Sprint Treo Pro: Now Delayed till end of Feb; Can do Voice + Data?

Aye Carumba! Remember how Palm (and Sprint) hate committing to release dates, yet we pester them anyways? Well here’s why.

We’re hearing from Sprint themselves that the Treo Pro, originally slated for early December (see FCC docs), then January 25th, then February 15th is being pushed back further till the vague “end of February”. All outstanding orders are now canceled, with Sprint’s apologies and a $25 credit is being applied to our accounts.

We actually haven’t heard of any cataclysmic problems with the phone, in fact some early hands on have been quite positive, so this may be just some minor radio tweaking.

Speaking of, there is some potential huge news here from reader Joe G:

"This will be the 1st Sprint Palm device to support simultaneous voice and data usage. Taking full advantage of Sprints Rev A EVDO Network.”

Whoa, who saw that one coming? Could it be true that after years of GSM having this amazing ability, CDMA users are finally getting it? We do know it is technically within the specs of Rev A, so it sounds real to us. Hopefully that’ll keep your mouths watering till late next month.

Thanks Joe G

Daniel Rubino

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  • If the delay will allow simultaneous voice/data then it will definitely be worth the wait. I hope the Pre has this feature as well.
  • Sprint CEO stated at the CES that the Pre would.
  • They said that because the Pre has Wifi. As far as I know, the below poster is correct when he says the only way you can do simultaneous voice + data on Sprint is using VOIP, which Sprint doesn't currently do.
  • Rev A can't do simultaneous voice and data if the voice is circuit-switched like it currently is. If the voice is packet-switched (like VOIP), then it can, although it's technically just data at that point, not voice+data.
  • exactly, i mean cmon people if this was true itd be big news all over the tech blogs and we would have already had it on other rev A devices. Right now sprint's setup just isnt capable of simultaneous, and i think we can stow this away in the out in left field rumor category. Ive never heard anything that the Pre would do so either. Realize this is a network limitation, NOT a device limitation. Unless Sprint changes their network setup this wont happen anytime soon. As its been said, they would need to implement VOIP to do both at the same time which Ive heard no plans of anytime soon (not on CDMA EVDO at least, maybe WIMAX)
  • If only Verizon and Sprint went EVDV instead of EVDO, then we would be enjoying better voice quality and simultaneous voice/data (and hell, maybe even true video chat). - VDubb
  • I guess the pre won't be as cheap as some rumors suggest. Unlikely that it'll be cheaper than the treo pro?
  • If this thing CAN really do voice and data at the same time (even if it's VOIP, that's fine as long as it works and as long as it works on my cell # and not a skype number or something) than that alone will save me $250/month over Verizon (switch from $330'ish/month for voice, PDA data and messaging and ditch our two $60/month wireless data cards). That might make it more worth putting up with the inferior coverage we experienced when we tried the 800w's (dropped calls a lot. . .maybe it was the phone?) Probably the network, but $250/month less for EVERYTHING we need? Worth it? Quite possibly.
  • I have the Pro now(Sprint phone advocate), and it does not do voice & data from the Sprint network. Nice looking phone though.
  • So your using a Pro on Sprint now? How so? And all this hype would not surprise me if the source at Palm had his info crossed up with the Pre (or altogether wrong). This whole Treo Pro Release debacle is perhaps showing some insight into the fact that Palm really doesn
  • I have the Pro now(Sprint phone advocate), and it does not do voice & data from the Sprint network. Nice looking phone though.
  • For many months now Sprint has given a rep a new phone to master and inform the other reps. I've had the 800w and now the Treo Pro. I want the Pre. Windows Mobile is so user unfriendly.
  • I'm also an Advocate for the Pro on Sprint, and it's a really nice phone. One of the first WinMo devices that actually seem worth it to me. If you're a fan of the form factor, it's definitely worth waiting for.
  • Well, forum member Aero has spoken with Sprint ADS: Treo Pro is going back to get some type of "software update". And yes, good chance this is a Pre/Pro mixup. OTOH, if the Pre can do it, no reason the Pro can't--it's not a limitation of the OS.
  • Well I am no "Advocate"just a prosumer.Walked into a BestBuy Tuesday.............walked out 20 minutes later with a Sprint Cdma Treo Pro for $249 + Tax
  • you actually walked out with the phone? They
  • Yes I activated it on Sprint.
  • Strange considering they pulled it from their website...only the GSM version shows up there now.
  • well if this phone can do it, that means with just a software update to my sprint Touch pro and i can do voip too,,,
    i dont mind voip as long as it sounds good going 80 mph on the freeway!
  • Best Buy's website still shows Treo Pro phones available and that they "usually leave our warehouse in one day."
  • Seems as though someone in the ranks at BB follows this blog....Sprint Treo Pro is not longer listed on the BB site.
  • Maybe BB had to sip them all back to palm for the updates? What will be with the handful that were sold?
  • Bummer about the additional delay, but I'll gladly wait a few more weeks if this is going to make the phone perform better.
  • My wife uses a Blackberry 8330 on Verizon and we verified that she can be using the phone and surf the web or use google maps at the same time. Is this just a Sprint restriction?
  • your wifes blackberry is either at&t or using wifi evdo does not let you do voice and data at the same time period... the benefit of having both data and voice simulatneous is not worth the added cost.. gsm phones can do this becuase they actually have a seperate chip for data that is cdma based.. since sprint and verizon are already cdma they use the same chip.. since gsm is the dominate voice technology most phones that have 3g will have an "add on" cdma chip for data.. the sheer number of these chips lower the price per unit.. to make cdma phones come with a 2nd cdma data chip like gsm phones would cost more because there are less cdma phones out there... or cdma companies could convertto evdv which is probably too expensive too...
  • EVDO Rev. A CAN'T support simultaneous voice and data. Saying it can is completely inaccurate. The built in WiFi would allow this, but that is obvious. EVDO Rev. B can do this but is not the technology path of any major carrier. Verizon is going LTE for the next gen instead of EVDO REV B. Completely bunk.
  • Well now Sprint is saying they do not know when the TreoPro will be released. The TBD status is crazy. I am packing up my batteries that I purchased ahead of time and the chargers. I have had it with Sprint and with Palm. I want an OS that is proven and to get the Pre is a waste of time. It will take six months to a year for the NOVA operating system to get cleaned up and it will never have the connectivity that Windows Mobile has. Goodbye to Palm and to Sprint....
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