In an effort to lure new customers, Sprint announced their new 'Sprint Free Guarantee' program today.

Essentially, Sprint is now guaranteeing a full, 100% return on every penny you spend with them when opening a new line of service within 30 days.

Up till this point, Sprint and the other carriers would refund the cost of the phone and the early-termination fee (ETF) but the customer was still responsible for the monthly plan, taxes, various fees and the cost of any content or premium services used during their trial period.  Sprint is now breaking from that model and will refund basically everything the customer spends with them, including taxes.

Seems to us a smart move for Sprint who has a history of poor customer relations, something that has dramatically improved in the last year. Plus, for the first time in recent memory, Sprint has a "wow" device with their recently announced HTC EVO, their first 4G Android device launching this summer--this change in their policy can only improve their chances of gaining more new customers and improve those quarterly losses.

We now look to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to offer similar incentives....

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