Palm Treo Pro: Getting Ready for Annoucement?

Looks like Palm has re-vamped their website recently and left a little bit of info confirming that upcoming Sprint Treo Pro.

Specifically, when you go to their site and hit "Shop" and then "Compare Details" you may notice how under the Treo Pro they have it listed as "3g" and "CDMA + EvDO".

Evidence? Or graphic error?  You be the judge.

Sure, outside of this, the January 25th launch date and the $549 price tag we know nothing of this latest Palm offering.  Certainly very odd less than 20 days to release and we don't even have a blurry cam shot yet. 

Here's hoping to this Thursday for more info?

thanks ivhs72

Daniel Rubino

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  • It's a nice phone, too bad Palm keeps putting the CDMA versions on Sprint, which last I looked they were losing large amounts of customers each quarter, so if Palm wants to survive I would think they would want to be smart and offer it on Verizon as well or just sell them Un-Locked so they can keep their head above water.
  • Sprint still has ~50 million customers, no? And some of them are very happy and don't plan on going anywhere. Like me.
  • they are somewhere around there, but when they just lost 1.3 million customers last quarter alone that doesn't say much when all the other cell companies are growing and picking up customers.
  • These are valid points, but I think (hope?) that Sprint has reached the nadir and is on the way back up, however painful and slow it may be. They're not gonna change their image overnight, but the CS issues seem to either be on their way to being fixed, or are already fixed. Plus, Sprint has a history of being the first to release the bleeding edge Palm/HTC products (Treo 650, Centro, Treo Pro, 6700, Touch Diamond, just to name a few) so it kind of makes sense to see the Treo Pro officially first on Sprint in the US.
  • 1.3 million sounds like a huge, huge number. But it's really only about 2 % of their previous total: 52 million. Yes they have been shrinking a bit. Verizon has ~65 million customers, and ATT has like ~75 mil. T-mobile has 25 million, which is down 3.5 million since last year. These corporate games will need more drama for me to pay attention.
  • I agree. If I could dump Verizon, I would do so in a heartbeat! Unfortunately our business account is with Verizon, and I do no want to pay for another phone.