Aye Carumba! Remember how Palm (and Sprint) hate committing to release dates, yet we pester them anyways? Well here’s why.

We’re hearing from Sprint themselves that the Treo Pro, originally slated for early December (see FCC docs), then January 25th, then February 15th is being pushed back further till the vague “end of February”. All outstanding orders are now canceled, with Sprint’s apologies and a $25 credit is being applied to our accounts.

We actually haven’t heard of any cataclysmic problems with the phone, in fact some early hands on have been quite positive, so this may be just some minor radio tweaking.

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Speaking of, there is some potential huge news here from reader Joe G:

"This will be the 1st Sprint Palm device to support simultaneous voice and data usage. Taking full advantage of Sprints Rev A EVDO Network.”

Whoa, who saw that one coming? Could it be true that after years of GSM having this amazing ability, CDMA users are finally getting it? We do know it is technically within the specs of Rev A, so it sounds real to us. Hopefully that’ll keep your mouths watering till late next month.

Thanks Joe G