Verizon makes top grade

Strategy Analytics has released the highlights of its 2010 First Quarter report for U.S. Wireless carriers. Verizon gets overall top marks with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and MetroPCS finishing out the top five carriers.

The grading took into account six reporting categories; subscribers, net adds, churn, service revenue, data percent of service revenue, and ARPU (average revenue per user). While Verizon led the way in more categories, there were other stand outs.

AT&T received top marks in Net Adds (1.857 million) where additional subscribers outweighed losses. Sprint led the way with regards to the Data Percentage of Service Revenue (35.3% of $6.432 Billion).

Clearwire skews the data by earning 100% of their revenue from data but they are a data service provider. U.S. Cellular (ranked overall 6th) led the way in Average Revenue Per User at $52.42 per user.

Strategy Analytics is due to release their full report next week but it's clear that the wireless industry is doing well and their report will give each of the top six carriers something to hang their hat on.

Follow the break for a graph showing how all the U.S. wireless carriers fared.


George Ponder

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  • Funny, if Verizon had been rated on customer service they would have dropped to the bottom. What we have had to go through with Verizon not being able to support WM phones is outrageous. The latest was Verizon wanting to switch out the 5th bad touch pro with an android unit because, as they state...they can't support the phone!
  • I agree. "Smartphones" are essentially handheld computers. They are incredibly useful if you're constantly pulling the data via the cellular network or not. Plus, most are now equipped with Wi-Fi, you can go online when you find it necessary.