Google Voice settings if you want to send calls directly to voicemail before ringing your Google Voice number. There's plenty more information in this forum thread. Dial *38 to turn it off. Direct *72 call forwarding still costs you $.20 per minute.

That's it, folks. We'd still like to see Sprint drop the fee for direct call forwarding, however. But we all know how carriers feel about us messing with their voicemail.

Phil Nickinson

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