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Windows Phone drought on Sprint almost over, HTC Tiara and Samsung Ativ S to be first phones

We sympathize with you Windows Phone fans on Sprint. Here we are, it’s almost April 2013 and you’ve only had one device available since Windows Phone debuted back in October 2010. The HTC 7 Pro (Arrive) was a nice phone to start you out, but it’s time for something new. You already know that HTC and Samsung will be the OEMs making your devices when you get them early summer. But now we have a better idea about those devices – The HTC ‘Tiara’ and Samsung Ativ S.

Sources with The Verge have made it known that the ‘Tiara’ and Ativ S will be the first two phones available on Sprint rocking Windows Phone 8. While many of you on Sprint might be clamoring for some Lumia goodness, the Ativ S is nothing to turn you nose at. For specs and our review of the Ativ S, go here. However, the Ativ S you get on Sprint in a few months won’t exactly be like the ones we’re all already familiar with. The exterior might be slightly tweaked for Sprint, but the internals should remain the same.

The HTC Tiara first popped up on radar about a month ago. Going off rumors, it looks like this will be a mid-range device. Specs include a 1.2 GHz Dual-Core Snapdragon processor, 8GB internal storage (I’m guessing you can expand with a microSD card), 4.3 inch WVGA Super LCD2 display, 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera with 1.6MP up front, and all this is powered by an 1800mAh battery.

Anybody on Sprint excited for these two devices? Would you like something else after such a long Windows Phone drought? Let us know below.

Source: The Verge                           

Thanks for the tip J Lopez!

  • Great the ativ s is a nice phone. Good the Americans finally get it too.
  • Agreed, I have one and lovin it!
  • I would have went to the ativ s if it was available but I had to get a Lumia after I dropped my titan.
  • I had no issues with the Ativ S. All apps seem to work important Spotify works, where on the Lumia 920 it didn't work at all or only with a lot of issues. Then no battery drain like on the Lumia 920. I am over 2 days now and still have 51% left in the Lumia 920 that was a dream. It was more like 7/8 hours that it lasted and then the dust under the front camera was an issue too. The Ativ s has not one of those issues and also I cam use drive and transit and some other Nokia apps on it. So I don't see the benefit of owning a Lumia anymore.
  • By the time it comes, it will be outdated. They need an S4 clone.
  • Kinda anoid that the Ativ S is finally coming and it's exclusive to Sprint.  This is the phone that I've wanted since it was frist annouced.
  • Get a Lumia...waayyyyy better
  • Happy with my 8X.  Still would have liked to have the Ativ S.  Hopefully HTC or Nokia will bring us a 4.8in + screen soon.
  • If you've got a Titan or Titan 2, the Ativ is the only device to move to. Lumia is a step back for screen size.
  • I have the Titan and im switching to the Lumia 920. 4.5" is more than big enough for me. I'd much rather have phenomenal phone support and I refuse to support companies that half-@ss their way when it comes to Windows Phone.
  • Proper support is 50% of a phone, and so far I have seen only Nokia excell in this regard when it comes to Windows Phone.
    I loved my Samsung Focus but after the way Samsung acts about WP I would not buy a phone from them any time soon. HTC has really stepped up with the 8X and it rivals Nokia offerings in terms of desing and certain hardware however HTC lacks miles behind Nokia in terms of App support.
    So at the end of the day if you want the best WP experience at the moment the best option is to go with one of the Nokia phones.
  • I had a Titan... I like my Lumia 920, I think since the tiles are bigger it tricks my brain into thinking the screen is larger than it really is
  • Agree. That's the only negative for me against 920.
  • The Ativ S is better than any lumia, Nokia should be thankful that Samsung is focused on Android.
  • The ATIV S is damn good, but, seriously, LOL.
  • Phones nowadays are considered old/junk after six months due to the influx of Androids - may even be less. By the time Ativ S arrives, its old junk.
  • Now that's funny
  • Not sure if trolling or just extremely stupid.
  • Pretty much. Though the Nokia fanboys on WP sites will have a hard time seeing this. Nokia has some exclusive apps, but Drive is their only one that is important and they foolishly made it available on ALL WP8 devices. Microsoft must have paid them a decent amount to do so. I tried importing a Rogers ATIV S (since they listed 5 bands of LTE support) but it only had LTE band 4 and wouldn't work on AT&T's LTE network (which I think is 90%+ LTE band 17) so I got rid of it. I still have my 920 but don't use it all that often. 4.5" is too small after having used a Galaxy Note and Note 2.
  • im going to respectfully disagree with you and explain why i think your wrong. there are tons of nokia apps on windows phones that work in conjuction with the aspects that they are focusing on when it comes to windows phone, say for example location, imaging, and exclusive games.
    Dont generalize it to "but Drive is their only one that is important and they foolishly made it available on ALL WP8 devices" even if microsoft paid them to do it, it was seriously needed to increase adoption rate, because though there are many GPS apps not everyone is willing to pay for. This is an advantage that ALL android phones have regardless of OEM.
    Size is another thing you should really not generalize, reason being is that everyone has different preferences, and things they consider important factors when it comes to how a phone feels in your hand, for example the lumia 920 was critiqued heavily for being...well too heavy, but they dont critique the galaxy note for making you look like a dimwit with a tv screen on your head when you use it. Everything is tentative so this is why you shouldnt try to drive a view of a product that really depends on the user.
  • Come on man, don't resort to insulting stuff just to make a point. It hurts credibility and makes you look petty and defensive. Plus, hiperbole.
    I had a Galaxy Note before my Lumia and the one thing I miss is the huge screen (windows note? yes please!), oddly it was thinner than the Lumia. Plus, YES the Note was heavily critiqued for being enormous. The first one was for sure (one dude on gizmodo had it out for the Note big time), the larger second didn't get as much grief.
    Anyway, comparing the Ativ and the Lumia? Well as far as peterfares says, yeah software differentiation isn't very high between winphones, thats the ecosystem. It's another high end phone which is good, but for ME I prefer the plusses of the Lumia to those of the Ative. Better camera, wireless charging, better style, more commitment from the OEM, Nokia music helped me through the gap before pandora showed up.
    Beyond that, yeah lets be real here. Form factor is pretty much the whole difference between these phones. The more we got, the better.
  • The Lumia 920 is better than the Ativ S and SGS3 . Samsung should be thankful that Nokia is focused on Windows Phone.
  • Same here, I've been wanting the Ativ S since it was first announced and now Sprint gets to get it?!
  • They were about one month too late for me. Just switched to get a 920 not too long ago.
  • Same here. I was with them for 14 years but,I don't miss them at all. To be honest, if I were on Sprint still, I would be either switching to Verizon/ATT for the Lumia 928/920. I would have wanted the Nokia experience. HTC / Sprint didn't support the Arrive very well and was not about to go through that again. With that said the Ativ S would be my device if the Lumia 920/928 did not exist.
  • I jumped off the Sprint ship last November when they showed no interest in WP whatsoever.  No regrets. My L822 gets lots of love from me but I wish I could have gotten a L928.
  • I switched to AT&T back in December after being being on Sprint for close to 13 years.  I thought that switching networks for hardware was kind of stupid, but i couldn't wait on Sprint to decide on getting a WP8 device.  I actually ended up with better (and faster) service in my area with AT&T and haven't gone over my data cap.  Heck, I found out that AT&T's network is actually faster than Verizon's network in many places (LTE vs LTE).
  • What part of the country are you in?
  • New England
  • Cool. From my experience in SoCal att wasn't so good. The better the networks get the more they compete the better for us.
  • Yes! Two decent choices I hope they will come the first of May I'm tired of waiting!
  • Very lackluster and typical Sprint. Samsung will not support this device well. They are an Android and Tizen shop.
  • Samsung ATIV S isn't lackluster by any measure.
  • Will Samsung support it? Updates? Apps? Etc? I doubt it...
  • Already had 2 updates, so, yes!
  • Just 2?  With all the past/future updates that Lumia owners get, I just feel a little spoiled.
  • Samsung doesn't really need any firmware updates in my opinion, everything works the way it should. Lumia does have the upper hand in apps though. But seriously, there really is no difference in how the high end phones perform. Its pretty much personal preference. Never owned a Lumia so I couldn't tell you what I would like better. I have owned an 8x before my ativ, and in my opinion I like the ativ way better.
  • The ATIV is probably the better all-around phone (SD support, and all) but Nokia makes it a lot more fun to own a Lumia.  It would be kind of sad to watch all these releases go by but find out that they're not for me...
  • It's being supported and will get OS updates for a while. 
    I don't give a crap about exclusive apps other than Nokia Drive and they made that available on ALL WP8 devices. I'll take the ATIV S larger screen, larger battery. microSD slot, thinner and lighter frame over the 920's camera which is only better in low light situations. 
    Unfortunately there is no ATIV S with LTE band 17 support. So I have to keep the 920.
  • Not only is it boring and plain, it's also Samsung. Never buy a Samsung. It's cheap, unsupported shit.
  • It has the latest version of the OS and just got an update last week. The're not cheap at all and it has better specs than the 920.
  • When I say cheap I'm referring to the feel of the phones. If you grab a GS3 you'll know what I'm talking about. Obviously they're not actually cheap. They're expensive. But I refuse to pay a lot of money for such a thing. Support doesn't mean latest OS. That's up to Microsoft and hardware compatibility. It means exclusive apps, a lot of advertising, innovative features, and pretty much anything that indicates that the company has even a remote interest in the success of the phone. And when it comes to specs, that is typical Samsung shit. Just put the latest and fastest specs on an ugly as fuck design and then forget about it.
  • +1
  • What ? HTC actually doing something ?
    I can't believe this... I  guess that's a huge rumour...
  • it's no Rumor... HTC confirmed it back in... whenever CES was.  Samsung confirmed as well.
    Nobody has said which devices - so we'll just have to wait and see for sure
  • To bad most of us jumped ship. Now Sprint can say WP sales are no good. We have moved on.
  • This!
    Any Sprint User that wanted a WP8 and wasn't under contract has already bailed.  I was with sprint from my first cell phone forever ago.  If they had at least showed some interest in WP8 when it first came out I might have waited.  Now I am with AT&T and happy.
  • I spent so much time working my way to talk to sprint corporate and told them I'll hold for them to get WP I was told no plans for WP so I moved to Verizon as att didn't work at home.
  • my mother and father are really intrigued by windows phone, so im going to convince my mom to dump her samsung galaxy and pick up a samsung ativ
  • The more people we get the better. I do truly hope sprint sells a lot of windows phones. As much as I talk about now they can complain about WP sales as we have all jumped ship. Its more out of frustration as I would have preferred to stay.
  • Mid-range devices everywhere!!!
  • After today's fantastic tmo conference I wonder if they will get any WP8 phones.
  • Nokia 510
  • I was thinking in the higher end.
  • Supposedly catwalk
  • Really should have a Lumia in the lineup...these phones might easily get forgotten in the long run..
  • Sounds like the tiara is the 8S
  • The 8s dosen't have a 4.3in screen.
  • It doesn't have 1GB of ram aswell and 8gb storage and 8mp camera.. ill stop here..
  • More like 8x minus .5mp of ffc, 8gb of memory.
  • If the ATIV S, doesn't come with Call Blocking like the international version. That's no bueno!
  • It makes me angry that a slightly tweaked Ativ S will be the "new" phone mentioned at CES. I think the quote was something to the effect of "these won't be six month old phones." No, only 4 or 5 months old.
  • This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Color me disappointed.
  • Perhaps we should wait to see what those tweaks are before we decide if it can be called a new device or not.
  • If the changes are internal, I would consider that a new device. If the changes are external, I would consider that the same as putting a case on an old phone.
  • agreed. Just putting some lipstick on it does not make it a new device if everything else is the same specs.... Updated specs I will buy the ativ... If not I will stick with what I have on sprint and use my 8x for my other wp needs
  • No one is going to want a phone named "Tiara." wtf???
  • My thoughts exactly
  • Its only a codename.
  • Later it will become the throne.
  • Imagine shouting to your mates across the bar, "Hey dude throw me my Tiara" LOL.
  • LOL, that's really funny! But "Tiara" is just an internal codename. It'll probably end up being called 8V or something like that.
  • I guess there's hope for the still rumored Surface Phone!
  • Good to see the ativ s finally picked up in the US.
  • not bad not bad.. sorry wp8 fans for not getting the lumia 920,blame sprint,they still dont have lte while verizon and att is way ahead of them. dont be fooled by the unlimited wording sprint is trying to sell..sprint sucks big time!!!!!
  • I am on sprint and they do suck but I have 2 correct u they do have LTE its just not as fantastic as Verizon or ATT.
  • HTC Tiara = strange cross breed between 8X and 8S
    Will be interesting to see what it looks like...
  • more internal storage than the 8s but less internal storage than the 8x lol
    Sd Card support like the 8s and unlike the 8x
    5 mp camera like the 8s less than the 8x
    bigger screen than the 8s same as 8x
    dont know about ffc though.
  • It's about time someone got the ativ s
  • I don't want either of these. It's a shame that the drought may end with these devices instead of a Nokia.
  • Its a shame that there hasn't been a WP device for nearly 3 years! The customers on sprint deserve better. This will be considered a new platform for most ppl because of the 3 yr drought....i wonder if the sales reps are going to promote it. Anyway at least there's high and mid range to choose from.
  • Yeah I'm happy with my Lumia and if I had stayed with sprint I would of waited 4 months for a rebranded galexy...
  • I'm really happy that the ATIV S is coming to Sprint, but i really thought that HTC would come out with something better than what is described as a "midrange" phone. This was their shot to really wow some people with great hardware, but i guess i should have known better than to expect great things from HTC
  • Sad that you guys aren't getting a Nokia Device I would never get another HTC device again and Samsung barely supports their wp smh waiting in the Lumia 928 cant wait
  • Yeah I really like HTC but if this is the Choice Sprint goes with as far as HTC the only thing that I don't like is the storage space. Heck I already almost have my Arrive full of music since that what I use most of my storage for and 8GB just does not cut it. I really did not want to go with Samsung since they kind of diss Windows 8 and Windows Phones but I might have to look at the Ativ S just because it will come standard with more storage space.  I was afraid of this that Sprint would get 1st Gen devices and not get anything new.  Those who have either one of these devices what do you think of them?? Those who have the Ativ S what are your thoughts on it??  The Best thing Sprint could do for itself is to get something going with Nokia. Sprint really needs to get Nokia devices I think they would do really well. At this point I'm reading to upgrade and right now I'm leaning to wards the Ativ S mainly due to the storage space.
  • the htc tiara will has microSD support expandable to 64gb of storage for your music should be more than adequate
  • No, 8GB storage(6GB usable) is definitely not "more than adequate", All the apps and games install on internal storage and the good games are quite big in size with 4X storage requirement, for example: A 1GB game needs 4GB free space to install.
    So, Ativ S will be the phone to get on sprint.
  • Exactly. Internal should be at LEAST 16GB and a microSD slot should always be included. 
  • well i was speaking in reference to his music collection now to the internal storage capacity. i realize not everyone wants to be installing and uninstalling games to manage applications on their device. no need to be snippy...
  • Surprises that8x won't be available.
  • I wish there was a high end HTC or something different but high end from Samsung but honestly something is better then nothing. I just want them to give up a release date or window! I hate sprint -.-
  • I can't believe that the Ativ S is FINALLY coming to the US and Sprint of all carriers gets it. Come on AT&T, get with it! I'd pay non-contract prices for an updated Ativ S with AT&T LTE bands. With Tizen development picking up, I'm losing hope that there'll be an Ativ S 2. My last bastion will be an HTC One variant with WP8 but it seems like the Zenith is vaporware... I guess I'll stick with my Titan II until a proper 4.7" - 5.0" comes with WP8 or WP9. First sliding keyboards, then big screen phones...seems like OEMs kill off every form factor with an MS mobile OS I love!
  • I was SO excited when I saw on the Rogers site that their ATIV S had 5 LTE bands. Unfrotunately that was a typo, and the T899M I imported would not connect to LTE on AT&T since it only has band 4.
  • There will be ATIV S2 !
  • Yesss! Now I can dump my Arrive (which has a power button issue that I can deal with till the Ativ S finally gets released). Yay for the Ativ S, no for the Tiara, though it may have an sd card slot. My upgrade is available in a few days but I'm gonna want to stick with Windows Phone. Had a horrible experience with Blackberry in the past and don't care for the Iphone or Androids. Though my sisters Optimus G is a BEAST of a phone.
  • The Arrive was my first WP.
  • Same for me. I can hold on to my Arrive till May or early June.
  • interesting, the ATIV S was the only phone I'm willing to stay on Sprint for, we'll have to wait and see what the design looks like and what else changes
  • Here what the Ativ S looks like so to me it looks like the Galaxy Devices if Samsung was smart they would keep making Ativ like devices for WP Platform. That way they have them for both Android and Windows so they could call the next Ativ like the Ativ X or something like that same thing they are doing with the Galaxy Devices. This way Samsung could get their hardware out there more like HTC does in making devices for both. Anyway here a link to the Ativs S site.

  • The Ativ S is excellent,...
  • The Ativ S is easily the best XL WP8 device. Great removable battery, low SAR, 4.8 inch display, MicroSD card, 16Gb, decent camera, great looks, physical home button that wakes the phone, the best Auto Brightness of all WP8 devices. Sprint is smart to pick it over a Lumia920. Best is, in Europe if you plain buy it cash, no sim lock or contract, it is the price of a Lumia 820 or HTC 8X. I mean it is a terrific deal. And the 2'300 battery with WP8 and Amoled, you are looking at serious run times for reading and email. At 18:00 my Ativ S is at 72% where my 8X would be at 55%. You get the idea!
  • Woot woot, since WP8 launched the only phone I've wanted has been the Ativ S, my second choice would have been a lumia but this will be amazing coming from the arrive, color me excited
  • I am happy for WP fans on Sprint that are sick of Android.
  • But T-Mobile can't even get one good phone for us users that we really want...smh!
  • T-Mobile should also get the Ativ S. Would make sense.
  • Yeah it would make sense..
  • It would make perfect sense especially considering the existing T899M model is 100% compatible with their network including LTE. All it would take is a new ROM with T-Mobile branding (or better yet no branding). It already has FCC approval and all.
  • About time!!  My contract is up and I'm ready to upgrade.  It better show up soon or i'm bailing to Verizon or ATT and getting that Nokia 920/928.
  • I hope Sprint does not mess with the looks of the Ativ S and just add their 'Sprint' logo. It is the best looking WP8 imho. If Sprint promotes the Ativ S, with just their logo, it will sell well :-)
  • No one believed me when i said sprint will release the ativ s. No one believed that ativ s wouldnt come until after the start of s4 production. I should play the lottery
  • Good analysis of yours.
  • Oh and if 'Sprint' was smart, I would just change the rear cover by adding their Logo and sell the 'stock' unbranded rear cover for 19.99 That way they make extra, selling covers to those who do not want the logo of Sprint on their phones.
  • I've had an Arrive since day 1 and I love it, but it's seriously time for an upgrade! I've wanted a Nokia phone ever since they became available, but now Sprint looks to not be getting one this Summer. Its REALLY going to PISS me off if I get a Samsung ATIV S and then 3 or 4 months later Sprint decides to get a Nokia or rumored Microsoft phone with Windows Phone Blue!! If they would just tell us that they'll be getting a Nokia in the near future, then I'd hold off until then. I just know Sprint is gonna screw me in the end!
  • Very.  Very.  Uninspiring.  
    WP8 is really pushing mid and low range devices lately, the next generation 920 and 8x type phones need to show up with killer specs which requires MS to make some changes to the OS.  1080p, quad core...Specs should meet or exceed the One and Galaxy SIV.  And don't tell me about dual core, 768/780p being sufficient.  I don't care about sufficient.  
  • The Arrive/Pro7 was a nice device, but was not for everyone.   The QWERTY keyboard was a no sale point for some, although it was very nice to have.
    Now, can the Sprint bashing end for now?  Sure, no Nokia devices but that's Nokia's doing until they find a way to appologize to CDMA carriers outside of Verizon.  Also, it could also means Microsoft may be meeting that deadline for both Sprint and the FCC.  This also opens a lot of posibilities on the CDMA side for Microsoft to push their platform on the prepaid side if they want to have a very serious chance to get the 10% smartphone market share they claim they should have in the US.
  • Sprint should have been on the WP wagon from the start.
  • CDMA coding and encryption issues every CDMA carrier in the US and the FCC are the factors.  No CDMA carrier outside Verizon wanted to take a security risk, and Sprint was very vocal about it.
  • I wish sprint would have offered a qwerty option on one of their phones
  • WP needs a keyboard option. I type out long messages 95% of the time with the Arrive. WP's screen keyboard is great, but nowhere near as fast me typing on the keyboard.
  • I completely agree!!! Hopefully, Nokia will warm up to that idea....or HTC. Maybe all the HTC ARRIVE holdouts should sound off on twitter @WinPhoneSupport @WPDev @WindowsPhone @Surface @SteveBallmer WORTH A TRY, RIGHT?
  • Yes I am excited... but i do hope that they hold true about not releasing old phones and update the hardware on the Samsung...
  • Nothing beats the Lumia support and value added apps from Nokia! Good for Sprint users anyway.
  • I'm due for an upgrade after April 1 and had hoped to see something from Sprint that would either compel me to switch from android or keep me under contract. At this point I'm leaning towards the HTC One when it hits but will wait and see.
  • Very excited. Interested to see the Ativ. Would have also liked a slide out keyboard. Maybe that's too old school?
  • Not at all! I'm still making it on my HTC Arrive (WP7) because every WP8 device maker has opted not to have an actual keyboard!  You'd think they would develop in the other direction instead of trying to mimic iOS, right?  Brian Williams recently said in an interview that many journalists have an iPhone as well as a Blackberry because they NEED AN ACTUAL KEYBOARD!  Hopefully, Nokia, MSFT, HTC or even Samsung will deliver for those unwilling to give up their WPhone devices & actually want a real keyboard.
  • I know this just broke, but any idea if the Ativ S will support data while on an active voice call like the Sprint S3 currently does? Never thought i would care about this but off late it has come in handy quite a bit.
  • without lumias, the adoption rate will be low because of the lack of nokia exclusive apps. Lumia 720 should replace tiagra. Sprint made a mistake.
  • I see the Lumia 720 as a great addition to any WP line-up. But I think dropping the HTC "Tiara" for the 720 would not be a good idea (but I must say I'm not with Sprint so mine is just an opinion). The 720 is bordering on low-end so it would compliment very well both the mid-range "Tiara" and the high-end Ativ S.
  • I switched from sprint to T-Mobile and picked up an unlocked Lumia 920. I think I'm going to stick with no contract GSM plans from now on. CDMA takes my freedom away and makes the phones useless after.
  • Samsung is not the same as Nokia. Lumia phones is the best when It comes to WP. All the app support Nokia is giving, plus the exclusive Nokia apps. While Samsung and HTC sit back and watch the show. -.-
  • I would not buy from a country that keeps treating the us. I love my Lumia 920 red what a great phone.
  • Have patiently waited with my Arrive, since I've really loved since day 1. It's going to be just enough to bridge the gap between either the 928 on Verizon or maybe a Surface Phone on Verizon later this year. (One can dream). Sorry, Sprint, you may be finally wising up on Windows Phone, but your history is speaking so loud that I can't hear the words coming out of your mouth.
  • Go Sprint, go Samsung! Finally, and I sincerely hope everyone snaps up the ATIV to shut Samsung ridiculous faces when it comes to Windows... >=/
  • Too little, too late. Paid 3 ETFs to get off Sprint & ported 4 numbers to AT&T so the while family could get Lumia 920s. Would love to see "Sprint together with Nextel" crash & burn and drown in a sea of Apple juice.
  • Pure failure by Sprint. At CES they said they wouldn't launch 6 month old hardware, but would have new devices. Now they're launching the Ativ S and what appears to be an HTC 8S? Fail!
  • Hahah wrong. Samsung Ativ S is not old hardware most of new windows phone like lumias, htc 8x are similar and same OS. So stop bragging and dont be jealous just because it's coming to sprint and not to your high paying phone provider. Also 8S is not even similar to Samsung Ativ S hardware dork
  • "At CES they said they wouldn't launch 6 month old hardware" If the phone was announced in August 2012, and available in December 2012, isn't it about six months old in May/June of 2013? I think that is rcooper81's point. 
  • Lol love it Samsung ativ s is a awesome high end smartphone and is twice thin and lighter than lumia 920. Now that's a smartphone to carry in your pocket. Hahaha also great sprint will be first provider in United States carry it. 32gig ram is plenty space and 8mgpixel is also awesome farmers. Which htc tiara specs where like this.
  • For those complaining about no Nokia devices fr Sprint or any carrier not being catered by them, take your complaints to Nokia and demand why they won't deal with regionals and national carriers on the CDMA side.  That quote by Stephen Elop saying "they have no interest in dealing with any new partners for the time being" (which is obviously an attack to Sprint and CDMA) is going to be the double edged sword that will stab them later on when they actually have to negotiate with those carriers.
  • Nokia has the Lumia 928 that is soon to drop on Verizon, so enough with the CDMA nonsense.
  • Sorrly mlm1950, but just having ONE CDMA carrier does not mean they are catering to the entire CDMA  market, for which Nokia dumped over a decade ago because of being "niche", even though is 2/3 majority.  When Nokia gets devices sold on Sprint, US Cellular, Cricket, MetroPCS, Premier, Open Mobile de Puerto Rico, Boost, Virgin Mobile, all the MVNOs of Sprint/Verizon/USCellular, nTelos, Appalachian Wireless, Net10, Straight Talk CDMA, C Spire, Alaska Wireless, and all the regional prepaid and post paid carriers, Nokia will not hace a decent market share in the US.  And let me be clear I am not bashing Nokia for the great products they build, but for their tactics as a company when it comes to Qualcomm based CDMA carriers.  Just have in mind the legal issues that made them pull out of the CDMA side when they build components not authorized by Qualcomm in order to save on costs.
  • Up until recently, Nokia had one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel.  Give them some time.
    Plus, with the lackluster effort Sprint is giving to WP8, I wouldn't rush to partner up with them either.
  • So you are saying let's blame Sprint for bad coding used by Microsoft and strongly recommended by the FCC to fix it, while also Blaming Sprint for Nokia giving Qualcomm and CDMA technology the two finger salute over a decade ago just because Qualcomm sued them for manufacturing unauthorized CDMA radios and getting sued for it?  That logic is as flawed as not blaming HP for the death of WebOS as a mobile platform.
  • Anyone out there hoping for a real replacement for their HTC ARRIVE on Sprint.  Why no hard keyboard on any WP8 device? Is MSFT really waiting for Blackberry to take a bite of the small portion of the market they already have?  I love my WindowsPhone device (as a  superior choice to many things I do on my iPad) but WAKE UP Microsoft!!!!  I guess I'm sticking with my WP7 device until they can get their act together, which by the way isn't doing much to draw other handset makers of WP8 devices to the table!  With a truly compelling keyboard phone MSFT could wipe out Blackberry & take a large chunk of market share that corporate users would poor into since companies ditched their outdated Blackberry platforms for MS Exchange!
  • So Ryan Sullivan says,
    "We're working for current product launches, and not necessarily to launch on six-month-old hardware. We're trying to work with Microsoft to make sure what we deliver is very high quality. The platform