Sprint killing Touch Diamond, Q9c, Treo 800w

The Boy Genius has scored a Sprint deathlist, with a couple of Windows Mobile phones slated to be EOL'd – that's end of life – in the coming months.

The Motorola Q9c is on the chopping block, with its execution date set for mid-June. No replacement is noted.

Also on the list is the HTC Touch Diamond, which would go the way of the dinosaurs in July. There's no replacement noted for it, either, though we'd be willing to bet we'll eventually see something off that leaked HTC lineup.

And finally there's the Palm Treo 800w, which will bite the big one in April and be replaced by the Treo Pro. The question remains exactly when.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Bad news for anyone still waiting for a Verizon Touch Diamond, I'd say...
  • I wonder how well the Diamond sold?
  • From what I've heard, the Diamond sales dropped once the Touch Pro hit...like big time drop. But with no numbers that is just guessing, so who really knows? OTOH, regardless of sales, they would have EOLd it anyways as Sprint is being super aggressive on new devices. They want that Touch HD and they'll get it. I bet the Touch Pro gets EOL for September.
  • What's that mean for those with 800w's? I guess my question is if one breaks their 800w or it bugs out, how do insurance replacements work if the product is EOL'd, especially in say June, after the EOL date? TIA
  • There is a mountain of refurb 800W. So if your 800W breaks before 2020 you will be ok: they will have another 800W for you.
  • Anyone know if they are still shipping refurbished touch diamonds? If not, what are they replacing them with for insurance claims.